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The characters wake up in an abandoned town called Haven, with no memory of how they got there. The town itself seems to be uninhabited, although there are rumours that a monster with a Pyramid shaped head used to be able to be seen guarding the convenience store.

The town itself is quite compact, and would only have had a population of around 10,000 people in its hayday. There are three school buildings (an elementary, a high school and a college), though all are falling to pieces. There are no textbooks or copy books in any of them, and the town is mysteriously missing a library.

There is a subway station, with a tunnel leading to another part of town (and another tunnel branching off from inside that tunnel). The small store next to the station is the only place in the town with power; however, it is also boarded shut and seems impervious to any attempts to get in. For more information on the locations, please see the locations post.

Food can be scavenged from the various stores and never seems to run out. The only source of drinkable water in the town is from a well underneath the billboard that greets the characters when they wake up. They will feel as though they are being watched, and will sometimes see vague figures running away.

The weather in Haven is determined by character choice, and the current weather can be found in every monthly mod post. As far as flora and fauna go, there is nothing growing in Haven at all. The soil was toxic, but after the characters destroyed part of a generator in Haven East, it is now capable of growing in again. There might be the occasional mouse or rat, but nothing else. There is also a suspicious lack of insects.

Monthly events will drive the plot forwards and reveal pieces of the mystery. Events will be primarily horror based, although there will be some lighter hearted ones to allow characters to rest and recover (it is unlikely there will be crack events).