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You can now find additional information on all the locations at the Nitpicker's Guide.


The city of Haven is mostly in ruins; the buildings are rubble and the streets are ill-maintained, it is approximately twenty-six square miles for the city in total. However, outside the city limits there is a wasteland which stretches for three full days travel at normal human walking speed. Within the wasteland there are some ruined villages, just burned out husks, and some desert creatures. At the edge of the wasteland is an impenetrable, invisible barrier. There are many stores among the ruins - mainly food and clothes stores, though there are some broken electronics as well. There are no bookstores, no writing supply stores and no libraries. There are no longer schools in any part of the ruins.

Within the ruins of Haven West there are two buildings that characters have ICly built and maintained themselves. One is a clinic, where the wounded can go for aid, and the other is a church. These buildings are not hospitals or cathedrals by any means, but they're certainly better than nothing! Inside the church is a large box made of bone, metal, and wood. It contains a nightmare fog, bound there in the event of June 2014.

At the North edge of the town there is a ruined hospital. This is merely the shell of a building and does not contain any supplies. It is structurally sound and over three floors with wards and offices, but even the beds have been removed. It is painted lilac inside.

Characters are free to assume scavenging basic supplies from the ruins such as canned food, or band-aids. These supplies have become much harder to scavenge in recent days, and there may not always be enough for a meal every day...! There is no electric lighting outside, so it's very dark if caught out at night. To find out the current weather, please see the sticky post at the top of the OOC community.

Brief descriptions of important locations within Haven West will be given here, this list might update as the plot progresses.

Located near the South-West boundary of the town, there is what seems to be a sink hole leading thirty feet down to an underground room. At the West side of the room are the ruins of the old apartment block and roof garden (see The Roof section below). Creeping all through the ruins, are the vines and killer plants of the garden which have taken over what's left of the building. Modifications have been made to the appearance of the sinkhole, detailed in this post.

Powers in the underground room function at 10% of their usual capacity, this means that a character who is usually able to fly would only be capable of hovering, and a character who could usually punch through walls, may only be able to K.O. someone in a boxing ring.

Leading off from the main underground room, there are four short corridors, one in each compass direction:
-> To the West side (which is where the garden has fallen), the corridor leads to a metal door, which can be forced with effort. Printed in white stencil letters on the front of the door are the words STORAGE UNIT C5. Inside the room is a single wooden crate with a piece of paper attached to the top. Inside the crate is a small faceless and genderless statue of a person, seemingly made of stone and only two feet high. Both paper and statue can be removed from the area, but the paper will go blank if brought up to Haven West.

-> To the South side, the corridor leads to a room with a roughly dug tunnel leading out of the back of it. This tunnel leads to an underground cave garden, where Yao employees are unwelcome.

-> To the East side, the corridor leads to a metal door, which can be forced with effort. Printed in white stencil letters on the front of the door are the words CENTRAL ATMOSPHERE CONTROL UNIT C5. Inside the room is a set of computer banks which are humming with power. The three lit screens are all showing Chinese characters and asking for a password. It is possible for these machines to be hacked with enough expertise and an understanding of Chinese. If they are hacked, the computers can be used to alter the atmosphere within Haven West only. This ranges from changing and controlling the weather, to making the air a hydrogen blend instead of an oxygen one, so be careful making tweaks!

-> To the North side, the corridor leads to a door marked with a large white stencilled spiral. It is highly reinforced and is made from a variety of materials, including iron, wood, gold, and human bone. It cannot be forced currently.

No longer on the roof of the apartment block, but now mangled with the ruins at the bottom of the underground area, are the remains of a beautiful garden.

There are many different types of plants in the garden, though many are now dying due to a shortage of natural light in the underground room. Characters may be affected by any of their special attacks, but this is down to player discretion - you may NPC your own plant attacks. If any character is killed, they will remain dead for 48 hours before returning. Plants may also be uprooted and/or eaten (if you feel brave enough). The following is a list of what can be found (click the links for further information on all plants named):

-> Standard greenery : This includes grass, bluebells, fir trees, etc - anything you might expect to find in a large garden. This also includes an apple tree, and a blackberry bush, both with fresh fruit ready to be eaten. This is all safe to consume, and the water from the stream is safe to drink.

