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Canon Update

So you want to canon update?

Please fill in the form below and wait for approval. After approval, the character will enter a coma-like state for 24 hours and then wake up updated. They will remember going home and spending time there again.

If you want to take your character back to an earlier canon point, their in-game memories would be erased as well (like a reset), and the form also needs to be completed.

A character is allowed three items on entry to Haven. If any of those three items is no longer in the character's possession at their new canon point, it will disappear from Haven and a new item can be chosen. Similarly, if a character needs a specific item to function at their new canon point, one of their items can be swapped out (so that the limit of three is not exceeded) for that item.

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[personal profile] womaninred 2012-11-04 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Noah
Character: Ada Wong
Canon: Resident Evil
New canon point: Post-Resident Evil 6
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: Oh boy did Capcom do a number here.

Not only was her identity stolen, but one responsible had launched an attack on the president and was busy framing others, but her doppelganger had her heart set on destroying the world. Ada was already a suspicious woman, her true affiliations still unknown, and so the actions of Carla, the Ada-clone, marked Ada as a high-priority target and without solid evidence, Ada had no chance of clearing her record.

Not that she did by game’s end.

No. Her focus was to take out those who compromised her identity: Carla and Simmons. She started on Carla first, who was the more immediate threat and was the person who brought Ada into the whole affair. Someone had her face, her voice, her prints, and worst of all, an unstable mind. Carla was certain to make Ada’s face the new face of Neo-Umbrella, the sort of notoriety that Ada had always avoided until now. Notoriety is bad for business. A stolen identity was also bad if word ever got out. And yet, Ada felt pity for Carla. Carla was a scapegoat created by Simmons. A scapegoat that became aware of what exactly happened to her and swore to destroy Simmons.

But along the way, Carla lost grasp of the revenge she was after, and Ada had no choice but to stop her. It was a shame, as Ada admitted that she would have helped Carla if vengeance on Simmons had been her only goal. Then it was time to tie up loose ends with Simmons, as he was the last person that knew of the truth behind the doppelganger. She helped Leon out with dealing the final blow to Simmons and leaving him the data that would prove his and his partner’s innocence, poking fun at how confused he must be at all this. Yet she doesn’t let him in on what she knows, as per usual. The last shred of evidence to prove Ada’s own innocence was destroyed when Ada blew up Carla’s lab.

These people destroyed her reputation, stole her identity, then tried to use it to destroy the world. All their work: Neo-Umbrella, the C-Virus, it all died with them. So the evidence was better off gone, buried alongside the dead. Receiving a phone call, Ada was more than happy to take up another job if only to get away from the whole ordeal. The world thought she was dead, and Ada is willing and able to use that animosity to her advantage.
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Player: Ren
Character: Leon S. Kennedy
Canon: Resident Evil
New canon point: Post Resident Evil 6
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:

Now approaching middle age, Leon has changed a bit from his twenty-something year old self. The first and most visible change is how he handles affectionate touch and proximity to others in general. During previous installments, he showed a striking aversion to being touched and refrained from getting too physically close to others. For example, when someone hugged him, he would quickly shrug them off. And if they tried to hold his hand (such as Angela does in Resident Evil: Degeneration) or show some other type of affection, he would go completely rigid and pull away. For some reason that isn't quite clear, this is no longer the case in Resident Evil 6. Leon now seems more comfortable with his own body and touching the bodies of others. He touches Helena's shoulder several times to reassure her throughout the game. He even holds Helena and Ada in his arms (at separate times) to calm them down.

Over time, Leon has also become more mature and level headed. He used to get angry at the drop of a hat and make very rash decisions because of it. Now that he's older, his temper has calmed significantly. Not to say that he isn't as gung-ho as ever about saving people and/or avenging their deaths, but he does it in a more rational way. Rather than charging into dangerous situations all by himself, he accepts and depends on a partner (Helena Harper) who supports him when needed. Previously, trusting new people as easily as he trusts Helena was rare. He seems a lot more open and unsuspecting than before.

One more effect of getting older was finding a place in the world outside of the job that consumes most of his life. Having very little spare time and freedom, Leon doesn't maintain many relationships (whether they be platonic, familial or romantic). But there's a bond he has taken special care to keep in tact: the one between him and the little girl he saved from Raccoon City in 1998, Sherry Birkin. Through his actions, it becomes clear that Leon sees her as a sort of daughter and treats her as a father would, chiding her with lines like "You need to be more careful" and criticizing (later approving of) Jake Muller, who is implied to have a thing for Sherry. It's extremely unlikely that Leon will ever have a family of his own, as he's tied to his rigorous job for literally the rest of his life. Sherry fills the void of paternal experiences that he would not be able to experience otherwise.

Not all changes have been for the better. In Resident Evil: Damnation (a prequel to Resident Evil 6) we see that Leon has become quite jaded. In an unfortunate turn of events, he's gone from being a casual drinker to an alcoholic. We witness him downing alcohol many times, something that we've previously never seen him do – much less on such a frequent basis. He even drinks while on the job at one point. It is also heavily implied that Leon was (or currently is) somewhat suicidal. "The option of taking our own lives no longer belongs to us. We owe it to the people who died alongside us," he says. Later on, while reflecting on his work, he adds: "In the end, nothing's really changed." He's fought so hard for over a decade, and yet it feels like that accomplished nothing. It's likely that he feels empty and aimless because of this.

