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NPC Information

Jessica is a little girl of 8-10 years old. She wears a dirty skirt and tattered Christmas sweater with a reindeer pattern. She is afraid of 'them' and has been known to try and assist the PCs. However, fear quickly gets the better of her and she soon flees. She was killed by player characters Hyobu Kyosuke and Junko Enoshima in December 2013, on orders from the Yao Corporation, and revived by player action first as a zombie, and then fully regenerated. As of October 2014 she now lives with the PCs in Haven West.

Dr. Kite is a man in his late fifties. He has a French accent and is currently in charge of Haven West. He has a nervous disposition, and has apparently been killed several times. He has a fondness for conducting experiments, predominantly on children. As of September 2014 he was killed permanently by the PCs.

So far not much is known other than she is the daughter of Wei Yao, head of the Yao Corporation. She appears to be rich and protected within the other city. She was seen in Haven East hospital and occasionally in the company of Judy.

Stefan is the ruler of an underground city. He used to work for Yao Corp and build a war machine. He has since turned on them and is now trying to protect rebels from being hurt. He is Polish.

Jessica's big brother. He has a foul-temper and an even more foul mouth, even when he's sober. He is on the fence about helping the PCs, but thinks more kindly of them since they rescued his sister. As of August 2014 he was killed aiding the PCs in a prison break.

Very little is known about Daniel so far, other than he is very high up the chain of Yao Corp and seems to be English.

Originally seen as a holographic illusion, Su is a loyal employee of Yao. He is middle management, although he has been demoted (read: murdered) due to mistakes involving the player characters.

Swarm in organized droves. March in perfect unison and will trample their own fallen comrades to achieve their goals. Only seen in Haven East so far.

Caroline says she was one of the previous batches of people pulled from their world to Haven, and she's somehow managed to escape the barrier. She now works with the rebels and has been known to assist the current residents.

Judy was first seen as nurse in Haven East apparently on the side of the characters, but then later appeared as an agent of Haven Central against them. Who does she really work for?

Chris is the impeccably dressed and polite assistant to Daniel. She appears to be incapable of dying even for short periods. She has not been seen by the population at large yet.

A formidable woman with a sadistic streak, she is in charge of the Yao employees among the player characters, after mistakes by Geming left him demoted. She has since been killed by Cecil Palmer.

R has replaced Matilda as the liaison for the Yao Corp employees among the rebels. She appears to have the shape of a young girl, but not much is known about her so far.

Nieve first appeared within the labyrinth of the convenience store during a raid, and has since broken her bonds to revenge herself on the PCs who she believes wronged her. She has a pet crow who feeds on human eyeballs.