-> A large bed of poppies
-> Triffids
-> Standard Deku Scrubs
-> Plant 42
-> Audrey II - Note: These versions are the new seedlings and cannot yet talk, but will eat blood if possible. If any of these are uprooted and taken below, they will grow as in the musical.
-> Mandrake roots - Note: There are roots of all ages.
-> Whomping Willow
-> Malboro
-> Wall of Vines - Note: See plot section of the wiki page for what the vines can do.

In the center of town, built in a spiral formation, are a series of one storey houses. They are all identically laid out (for an example layout, please see the Nitpicker's Guide), and curve inwards to a well at the very center of the spiral. As of December 2014 the housing spiral is now located within a forty foot sinkhole.

Somehow visible from every window in the housing spiral, even those facing opposite directions, is a giant billboard. It stands about fifty feet high and thirty feet across. It's peeling and faded. It shows a smiling man and woman holding gas masks, the slogan across the bottom says "IN HAVEN, WE ARE ALL SAFE... TOGETHER".

At the center of the housing spiral is a fresh bubbling spring, this flows out from where the well used to be.

At the East edge of town is a small confectionery store that is boarded close and seems impervious to any attempts to enter it at all.

Adjoining the confectionery store is a subway station marked HAVEN WEST. The entrance way is inky black and smells of stale air. The broken and dirty tiles of the floor extend off into the darkness and stairs leading downward can just be made out. The original blackness fades grows lighter as the characters walk down the stairs. Emergency lights are bathing the abandoned station in a sickly, dim glow of yellow, that occasionally flickers out.

The silence is absolute.

There are rusted ticket barriers up ahead and smashed booths where tellers would have taken cash when the station had been active. Past the ticket barriers there are a pair of broken-down escalators leading to the platforms. Three platforms are completely blocked off and cannot be broken into. Only one is open for the characters to go into.

The tracks are the only thing that seem new. Gleaming metal lines leading into a tunnel of arched brick. The air smells of electricity and copper, wind seems to be blowing from the tunnel. On the wind comes the whisper of unintelligible voices, and the sensation of being watched.

There are no lights in the tunnel, but that is the only way ahead.

Any character who ventures down the tunnel will have to move quickly. Two hours at a fast walking pace down the line is another station platform, which leads up to Haven North. Each successive hour spent in the tunnels will be spent fighting off monsters, with each hour the amount of monsters swell to larger numbers and if a character lingers longer than eight hours then they will be killed. Any low-level monsters from any canon are free to be NPC'd as existing down here; for example, mannequins from Silent Hill are fine, but Pyramid Head is a definite no. If you are unsure, please contact a moderator to ask.

About an hour's journey into the subway tunnel there is a huge jagged hole leading to another the tunnel beyond! Empty subway trains run at irregular intervals with little warning, and there is only a small space between the track and wall to squeeze in. There are poisonous spiders, scorpions, and insects swarming these tunnels.

Strangely, the monsters will not venture in here.

There is no light, except for the headlamps and lit empty carriages of the passing trains. This second tunnel leads to Haven East.

This part of the town is still abandoned and silent, but the similarities to Haven West (the main location) end there. The apartment block is ultra-modern, circa. 2000s, with all the amenities. There's running water, electricity, and power all throughout the city. The buildings look new and clean, the streets equally so. The shop names are written in a mixture of English and Chinese. That billboard is still there, with the same smiling people and the same text, but there are no gas masks in sight.

There's a lot of fun things to do here in Haven North! There are two pools - an indoor and outdoor one. A fun fair where the rides work automatically and the game booths dispense prizes to any character that wins. There's a sport stadium with arenas for baseball, badminton, basketball, and ping-pong.

The main town is mostly residential. The apartment blocks and houses are all open, and things can be taken from them if the characters want. They're all decked out in varying stages of middle-class to very rich, again circa 2000s. There is a park with a lake and boat-house, and all types of store. The only food to be scavenged here are basic supplies, similar to Haven West. There are no weapons to be found, and only occasional supplies of bullets to be scavenged. There is still no hospital.

The main difference is the library.

Written word at last!

The library is three stories high. The ground floor is fiction of all types. Again, the books are split between Chinese and English in language. Characters can find books from their worlds if they want - but please do not break the fourth wall by having a character find a copy of Spider Man (for example). The next storey up is reference books. Mostly history and economy, again of various worlds and in the dual language. There might be a nugget or two of plot information hidden in there somewhere! The final storey is full of computer banks, but all will only flash the message NO NETWORK if turned on.