Some things never change, however. Leon's feelings towards Ada is one of them. Helena observes the tension between the two and later asks: "She's more than just a friend, isn't she? You have feelings for her." This is the first time anyone in the series has so bluntly pointed that out. Before he gets a chance to answer, they are thrust into danger once again. Towards the end of his story, Leon protects Ada from Simmons (the villain), grabbing her and holding her against him while he takes a few bullets to the back. They share a longing glance afterwards and Ada affectionately touches his hand to let him know she's alright. When all is said and done, and Ada runs off like she always does, Helena encourages Leon to follow her. She's implying that she thinks they are meant for each other after what she's witnessed between them. In a file the player receives after completing the game, it's mentioned that Leon's feelings for Ada are mutual, but that neither of them know exactly what those feelings are. As they have not spent much time alone together over the course of the series, it would be difficult to call these feelings "love" – they hardly know each other, after all – but there is most definitely something significant there.
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[personal profile] theboywiththebook 2013-01-07 02:52 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Chris
Character: Henry Mills
Canon: Once Upon a Time
New canon point: Episode 10 of Season 2. The Cricket Game
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:

Not much is really added to Henry's personality, but instead reveals more about him. While Henry has been shown to have a lot of faith in people and the ones he loves, he does have some big uncertainty issues. If he doesn't know what happens to the people he loves he constantly worries that they could be dead. This is shown constantly during the Fairy Tale land portion of Season 2, when he doesn't know Emma and Snow are all right.

But, of course now being eleven, Henry has been shown to be much more independent. When Emma offers to take him to the bus he says he can go by himself because of his age. This could say that Henry's starting to feel like he can do more for himself.

But, Henry's also still only eleven. For adult situations he's completely clueless as what they hold. Example? Emma and Henry walk in on Snow and Charming in the middle of...er...intimate moments in bed. And Henry's response? "What are you two still doing in bed? It's already late in the morning." Yeah...it shows how clueless Henry is to adult situations.

Henry also shows a constant determination to do what is right. When he finds out that Rumple and Regina are going to booby trap the well to stop Cora and in the process possibly Kill Emma and Snow? He decides he can't just hope Regina will change, he has to stop her from doing this. While he has faith in the worst of people of their chance to change, he's not dumb enough to do nothing if something has to be done.

Henry lastly wants people to believe in him. He wants them to acknowledge that his faith in people is strong enough for them to put aside their own perceptions to go along with his idea. He doesn't use this out of malice or evil, more rather it's used out of desperation if things are looking to be at its worst. Again this is at the well scene where he begs Regina to believe him that Emma and Snow will make it through.
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Player: Yi
Character: Titus Alexius ([personal profile] lacksboobs)
Canon: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
New canon point: End of Chapter 154
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:

I'm taking Titus back a few chapters to before he sees the 5th Level Authorization District, so he never has to see the citizens being used as a magoi battery farm. All he knows is that Magnoshutatt are somehow hiding 200,000 people somewhere within the city, and he suspects that they're underground (which they are) but he hasn't seen it with his own eyes.

More significantly, he's unaware of the existence of the sickly child, Marga, with whom he empathizes enough to attempt to bring her to the surface against the Academy rules. At this earlier canon point, he won't have found anyone similar enough to him to make him question his own existence, so his resentment at being a clone who will soon die is lessened greatly. That means Titus will be much more focused on his mission as a Magi's subordinate and will be completely loyal to his creator, Scheherazade. He'll also be more attentive to the abnormalities around him since he feels less burdened about his own fate. Also, he'll treat Aladdin more as a colleague than a comrade.

Lastly, he's much more easily impressed. He'll usually only show it in front of someone he's vaguely comfortable with, but when he does, he'll act like an excited child. Think about the things a five year old kid would find fascinating. ... Yeah, Titus will be the same.
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Player: Metin
Character: Ellen "Siren" Kurokawa
Canon: Suite Precure
New canon point: Post series
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:
Compared to how she is when the series starts, Ellen will be more nicer and friendlier to people. After she became a Precure for the sake of saving Hummy, her heart was rather torn between what she should do. She couldn't go back to Minor Land and didn't believe that she was worthy of becoming a warrior of justice like Hibiki and Kanade. But after some events, she realizes that even if she's committed many mistakes and hurt a lot of people... She can still atone for them and develop into a better person. Making an over-the-top apology to the ocean, Ellen decides that she wants to connect with everyone's hearts and make friends. That's when she becomes more honest with her feelings and decides to join Hibiki and Kanade as Pretty Cure.

Now even though she's less stuck up and snotty than before, Ellen can still be snarky towards people and her short fuse still exists. It just comes out depending on the people that she's interacting with and the situations that she happens to be in. In one episode, she got easily offended whenever Hibiki and Kanade teased her about being afraid of ghosts. Then she can also insult people without realizing it sometimes. For example, Ellen accidentally insulted Ako by calling her a brat in the movie before realizing who she was speaking to. And there's a certain level of naivety to follow along with her personality change. For example, she wasn't sure on how to do a huge introductory speech for school, so she stayed up all night with working on it and worrying over it. Since she's still trying to learn and grasp the human world, she relies on Otokichi's books for teaching her how certain things work. Such as camping and zen mediation. However, Ellen sometimes will take things too literally. Like she would overdress for hiking and believed that would lead to going far off into the mountains which meant camping and cooking. Yeah. Her mindset can go to bizzare places at times.

While she is generally kinder, she can still be emotionally manipulative sometimes. For example, she tricked the Trio de Minor to believing that she hated Hibiki and Kanade for making fun of her. Then once they stole their Precure Modules, Ellen came around to steal them back and flat out says that she was fooling them this whole time. Now whenever it comes to dreams, Ellen didn't have any for herself at first. However, she decides that she would live to protect everyone else's precious dreams. When push comes to shove, Ellen will definitely protect her friends whenever things get dangerous. After learning things such as teamwork, determination and dealing with Eldritch Abominations born from sadness itself - She's matured into a more better person. And even if she fights for happiness and justice, she's fully aware that things such as sadness, despair and hatred won't ever fully disappear. They're two sides of the same coin with positive feelings. To make a long short short, she's learned to co-exist with even the most spiteful looking of characters and discovered that even they can have hearts as well.

