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A chill breeze awakens you... or perhaps it's the limbs of the other people who are piled with you on the cold ground. You're outside in what seems to be a desolate city - abandoned, falling into disrepair, eerily silent. A huge peeling billboard shows a smiling man and woman holding gas masks, and the slogan across the bottom says:


Haven is a plot-driven horror game, where the mystery will be revealed through monthly events. Characters wake up in a room with six beds, which means all characters will be sorted into rooms when they are approved. If there aren't six people in your room, it's likely the spots will be filled in future app rounds.

The characters will be subjected to horror themes, which are influenced by a variety of films and games. Players can drive the plot forwards by exploring or investigation.

Each character wakes up with a cell phone, which can be used to make voice or video calls. Strangely, the text function is disabled. Most of the action will take place in [community profile] havenrpg which is for open posts of any type (video/action etc). [community profile] havenlogs is closed posts between two or more characters.