Characters may write without consequences in Haven North. However, any books that are taken back to Haven West will lose all writing and become blank covers. Even if they are then returned to Haven North, they will remain blank!

But why do the characters not move to this utopia, I hear you ask? Because just like with the subway tunnels, there is a price to pay for remaining here. Characters can remain a maximum of four hours before they begin to grow ever-more paranoid of their surroundings and the people around them. These paranoid thoughts will be accompanied by an increasing desire to return to Haven West. After twelve hours they will not be able to ignore this desire any more and must return.

Phones cannot call Haven West from Haven North. They will work in the tunnel; however, grow more prone to static the closer to Haven North they go, until they cannot be used to call back to the main body of Haven at all. They can still be used to call other people in Haven North.

The station that opens into Haven East is a replica of the one in Haven West, but this one is in much better repair. There are murals in ceramic tiles on the walls of fictional creatures (such as a snake with an eagle's head).

The town looks as any small American city might in the early 21st century. There are houses, shops, fast food joints, restaurants, schools, all sorts. It is all boarded up tightly and seems to be abandoned. There are nicer goods to be scavenged here, but still nothing fresh or perishable. So think a nicer can of pudding, or a rare packet of noodles. But nothing like milk or meat, nothing that goes off faster than a month.

Stepping into Haven East feels like stepping into an ice cold shower and all powers will only work at a maximum of 10% efficiency - meaning characters who could fly may only be able to hover, characters who can shoot fireballs may be able to light a small candle. Most kitchens and stores are still stocked and there is running water.

At the edge of town is the shell of a library which was destroyed in the event of September 2013. In the centre of the town is a broken hospital, mostly destroyed. There is a tower attached to one side that looks like a generator, but any character examining it would find it nothing more than a hollow tube. The hospital itself is unstable and the floors have all collapsed, but some medical supplies might be able to be scavenged from the rubble.

Any character remaining in Haven East for longer than two days will find themselves growing sick with radiation poisoning, which will get worse each progressive hour they stay, until they die from it on the third day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of February 2014, parts of the town have been relocated and all the following locations are INACCESSIBLE until further notice.

A tunnel leads from the the South end of Haven West, to the atrium in the town hall in The Haven (which is directly underneath Haven West). The tunnel is monster-free and safe, meaning that The Haven, and all its amenities, is free for visiting. The Haven is underground, and the shaft of the well comes down to the lake, this means there is a 'ceiling' of earth over this area; however, glowing panels are fitted in the ceiling and will provide light.

The tunnel will close at 10pm daily and will re-open at 7am. Characters remaining behind to attempt to live in The Haven will suffocate over-night, and wake up in the apartment block after 24 hours.

The buildings are much more in tact, and where the well should be is a giant fresh-water lake. The only things missing from this mirror world are the subway tunnels, though there is a mirror of the boarded up convenience store. Shops and homes alike can be entered by the characters, but no food will be found down here and there is no electricity or running water. There is dust over all the surfaces as though no soul has set foot here in decades. The style of the buildings is European, circa 1990s, and there are all the things that might be expected to be found in a city.

A the centre of the city is a park, though all the trees and flowers are long dead, and next to it is a town hall with four rooms. The atrium has white walls and a polished marble floor. There is an abandoned reception desk at the end of the atrium, but no objects or papers around. The staircase is carpeted in luxurious red, as is the corridor on the upper level. The first of the downstairs rooms appears to be a break room. It has a table, coffee making facilities, and a fridge (none of which work now). It also has a TV and a small bookshelf with a deck of blank playing cards. There are three chairs around the table and all are occupied with skeletons, the skeletons are manacled to the chair floor and table by wrists and ankles. The second of the downstairs rooms is very large, nearly twice the size of the atrium, and is fully filled with banks and banks of computer memory cards. Hundreds of them are plugged in, tens of thousands more are in storage.

The first of the upstairs rooms does not fit with the function of a town hall. It is a child's playroom, kitted out for a pre-school aged girl. It's very stereotypical, the walls are pink and decorated with fairies and ponies. There are soft toys scattered around, as well as some board games and (blank) children's books. The second upstairs room is an empty Mayor's office.