Any items lost? Transformation Necklace
Any items gained?
Precure Module - This allows Ellen to transform into a Pretty Cure. This means that she'll get a magical girl outfit and have enhanced strength, speed, ability and endurance that normal humans cannot have. As a normal human, Ellen is lighter than most and can be agile. But as a Pretty Cure, she's a magical girl brawler. Even without her Fairy Tones, Ellen can still transform into her Pretty Cure alter ego in extreme situations where she relies on Harmony Power.

Fairy Tone Lary - With the Fairy Tone connected into the Module, this allows Ellen to transform into Cure Beat. This also grants her the attacks of Beat Sonic and Beat Barrier.

Fairy Tone Sory - With this Fairy Tone, this allow Cure Beat to summon the Love Guitar Rod and use Heartful Beat Rock for her special attack. And also, it gives her the power to use wings and fly. And finally, it granted Beat the power of Soul. Whenever Sory is inserted into the Module, it powers up her comrades and unifies their souls.
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[personal profile] thebeastwithout 2013-06-14 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Wighty
Character: Beast Boy
Canon: Teen Titans
New canon point: End of Season 5
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: Each season in Teen Titans focuses vaguely on one character and gives them some major development; Beast Boy's turn in the limelight happens during Season 5. During the course of this season, he reunites with his old team, the Doom Patrol, and defeats one of their recurring nemeses, the Brain. As a result, the Brain focuses his efforts on destroying the world's teen superheroes to prevent a new generation of heroes from arising. This does not, naturally, bode well for the Teen Titans and their allies.

By the end of the season (and the series), Beast Boy has learned to trust his instincts, to stand up for what he believes even over the objections of his former leader (and the man who raised him), and has demonstrated the ability to keep his head under pressure and to be a semi-competent leader, grouping together a ragtag bunch of heroes to save the day, defying all odds. And at the very end of it all, he learns that some things can't stay the same, no matter how much he wishes they could. In other words, he grows up and almost becomes a mature human being. Almost.

On the outside, he won't have changed much, sticking to his goofy personality and his role as comic relief because hey, that's what he does best. But when push comes to shove now, he'll be more willing to step up to the plate, to face situations he would have been reluctant or hesitant to do anything about in the past, and maybe to even try and actually be someone who can take charge.

Any items lost? None!
Any items gained? None!
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Player: lena
Character: izumo kamiki
Canon: ao no exorcist
New canon point: ch.47
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: Despite the span of twenty chapters, the changes they had made in Izumo's personality are subtle at best. The slight growth in her character is highlighted by two main people that (slowly but surely) continue to affect her the most, despite her best efforts against them.

After rescuing Rin from persecution, Izumo's role during the Impure King arc had been fairly minimal. She and Shiemi were left to care for Bon's wounded father, but in the process of carrying him back to safety, Izumo had gotten caught in the Impure King's toxic miasma. She was saved by none other than Shiemi herself, though it would not be until some time afterward that we find out how much this had actually affected Izumo. After returning to school from a brief mission dealing with a Kraken, Izumo reveals to Paku her feelings in regards to Shiemi's gesture. Rather than consider it an act of friendship, Izumo continues to think very practically and sees it as nothing more than another "debt" that she owes and that friendship in general (apart from Paku's) is obstruction to her ultimate "Goal" (which has yet to be revealed). Indeed, she seems to regress even further due to this and makes more of an effort to work by herself and harder than ever before. She jumps at the opportunity to repay the debt to Shiemi by rescuing the girl from one of the Seven Mysteries of the school, but it turns out the girls were only able to defeat the demon by working together.

This continues to be a struggle for Izumo, as the concept of teamwork is not one she is fond of. Both Yukio and Konekomaru had had to confront and chastise Izumo about this particular flaw of hers, as it completely goes against the concept of exorcists (in which Meisters are sent out in teams in order to protect one another) and risks putting herself and her fellow exorcists in danger. Despite her past tendencies, Izumo had been able to swallow her pride and work together with her fellow students in times of dire need, which does show some growth on her part... though her inclination seems still be towards working alone, for the most part.

The biggest change in her demeanor isn't actually all that obvious until the latest chapter. In chapter 47, Rin shows that he is still easily one of the biggest influences in Izumo's life, as he had not only convinced her to show up to the festival (something she had been vehemently against, set instead on studying for her exorcist exam) but to also show up looking like this. In this gesture alone, Izumo displays what she usually works so hard to keep hidden — that she is fully capable of putting other people before her, even at the cost of her own personal pride.

Any items lost? none (she hadn't come in with any)
Any items gained? "kamiki tsukumo's precious mascot."
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Player: Michi
Character: Ada Vessalius
Canon: Pandora Hearts
New canon point: Hunter's Game endgame
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: From the point she's at now and the end of her time in Prayer's Pass, a few key events shape Ada's personality a little bit further. First and foremost is the trial in which she was suspected as a hunter. When all hope seemed gone, she took out a gun and killed America with it. Up until that point, she had no real part in killing anyone, and this shook her. She realized that, when pushed to great limits, she's capable of taking lives. And while it's not something she was proud of, she knew that there were reasons it was really important. All the same, a lot of guilt comes with that realization. Even after the game ended, she had to carry the guilt of that fact with her, and the end result didn't make it go away.

