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Applications Two

The next application opening date is Friday 16th January, 7pm EST.
The next application processing date is Friday 23rd January, 7pm EST.


We're so glad you're thinking of joining us in Haven, where we are all safe.

In order to apply for a canon character, please fill out the information below and post it in a comment in this entry. For an OC, please apply using the OC information. Please do not link to applications, all applications must be posted here. Please do not delete your applications; if you do not want it to be seen, you can request for it to be screened after a decision is made.

You may apply for two characters every application round, to a total of six characters. Only two of these may be from the same canon, and they cannot be too familiar with one another. Please make sure to mark the header of your comment(s) with RESERVED or NOT RESERVED, as well as the character name and canon. App challenges are not allowed currently.

Try to remember spelling and grammar are important, and in app length quality and not quantity is what matters. All parts of the application must be your own work, plagiarism will not be tolerated, though you are welcome to reuse your own old applications.

If you are asked for revisions, please don't panic! It doesn't mean the mods don't like you, only that we probably need more information before making a decision. If you are asked for revisions, you will have one week to supply them.

Applications are open on a monthly cycle, where they will be opened on the second Friday of every month for a week, and then processed on the third Friday of the month, before being closed again.

We now have a test drive community at [community profile] haventest which is continuously open. Posts there may be used in lieu of a sample in the application. You may also link posts, logs, or threads from other games and memes in lieu of samples, though we ask that they be no more than one year old. As of November 22nd 2014, samples cannot be "where am I" intro posts. The reason for this is that we often find it hard to gauge characterization from those, as most people when immediately in a new surrounding are confused or frightened.

While we encourage players who have dropped to re-join us, we do not encourage the continual rapid dropping and re-apping of the same character in a short time period. You are welcome to request specific housing, and all attempts will be made to accommodate that request, but it may not always be possible.

To see what we are looking for:
Canon Characters:
Sample Application (Faith Lehane)
Sample Application (Iroh)

Original Characters:
Sample Application (Mors)
Sample Application (Vera de Barr)
Sample Application (Malkus Iverwelling)

Previous Game History:
Sample Application (Abel Nightroad/Mayfield RPG)
Sample Application (Bolin/Discedo)

The old application post can be found here if you would like to look through past accepted applications.

Applications will be open on the following dates (from 7pm EST):
12th-19th December
16th-23rd January

Applications will be processed on the following dates (at 7pm EST):
19th December
23rd January

To apply for a canon character, please fill out this form:

To apply for an original character, please fill out this form:
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wally west | young justice | reserved [reapp]

[personal profile] chemistryinmotion 2013-11-17 10:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Miyou
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] poohsticks
Other Characters Played: previously Wally!
Preferred Apartment: #3.008

Character Name: Wally West
Canon: Young Justice (animated)
Canon Point: "Bereft" (1x09)
Background/History: Young Justice Wiki and he's also retaining memories from his previous stay in Haven.
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wally west | young justice | reserved [2/2]

[personal profile] chemistryinmotion 2013-11-17 10:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Wally, first and foremost, is a superhero. This means he actively commits his life to justice whether he has his powers or not and has a strong sense of what is right and wrong. He risks his life for people every day and is proud to do so. Helping people fills Wally's life with the excitement and attention he needs and craves, though at first he reasons for wanting to be a superhero are mostly superficial. He seeks attention everywhere he goes, wants people to notice him and remember him (and gets annoyed when people can't even remember his name; it's Kid Flash, how hard is that?)—which may also explain his flirtatious attitude: he just wants girls to notice him, so he plays it up and keeps playing it until it works (it usually doesn't, but that doesn't stop him from trying). However, this isn't to say that Wally doesn't enjoy doing his job, he just doesn't understand that it's not about him until he's deployed on a mission to save a little girl on his birthday when the rest of the team is off fighting ice villains with the Justice League. (This hasn't actually happened yet from his canonpoint perspective, but I mention it mostly as evidence that he can and will eventually mature.)

Of course, because Wally is a speedster, he is very impulsive (though he was impulsive before he became a speedster considering he just decided he wanted to blow himself up to become a superhero), and often speaks his mind or acts without thinking about the consequences. He also just talks a lot, and tends to ramble, especially when he's explaining things. Again, he likes to be the center of attention. Of course, his mouth is particularly uncontrollable around females, who he flirts with relentlessly, regardless of whether they seem interested or not. He's constantly trying to impress the ladies (and will go to great lengths to do so, like pretending to believe in magic when he most definitely does not), gives them nicknames ("Megalicious" for example, though this is more headcanon than canon), and even if a girl seems slightly repulsed by or indifferent to his advances, he continues flirts with them anyway. This usually gets him in trouble with Robin, who tends to reminds Wally how forward/rude he's being by hitting him. Wally also tends to respond to Robin's hitting/joking with his infamous, indignant "dude!" Of course, this isn't to say that Wally is a creeper. Sure, he tries a little too hard, but no means no—and in the case of Megan, the main reason Wally continues to flirt with her is because she hasn't rejected him openly or given him any indication that she isn't interested. And while it may seem obvious to everyone else, Wally's obliviousness is simply a product of his naivety. Sometimes you have to be very blunt with him before he gets it.