The strangest thing about this town are the people.

Hundreds and thousands of people.

They are semi-transparent and not solid to the touch. They do not seem to see or interact with the characters at all, and most are stuck in endless loops. Characters may hear glitches of conversation about the weather, or how the school has opened a new sports department. Players are free to NPC generic snatches of conversation to overhear.

There is one man by the East edge of town who looks angry and frightened. He repeats the same thing over and over: "It'll never work, Kite is a madman! And Daniel is more of a madman for letting him. Hetty! Come here and see, they're planning to--" And then he begins his spiel again.

Aside from a large residential area, the city's areas are: three schools (elementary, high, and college), a library (empty), a shopping district (empty), a theatre, a multiplex with cinema and bowling alley (showing Toy Story 3 with suitable fourth wall changes in name), a swimming pool and ice rink, the convenience store, and the civic offices next to the locked town hall.

(Anonymous) 2012-11-14 06:42 am (UTC)(link)
Will there ever be more locations to discover in the future? :D

(Anonymous) 2013-07-05 04:16 pm (UTC)(link)
At the description for the subway station convenience store it says 'boarded clothes' instead of 'boarded closed'.
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[personal profile] evocalize 2013-07-07 06:33 am (UTC)(link)
A few things:

1) 'There is no electric lightning outside' - Should be 'electric lighting'.
2) 'boarded close'- Maybe 'boarded up'?

And a question! Would the Haven North apartments happen to have TVs?

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[personal profile] itstuesday 2013-10-04 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
Question about Haven North! Would Newt be able to find some semblance of a basic tool kit in any of the apartments or anywhere? Something like this.
Edited 2013-10-04 04:29 (UTC)

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Question about the library in Haven North! Are there still nightmare/shadow monsters from the player plot event back in July hanging around inside the library?

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[personal profile] fortunefavored 2013-10-15 08:46 pm (UTC)(link)
More Haven North questions! alskdf

Are there things Newt can take apart in the amusement park for scraps? Like mechanisms in the booth games? I don't think he'd touch the rides at this point but....

Also could Newt possibly take one of the empty computer towers to use as a box for something he might try to build?

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Sup, may I hop onto the Haven North computer q&a train?

Mysteriously empty computers that only display an error message when turned on, cool, cool. But, since trying to mess with the programming will result in "severe electric shocks," and lol sup jaeger programmer extraordinaire up in here, inquiring minds want to know--

a) so OK it is possible to get past or try to get past that error message and attempt some programming?

b) how immediate would that shock be, like the instant someone started hacking into the system, or?

c) how severe are we talking?

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Quick question about the school ruins in Haven West: would it be possible to find a basic microscope there, whether broken or unbroken?
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[personal profile] ishotyouuu 2013-10-24 06:28 am (UTC)(link)
Quick question about the Haven-- is fourth wall-friendly Toy Story 3 the only movie playing at the cinema, or are there other movies that will play on occasion?
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OH LOOK I'M BACK WITH MORE QUESTIONS are you sick of me yet

RE: The Generator
--SO A COUPLE QUESTIONS Do the apartments have a well pump as well as a water heater ASSUMING THEY HAVE A WATER HEATER...

-And IF BOTH ABOVE ARE THERE where is/are the water heater/well pump located so Newt can hook the generator up to it/them?

--IF THE APARTMENT HAS NEITHER OF THESE where is the fusebox/main electrical area located so Newt can hook up the generator to THAT instead.
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The various schools + generator =???

[personal profile] fortunefavored 2013-12-16 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
So here's a fun question: would Newt be able to hook up the generator to any of the fuse boxes or otherwise in any of the schools to give the building power? And I know none of the schools have sporting equipment, but do any of them have a gymnasium?
fortunefavored: ((30))

Deku plants

[personal profile] fortunefavored 2014-01-04 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
So I know the last time I asked, I was told that the Deku plants would either leave rupees or deku nuts...is it possible that they would leave a deku stick behind at any point?
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[personal profile] fortunefavored 2014-02-20 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
Are there washing machines in Haven North?