But another thing that was proved after her death was that when things are at their worst, she's also willing to sacrifice anything in order to do what she thinks will help her friends. In this case, it was sacrificing one of her eyes to unlock a clue for the remaining players on the other side. It didn't matter that it was hard for her... what she wanted was to see as many people make it out alive as possible, even if it wasn't her. Because even though she'd known those people only a short time, she considered all of them her friends; people she wanted to see live.

She was able to apologize and tell the whole truth after the game ended, which also gave her a bit of closure. Lying every day had put a lot of pressure on her, and made her very tired. Ada may not be a terrible liar, but she's also not a good one. It takes a lot out of her. Being from the endgame means that she'll be able to breathe a little easier, even with her memories of that place. She also comes out with a renewed faith and belief in humanity. While hers was already very high, even she had her fears and doubts. But seeing the way it ended and being able to reconnect with everyone afterwards... it helped defeat those fears and doubts. She was also able to see that Elliot was not in fact completely dead, which relieved her most of all.

There's also the memory of her very real death, which is a nightmare that will not soon be forgotten. Her execution is likely to haunt her for a long time, as it was not particularly kind. Under great duress, it's not unlikely that the feeling of being unable to breathe won't resurface as a reaction to traumatic circumstances.

Any items lost? The insta-death gun.
Any items gained? The eye-patch Kanaya made for her.
Edited 2013-08-01 16:31 (UTC)
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[personal profile] priceofmagic 2013-08-05 01:36 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Berri
Character: Satou Kuroneko
Canon: Original Character
New canon point: After 'helping' Usao. ( tldr; because she's an OC )
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:
The two biggest changes in her personality are that she is becoming more confident in herself and more trusting towards others. It should be noted that both of these changes are works in progress, and game happenings will have a huge affect on whether or not she is able to keep pushing forward or returns to her old habits. She also has new friendships and old friends have taken new rankings in her heart.

Up until now, Satou hated herself and tried to cover up her flaws rather than dealing with them. Satou had been doing this partially for herself, but also for Masume; she wanted to be the cool and perfect sister Masume was fooled into seeing. Losing Masume meant losing a primary reason for holding back, causing Satou to go through a period of complete darkness. She had thought at the time that without Masume she had no reason to "pretend to be someone else" and that giving in to her selfish and awful urges was "the real her."

This did not last long. Satou came to realize that the awful girl she was hiding was not the real her. She now understands that it is okay to have bad habits and it is okay to want to correct them; it was not "pretending to be someone else," but maturing the real her. She is also starting to realize that she actually has some good traits and is a good person. Sometimes she cannot see or appreciate all of them, but now that she's come to terms with how loved she is Satou can believe they are somewhere. So it's fair to say her confidence is increasing, bit by bit.

She is also learning to deal with her bad traits. She may still be a short-tempered, envy-prone, cynical jerk at times, but Satou no longer pretends those traits aren't there. She will apologize when displaying them, but she won't curl up into a puddle of self-hatred.

Lastly, Satou is redefining her relationships and how she interacts with others. Mostly in that she has learned the pain of losing those she loves and is more paranoid about protecting them. Satou will still try to befriend everything that moves and she is still obnoxious about that friend making addiction, but she will also try harder to hold onto and appreciate the friends she does have. She is more trusting, for better or for worse, and stubborn about not being a hateful person.

Lastly, she's got new "most important people" and I will be editing her canon relationships. Masume is much closer to Masume and still loves her mother, even after learning Horie sorta hated her guts. Satou is also much closer to Mikale and Touka.

Any items lost? Stuffed Sheep
Any items gained? A second Grand Power K100; like with her first, it has a capacity of 17 rounds. Once Satou uses them all up she can create more bullets with her magic, though the process is tiring and draining. She is also coming with more general knowledge on how to handle other weapons, though she still cannot make cartridges other than 9x19mm Parabellums.
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[personal profile] bardromh 2013-08-27 01:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Hotaru
Character: Mu Alexius
Canon: Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic
New canon point: chapter 194
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: n/a; about a few hours has passed, nothing more. So no change in personality; but he will be worried for Lady Scherazade who vanished after she plunged into battle. She's still alive, but he doesn't know that.
Any items lost? no
Any items gained? no
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[personal profile] cutdown 2013-09-21 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Kera
Character: Peko Pekoyama
Canon: Super Dangan Ronpa 2
New canon point: Post her death in chapter 2.
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: She will come back somewhat traumatized and disturbed. She will just have endured an execution and will be in a significant state of confusion and upset. The long-term impact on her personality will involve her struggling to reconcile her bodyguard personality with the fact that the person she serves does not want her to serve him. She will have to come to terms with being a 'normal' person.
Any items lost? No. She arrived with only one item to begin with and will be gaining two.
Any items gained? A mask and the sword in this video.
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[personal profile] havenhelp 2013-09-21 06:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Your canon update has been approved. Peko will be comatose for 24 hours before waking up with the new memories.
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[personal profile] bardromh 2013-09-30 12:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Hotaru
Character: Mu Alexius
Canon: Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic
New canon point: Chapter 199
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: Nothing at his core or anything really in general, but he'll be down when he arrives, because Lady Scheherazade has died.
Any items lost? n/a
Any items gained? n/a
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[personal profile] havenhelp 2013-10-01 02:00 am (UTC)(link)
Your canon update has been approved. Mu will be comatose for 24 hours before waking up with the new memories.
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[personal profile] sharpeyedshooter 2013-10-13 11:55 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Dani
Character: Shino "Sinon" Asada
Canon: Sword Art Online
New canon point: End of Volume 9 Prologue II
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:

Shino has seen quite a bit of growth in the past six months, although most of it is glossed over because it has little to do with the main plot line. During this time, she has been able to rehabilitate herself even further, and the sight of firearm-like objects in real life no longer reduce her to vomiting, or even a sense of nausea. She is once again able to watch action movies, something she has not been able to do in years, and has in fact been watching quite a few of them on recommendation from Kirito. They still make her uneasy, but it's a very slight feeling instead of the abject terror she used to experience.

She's had plenty of time to get back into the swing of regular life, and has become very close friends with Asuna. She will still stumble when it comes to people approaching her with the intent of being friends, but she's getting more and more used to the idea of casual, friends things: sleep overs and the like. It's now something that can happen to her, should she become close enough to someone for that kind of thing.

Any items lost? Bow, arrows, armor.
Any items gained? bullet-proof glasses, model airsoft gun (not loaded), summer uniform.

It should also be noted that with this canon update, she would be reverting to her real-life body as she was not online at the time.
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[personal profile] persuadebyforce 2013-10-16 04:40 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Kev
Character: Laharl
Canon: Disgaea
New canon point: Post game of Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (Just Disgaea D2 for short)
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:
For the most part, Laharl largely stays same. Still the selfish, self-centered bratty Overlord he is in the first game at his core. Yet there are of course some minor and big changes that happen over the course of the game.

The biggest of which being the fact he finds out he has a little sister named Sicily. While not impacting him too deeply regarding others, it does soften his personality ever-so-slighty. At least in the sense that he has a only-really-readable-by-those-who-know-him attachment to her. The kind that he'll yell and complain when she dotes on him or acts all cute and clingy but he'll go along with it all the same.

In an overall sense, he's grown slightly when it comes to how to display his status as Overlord. Very very slightly. Instead of just immediately forcing others to bend to his will and acknowledge him he'll briefly consider other options... Before resorting to violence. That's the demon way, after all. He's become more respected as well in the Netherworld, which means his ego also somehow will have grown to an even bigger size. Doubly so considering in all likelihood his claims of being the strongest demon in the Netherworld are even more accurate now.

And despite the new status menu saying he loves Etna, Flonne and Sicily he still refuses to believe demons are capable of love and will still deny it outright. Same for kindness and all that jazz. No change there, yet at the same time he's not as bothered by the subject as he used to be.

... he was also very briefly turned into a woman and was slightly traumatized by the experience.

Any items lost? Cosmic Blade, Super Robo Suit
Any items gained? Yoshitsuna, Superalloy Suit. Basically swapping out sword and armor for stronger ones?!
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[personal profile] babyfaces 2013-10-19 11:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Marion
Character: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
Canon: (Super) Dangan Ronpa 2
New canon point: Mid Chapter 4, right before the trial.
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: The point Kuzuryuu was apped into was the middle of chapter 2, a chapter which reveals to have a great focus on his character and paves the way for his future development as the game goes on. After the end of chapter 2, his childhood friend Peko Pekoyama was killed in an execution after committing a murder which he blames himself for happening in the first place. After this point he becomes determined to make amends to the remaining cast, apologizing for his previous behavior and swearing he will never act as he once did before. From that point he sticks to his word, no longer alienating himself from the others, letting his guard down and opening himself up to trusting the others. He is naturally still very much dealing with the loss of his childhood friend, and in part still blames himself for what happened to her, but refuses to let what happened bring him into despair. Generally he becomes a lot more open and friendlier to the others, though still retains just a bit of that jerkiness inside of him.

On a non-personality note: at the end of chapter 2 his right eye is slashed by Peko during her execution and could not be healed, which leads to him wearing an eyepatch over his right eye to hide the scar underneath it. This injury will be kept when he returns to Haven, as a means of physically marking his transformation.
Any items lost? His fedora and sunglasses
Any items gained? His eyepatch and a picture of Peko he describes having in Chapter 4.

(As a note, I'd like for this canon update to be put into effect only after the end of the current event if that's fine. that is to say he vanishes right at the event end and comes back the next day after.)
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[personal profile] satanschoice 2013-11-17 10:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Kieran
Character: Sam Winchester
Canon: Supernatural
New canon point: Season 9, Episode 3
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: Sam's gone through a lot since he said yes to Lucifer. He was thrown into hell along with Lucifer when his and Dean's plans to get the demon back into the pit worked. He was brought back by Castiel, lost his soul in the process, got it back, and subsequently went insane as the memories of his time in hell started to break through. He's watched Castiel lose himself on a quest for power, and has been powerless yet again to stop his brother from going into Purgatory. In the years time that Dean was trapped in Purgatory, Sam stops hunting, only to be jerked back from his normal life by his brother's unexpected return. As penance to give Dean the life he deserved, Sam undergoes the three trials to forever seal the gates of hell, the act nearly killing him. Needless to say, it's enough to change any man, but overall Sam is still the same, caring, smart, self sacrificing, devoted brother that he always was. With one very special caveat, he's been possessed by an angel.

Simultaneous to Sam and Dean trying to close the gates of Hell, Metatron and Castiel were working to close the gates of Heaven. Sam and Dean's plan fails when Dean stops him after finding out Sam would die if he completed the final trial, but the plan to seal Heaven works, and the two brothers watch as thousands of angels fall from heaven like comets from the sky. The angel's are left injured from their fall, and even though the trials to seal the gates of Hell were not completed, Sam is left laying in a hospital bed dying.

Inside of Sam's head, Sam is coming to terms with his own life. He wants to give up on life and go with Death, and after everything he's been through it's not much of a surprise. He knows he's dying, and he doesn't have the energy to fight it anymore. He knows Dean will be alright without him, and there's no one else to go back to. What Sam should have remembered was that Dean would do anything to keep his baby brother alive. Even inside Sam's subconscious it's an image of Dean that's pushing him to keep fighting and to stay alive.