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[personal profile] verinumeri 2014-03-04 12:50 am (UTC)(link)
One really dumb question and one super nitpicky unrelated one:

- TY for humoring this, but --

Right, so, once upon a time a guy gets shocked into a 24-HR coma hacking a HN Library computer. He remembers what it took to get in, and also, obviously, the shocks. If, theoretically, guy tries again,

a) would it go faster or would the security have been scrambled into something new, and

b) if precautions were taken against shocks, like IDK ridiculously hitting the last few keys with a wooden stick (or coughcanecough) at a distance, would the charges magically get 'im anyway?

just, you know, if only he could get a proper look at those spirals...

- Canned goods! No writing in Haven. Writing in HN.

Do they have expiration dates printed, and if so, what are they? Year range, or such and such...

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duldum: (Default)

question about the new houses!

[personal profile] duldum 2014-03-15 11:37 am (UTC)(link)
hi there! i was just wondering if the roofs of the new houses were accessible to characters?
prosper: (047 Is that a good idea)

Haven East Hospital

[personal profile] prosper 2014-04-26 07:43 am (UTC)(link)
Would any of these items be found in the hospital at Haven East? And if they are found, are there any catch-22's with them? Like are they broken, or inoperable, or unusable?:

defibrillator units
epipens/adrenaline injectors/steroid injectors
IV bags
protective gloves & eyewear
surgical tools
slugs: mag_icons (Ask)

[personal profile] slugs 2014-04-27 05:28 am (UTC)(link)
Would there be any plants up in the garden that have any medical properties at all? And perhaps, what medical properties might they have?

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[personal profile] fortunefavored 2014-04-28 02:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Interesting question, but perhaps notsomuch for a horror game:

How likely is it that one could find poisonous plants in the garden? Things like hemlock and belladonna?
Edited 2014-04-28 14:21 (UTC)
prosper: (008 Girl don't make me get my scrunchie)

"Long Lasting Packaged Food"

[personal profile] prosper 2014-05-02 04:40 am (UTC)(link)
Okay! I'm asking a lot of dumb questions sorry Blue. In the areas that says long lasting packaged food can be found, would there be:

Flour (regular all-purpose baking flour)
Baking soda
Instant active dry yeast


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[personal profile] copychip 2014-05-13 03:15 am (UTC)(link)
Hi mods! Question about the monsters that appear in the subway tunnels. If a character from an all machine/robot canon apped in (for instance, Megaman X), would robots and the like start appearing as monsters? And if yes, would their parts be left behind upon their destruction?

[personal profile] instrumented 2014-05-25 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
Regarding the tunnel monsters: I was thinking of having Zero run across a few vampires like the ones from his world. Thing is, there's a few different types (or, levels, like on a pyramid scale): The very bottom are Level D's - the ex-humans - if the way they were turned doesn't come full circle, though, they inevitably drop below the scale into a Level E(nd). E's are, for the most part, indiscriminate with their attacks and blood lust. Would they be the only kind he could find, or. . .?

(no subject)

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(Anonymous) 2014-10-24 06:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Question about Haven East-- so the characters die on the third day which indicates extreme radiation exposure, but the text says they'd only grow sick after two days?

Does that mean there are no immediate reactions upon return?? The radiation only hits them after two days, and there's no immediate radiation sickness?

(Anonymous) 2014-11-28 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
Two questions!

1. It says that "outside the city limits" is the wasteland- does this mean the wasteland is outside the invisible barriers surrounding haven west? Are characters able to get there/past the barriers if this is the case?

2. When it says that "each successive hour spent in the tunnels will be spent fighting off monsters", does that mean that there are monsters for the first two hours spent in the tunnel, or are those two hours monster-free?

hasitsthorns: ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴠᴀʟʟᴇʏ ᴏғ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ (Iᴛ's ᴇᴍᴘᴛʏ)

[personal profile] hasitsthorns 2014-12-03 04:34 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! I have a quick question.

Say a character is adamant on staying in Haven North for elongated periods of time ( several hours every day they are able to ) would this start to wear them down after a while? I.e. would they start feeling paranoid faster or have any immediate or long-lasting repercussions as a result of trying to stay so much?
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[personal profile] neverleave 2014-12-16 08:22 am (UTC)(link)
Can a character find blood bags in a non-gross condition in the Haven East hospital? Natsuno here is a vampire who doesn't need blood to survive, but he still craves it, so I wondered if there's a way for him to get blood that isn't biting people.

(no subject)

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