Sam's nearly given up, and is standing very literally at Death's door when a false image of Dean comes to him, convincing him to give it one more shot. This is the angel Ezekiel, summoned by Dean (though he'd been trying to reach Castiel) to heal his brother. Ezekiel, posing as Dean for Sam's sake, convinces Sam to open up to him, allowing the possession so that both Angel and Sam can be healed.

With Ezekiel inside of him, Sam's gained a new view on life though the world is far from trouble free. Many of the angels are not happy to have been ripped from their home, and Sam's willing to do whatever is needed to track down Castiel, now mortal, and get him back home. In the last year, Sam had become somewhat moody, saddened by the loss of the normal life he'd had for an entire year. Despite the loss being pulled from him by the return of his brother, he is forever loyal to Dean, and wants to give him the same chance he had. Besides that he has a faith in himself that he would be able to sustain the trails which of course proved to be wrong. Now with Ezekiel inside of him Sam isn't seeing his life as something dark. He's able to enjoy the things as simple as a sunset, and despite all the bad in the world that previously weighed down on him he's happy.

The angelic influence of Ezekiel is the cause of this newfound joy in life. The angel, despite having been ripped from his home, hold no ill will to the Winchesters or Castiel. He wants to help them and trusts the brothers to help get the gates of Heaven opened again so the angels may return home where they belong. His choice to help Sam is of mutual benefit. While he heals Sam as Dean wishes, he can also heal himself as the fall had left him weak. Ezekiel is well aware that his own life may be dependent on Sam's while he's inside of him, but it doesn't mean he'd abandon ship.

When Sam is in danger, Ezekiel will rise to the surface and defend the Winchester. When Sam was about to be killed by demons, Ezekiel stepped forward in Sam's mind taking full possession. When displaying his angelic nature, Sam's eyes would glow white along with a radiant light emanating from his body. The light would cause shadows to form behind him, revealing Ezekiel's broken and tattered wings. Knowing that Sam could also choose to expel Ezekiel at any time, Ezekiel and Dean have both agreed that Sam can not know about the possession. Should someone try to tell Sam, or even mention it, Ezekiel would come forward to stop the other person, both for his and Sam's benefit. When Ezekiel does take control of Sam's body his eyes would shine white for a moment. To keep Sam from realizing that he's possessed, Ezekiel can erase Sam's memories. He did this to also keep from knowing of his near death experience and anytime that Ezekiel takes control. When Sam's put back in the driver's seat, its as if nothing had happened it all, and so far Sam hasn't noticed the small lapses in time.

Ezekiel does want to be helpful while he's inside of Sam's body. He warns Dean about the angels converging, intent on finding Castiel, and doing harm to the angel that shut the door on their home. Ezekiel seems to be one of the few angels that still believes in Castiel and his relative innocence in what had happened. Above all things, Ezekiel has faith.

Though he may be weak, Ezekiel does still have the power of angelic resurrection or healing though he's using the latter solely for Sam's benefit. Resurrection would also be used sparingly, as using it would take more of his power, leaving him in Sam's body for longer so that they can both heal.
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very spoilery!!

[personal profile] minuscule 2013-11-22 12:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Katy
Character: Mikasa Ackerman
Canon: Attack on Titan
New canon point: Chapter 51
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:
Mikasa's base personality doesn't really change, but the way she thinks of some subjects change drastically. At her original canon point, she wasn't sure if her comrades really were traitors to humanity — her new canon point cements that in her mind. Moments after leaving Haven, Mikasa's tried to kill two fellow soldiers and found out the identities of two titans. Then, Eren is kidnapped again and Mikasa has a moment where she begins stressing out about how Eren is always the one leaving them (Armin and Mikasa) behind. Her stress increases, she becomes angry until calmed down by Hannes, a man who had been close to the Yeager family.

After that, she is included in pursuing Eren. Once catching up to the titans and Eren, a battle ensues. Mikasa is so unnerved that she is caught by a titan, then saved by Jean. She then manages to get to Eren, but while still in the middle of the battle — one that by the second seems more and more hopeless. And then it gets worse as the titan who ate Eren's mother appears. For a moment, she thinks they're safe — Hannes appears to take revenge on Carla Yeager... and gets eaten. Seeing that, and Eren's hysterical laughing, sets Mikasa off in a strange way. She completely panics and starts telling Eren about the scarf she wears and is smiling, uncaring of the battle around her; she feels so helpless and that it is definitely the end that she starts to tell him things that she would only tell him when approaching certain death. Because that's what it seems like to her — she's too injured to save them and death is imminent. However, Eren calls bullshit on that and through a new power, saves the remaining members of the Survey Corps.

Mikasa is then seen later on, recovering well as a new member of Levi's squad. She's more or less back to normal — even to the point where she's ignoring her still-healing wound by doing work. This canon update will affect her views on death and injuries — as well as the idea of having people taken from her. It'll also affect what she thinks of her castmates, as her previous point was at a place where she wasn't sure who was an ally and who wasn't. While that's still something in the back of her mind, she's had some time to try and process the betrayals and new information.

Any items lost? Old 3D gear.
Any items gained? New 3D gear.
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[personal profile] storywriter 2013-11-26 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Kaye
Character: Estellise "Estelle" Sidos Heurassein
Canon: Tales of Vesperia
New canon point: after creating Sylph
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: A lot has happened in between arriving in Myorzo and creating Sylph. Most notably, Estelle was kidnapped forced against her will to wreak havoc in the world, including fighting against and nearly killing her friends. She was almost ready to die by her friends' hands, but thankfully, she was able to overcome the mind control through sheer willpower. By the end of it all, she comes out much more resolute and determined. Estelle has a much greater desire to live on in the world rather than have to die for the sake of the greater good, and she's much more content in what she can do to help others. She's resolved to save the world with her friends. Along with that, she's also finally decided on what she ultimately wants to do in life--that is, to write stories and tell stories to others. While she still isn't exactly set on what it really means to live, she's getting there, and she knows for sure that she wants to find out.

Any items lost? No.
Any items gained? No.
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[personal profile] madhatted 2013-12-08 05:21 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Christy
Character: Xerxes Break
Canon: Pandora Hearts
New canon point: Chapter 81
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:
Compared to a lot of other characters' character development in the same amount of time, Break's isn't as extreme and Haven has pretty much gotten him to that point in development regardless. Essentially, in this time Break learns to accept his castmates more as friends who are people he can trust and rely on rather than use as pawns. He comes to care for them very deeply and is very protective of them, albeit to different degrees. He's still the most fiercely protective of Sharon, but he also comes to accept her as more than the little girl that he first met, and goes from seeing her as a little sister to a strong young woman that doesn't need his overbearing, watchful eye.

The largest change in his personality in this time though is that Break has had to learn to depend on his friends much more because this canon update also brings a significant physical change for him. Break will be blind, but in the "legal" sense. He's still able to perceive shapes and colors at this point, but his eyesight is very, very poor. Though that said, his superior senses and physical skills means that his blindness isn't exactly a disability. It's very hard to notice at this point, since he's excellent at hiding it, and he's able to fight and otherwise do his day to day tasks with enough competency for most characters to be unaware that he's blind unless he explicitly tells them.

Also as another physical note, since he was being imprisoned and basically tortured at the time, he would show up in pretty bad physical condition with some serious, but not grievous injuries. His health is also generally poorer than it was at his earlier canonpoint.

Any items lost? Nope
Any items gained? Just a change of wardrobe, haha! But otherwise he doesn't have anything at this canonpoint, so he won't be bringing anything other than what he's wearing.
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[personal profile] poisonedclaws 2013-12-09 02:04 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Hotaru
Character: Habaki Chouza
Canon: Itsuwaribito Utsuho
New canon point: post mt Fuji, five years after the main timeline and five years before the epilogue
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: as if Chouza wasn't a caring big brother type before, he's now also officially the worrying caring dad type. He's gotten better at caring for kids, at least. Also he's not as COMPLETELY terrified of showing his tattoos but it's just itty bitty better. And he has experienced falling in love, which has taught him to open up a little more. Though it's still only to people he trusts. With his wife's passing in a fire RIGHT before he comes back, he has also reexperienced the bitterness of living in a world filled with people who hate those who are different, and he'll be hell bent on finding who started the fire. But anyway, getting a wife and a daughter gave him a sense of not being as horrible a dad as he feared he would become, since his own dad sucked and Chouza was unsure if he'd ever manage to be a dad. Something like blood is thicker than water is not anything he at all believed in prior to getting a family of his own.
Any items lost? the Kokonotsu Tale scroll
Any items gained? a hairpin he intended to give to his wife because I'm horrible

So I was gonna write this on my computer later today but sleep is apparently not a thing that's happening atm, so the long part might be in q disorder because phone typing is not my number one thing. So if things does not make sense, do tell me and I'll fix it.
sharpeyedshooter: (Eye of the cat.)

[personal profile] sharpeyedshooter 2013-12-16 12:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Dani
Character: Shino "Sinon" Asada
Canon: Sword Art Online
New canon point: Volume ten chapter two.
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: Due to Kirito being attacked and temporarily dying right before being abducted, Sinon will be increasingly worried about the fate of her friend - and even more suspicious about the nature of Eugeo's world, since her discussion with Asuna and Leafa made them realize that the company behind the abduction is more than likely interested in creating a certain type of AI that is similar to a human in thought process. The fact that Kirito has vanished again from Haven in this time will also be frustrating, because she wants to know what's going on with all of this, but without the key players there's not much she can do in terms of putting together all of the pieces.

It should also be noted that she was playing ALO at the time of her canon update, even if it was just as a means to contact her two friends and discuss the problem at hand as if they were in the same room. As a result, she will be returning to her Cait Sith avatar.
Any items lost? All her real life belongings (bullet-proof glasses, model airsoft gun, summer uniform)
Any items gained?
-Quiver of arrows
-JRPG lady armor.
shut_up_idiot: (Kuro)

[personal profile] shut_up_idiot 2013-12-21 01:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Kim
Character: Kurogane
Canon: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
New canon point: Infinity; End of Chapter 141
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:
During the continues travels Kurogane had gone from claiming to only work with the group because it suits his own purposes to fighting for the sake of his fellow travellers. While it's made a bit of a joke there's no denying that he has taken on the role of "daddy" in the group and, in his own way, treats the kids accordingly.

While their travels haven't been without troubles still been mostly light hearted, allowing all of them to grow closer, until Tokyo where everything goes to hell. Kurogane has to face some uncomfortable truths about the group and as Syaoran loses his heart he's helpless both to save him and to keep him from hurting the others. This culminates in having to force Fai to keep on living by turning him into a vampire despite the fact that Fai doesn't want to. In doing so takes on the responsibility to keep him alive with his own blood, resulting in Fai trying to sever all emotional connections between them by distancing himself.

At the moment, several months later, he's the only thing that's keeping the group together, attempting to comfort "Syaoran" and Mokona while Sakura and Fai shuts everyone out. He also has to continuously struggle to make Fai feed, and endure the vampire's smiling resentment. But despite his efforts things are falling apart, and he has begun to learn that just being strong isn't enough to keep the ones he cares about from getting hurt. Because no matter how hard he tries to protect them there's only so much he can do to protect them from themselves.

TL;DR: He can feel feelings now and they hurt.

Any items lost? The clothes from Outo, Souhi (his sword)
Any items gained? The clothes from Infinity and a new fancy sword
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[personal profile] schrodingersghost 2014-01-07 10:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Lel
Character: Danny Fenton
Canon: Danny Phantom
New canon point: After Kindred Spirits
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality:
Danny has gone through the events of the end of Reality Trip, Double Cross My Heart, and Kindred Spirits. He is slightly more self confident than he was, but he hasn't changed much.

Most importantly, he is no longer as afraid of being hunted by the Guys in White when he returns home. And he is no longer as afraid of his parents reaction to what he is. He knows for sure that they will accept him no matter what he is. He has also gotten some experience in dealing with kids, thanks to his newly discovered clone Danielle.

Any items lost?Nope.
Any items gained?Nope.
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[personal profile] notcutename 2014-01-14 08:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Ali
Character: Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang
Canon: Atelier Totori
New canon point: Atelier Meruru, Late-Year 3 in the middle of the Rainbow Fragment sidequest
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: After the events of Atelier Totori, Mimi has finally accomplished her dream of becoming a famous adventurer and bringing great reputation to her family name. Due to this, her personality makes a very significant change throughout the four years into the future.

The most obvious is that she is no longer snooty nor does she treat others in a hostile manner right off the bat. In fact, for the most part Mimi is more polite and cheerful, even when she is first introduced in Atelier Meruru. Her speech patterns are also more refined, despite her efforts to speak casually. Though she still makes some side remarks about social status, such as commenting that the underdeveloped Kingdom of Arls is more “bumpkin” than she expected, she doesn’t do it out of malice like she used to. It should also be noted that her previous need to flaunt around her family name and noble status is almost absent, to the point that she introduces herself as someone from the Adventurer Guild rather than an aristocrat. In a complete flip of preference to what people address her, she insists on being called just “Mimi”, evident when she gets annoyed by Filly calling her “Ms. Mimi” despite this insistence. This is because she realized during her adventures that no matter how famous she got, her name can’t help her survive through the wilderness. The only thing she could rely on was her own strength to keep her alive. Due to this, she values hard work even more than she did before.

That isn’t to say that she lost her “tsundere” tendencies. Mimi still gets easily embarrassed and gets angry and overly defensive as result, though she doesn’t resort to yelling as often as she used to. Due to this, Mimi often says the opposite of what she actually means when she feels she is in danger of being seen as vulnerable or emotionally needy. It is also from this reason that Mimi is still easily offended, though now she is very quick to forgive people. Sometimes, when someone finds out her true feelings, she goes so far as to threaten to kill them if they tell anyone. Doesn’t matter who they are---Not even being the princess she’s supposed to escort will save you. She also is still very blunt with her criticisms and opinions, and won’t hesitate to say she doesn’t like someone or something.

In terms of changes in relationships, Mimi still vehemently denies that Totori is her best friend, but is more attached to the alchemist than ever before. Deep down, due to Totori always being busy either teaching alchemy to Meruru or synthesizing, Mimi has become somewhat depressed that her best friend doesn’t spend much time with her aside from escort duty. One could say that her greatest fear is no longer having her family name being doomed to obscurity, but rather the prospect of losing the friendship between her and Totori. Since Mimi became adventuring partners with Gino after Totori left for Arls, she is much closer to him then she was during “Atelier Totori”. Despite this, she claims that she is “tired of seeing his face.”

tl;dr: Much nicer but still very tsundere

Any items lost? Her old clothes ("Fancy Armor"), old spear ("Rhein Schneiden")
Any items gained? A brand spankin' new outfit ("Aegis Coat"), new spear ("Maenad's Lance"), unfinished Rainbow Fragment necklace
Additional stuff: Hi Blue! I was wondering if I could change the journal I’m using to [personal profile] rosescort, if that’s okay? I’d like to keep my old journal tucked away in case I want to app Mimi from Totori-era somewhere else.
alchimist: (I wonder how big the explosion will be?)

[personal profile] alchimist 2014-01-14 09:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Kev
Character: Totooria Helmold
Canon: Atelier Totori: The Adventerer of Arland
New canon point: Late Year 3 of Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland
Explanation of how this alters the character's personality: MATURITY LEVEL UP.

The difference in Totori from her own game to Meruru is quite the leap! As Totori goes from being the young apprentice to becoming the teacher herself. With this jump comes a sizable change in her personality, her timid, shy and sometimes awkward personality drastically shifts to a more mature, collected and far more confident one. No longer the type to second guess herself or stutter, or even be embarrassed easily. While her personality does make a drastic leap to being a a 'big sister' type despite still be super tiny, some things hardly change. Still a huge fan of cute things, still super friendly with those she meets... In fact some would describe her as treating everyone she meets as if they're her best friend. She's that kind of friendly.

Yet overall the entire change is still just a jump into being an adult and more mature. Totori even has her own alchemy apprentice now, and is fully capable of teaching others how to perform alchemy. A fact she takes some bit of pride in, that she's good enough to teach others, yet still has much to learn herself. Her apprentice is also a key point to mention, as she's all but stopped her own adventuring ways in favor of focusing on alchemy, as at the end of her own game she met the goal she set out on adventures on in the first place.

... yet despite becoming far more mature mentally, she's still only 4'11", even at 22 years old.

Any items lost? Her old alchemist staff and her old Runestone...
Any items gained? For her new staff and a Speed Belt!

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