However, he isn't stupid, just slow sometimes. He may be a speedster, but he can be pretty slow on the uptake sometimes, and he's almost always late to things. This is mostly due to the fact that time passes different for speedsters, so he always thinks he has more time than he actually does. This makes school particularly boring, because sitting in a chair and only moving to change classes every fifty minutes is extremely taxing for a speedster, though this is mostly on applicable to classes like English and History, or classes where he's not actively doing anything with his hands or brain, like in any of the science or math classes. Science is, of course, his passion, and he truly is a man of science—he got his powers by re-recreating the Flash experiment after finding his uncle's notes; he correctly identified the chemical makeup of Kobra-Venom; he's tried multiple times to explain why magic can't exist because science explains everything (pocket dimensions, using science to simulate magic etc.); he even walked Robin through how to make an EMP emitter. He may act dumb sometimes (coming up with a truly dumb idea literally helped them on their mission to locate Red Tornado), but he really is quite intelligent, you just have to give him the right opportunity.

Despite his seemingly large ego and confidence in his intelligence and abilities, Wally is actually hiding a number of insecurities: that he isn't fast enough, that the Flash doesn't really want or need him as a partner (Flash was never looking for a partner; Wally essentially forced/guilted the Flash into taking him on as a partner due to the way he got his powers), that he'll never get a date. He plays it all up and acts like he's all that to cover up the fact that these things do in fact bother him and he'd rather ignore his issues than confront them. He even admits in a later episode that he's comfortable staying in denial about his outburst to Artemis' "death" (which Black Canary suggests might be due to his possible feelings for her).

That being said, he does have a temper, though most of these instances happen much later in the series—his near-violent reaction to Artemis' "death" (vowing to kill every last alien if it was the last thing he does) as well as his confrontation with Dick in the second season where there was violence in response to the fact that Dick almost died and in the process endangered all the members of his team. He can also be passive aggressive (as he was during 90% of "Alpha Male" when he was annoyed that Kaldur hadn't told the team about the mole) and holds grudges, and because he'd rather ignore the problem at hand, these grudges can last a while—he held a grudge against Artemis for at least a month for lying to him just as he was beginning to accept her as a legitimate member of the team.

Being the butt of jokes doesn't help either, though he's mostly used to being teased and plays it off like it's nothing because he's the comic relief character. But sometimes it bothers him that people don't always take him seriously—part of the reason why he bickers with Artemis so much (the other part being that he doesn't fully trust her, at least from his canonpoint)—and that's when he starts to get indignant and sarcastic. He can be quite the sassmaster when he wants to be. Plus, being a sidekick, it's basically written in his nonexistent contract that he must make stupid puns and throw quips and snark at people, which he does frequently. He's got a great sense of humor, and usually has witty comebacks to things, unless he's around Robin who tends to outwit him. He also tends to make pop culture references—from Harry Potter to Planet of the Apes—and he has a good deal of nerdy memorabilia/merchandise in his room (as seen in the Young Justice side comics). He's passionate about the things he loves and isn't afraid to show it.

① SUPERSPEED: Ability to run at superhuman speed, reaching maximum speed at around 700mph (just under the speed of sound). However, unlike The Flash (and Impulse), he still has to accelerate and decelerate to reach any speed. He can also create wind funnels by running in circles at high enough speeds.
② ACCELERATED METABOLISM: Wally's body metabolizes energy much faster than an average human, which is why he is almost always seen eating something, and why, if he ever needed prescription drugs, he'd need a much higher dose than normal or it wouldn't affect him at all. The same goes for alcohol or any other brain-altering substance.
③ ACCELERATED HEALING: Not instant, but slightly faster than normal, though this may only apply to minor injuries, as his broken arm took about the average time to heal (about six weeks).
④ ACROBATICS: Though not as skilled as Dick, Wally has been shown to pull off a number of acrobatic maneuvers with relative ease. He still runs into doors and walls from time to time, but that's a side effect of his inability to decelerate properly.
⑤ SUPERHUMAN REFLEXES: He reacts much faster than a normal person would, and can usually dodge most anything you throw at him, if he's paying attention. (He'd be great at dodgeball if he could actually use his powers in gym class.)
⑥ ACCELERATED BRAIN FUNCTION: He thinks and processes information much faster than normal humans, however, he does not have an eidetic memory. If he speedreads something, he will only remember it long enough to put it to use immediately after, and even then he won't understand it entirely. For example, if he speedread The Great Gatsby, he could tell you exactly what happened, but he wouldn't be able to give you an analysis of its underlying meaning.
⑦ NATURALLY HIGH IQ: Wally is smart, he just doesn't always act like it. He's not quite a science prodigy, but he has a very high aptitude for science and math (examples mentioned above), and even mechanics (he offered his 'expert help' in fixing Superboy's motorcycle and did actually fix it).

Sample Entry: Post from Route 29
Sample Entry Two:
Wally has literally never been so hungry in his life. He could honestly eat an elephant—possibly the entire Savannah—and still be hungry. It's gotten to the point where it hurts to be this hungry, like something is tearing open his stomach from the inside, and he thinks he might be dying or something painfully similar to it. The fatigue and dizziness certainly aren't helping. He can't even run anymore, not unless he wants to pass out immediately, and that's way too dangerous in a place like this. It's kill or be killed, and if he can't rely on his speed anymore, he's got to at least be able to have enough energy to fight properly hand-to-hand or with a weapon.

Of course, he hasn't actually spoken to Robin about any of this, been playing it off like it's nothing—and, to be honest, Robin probably already knows—but he isn't ready to admit that something is seriously not okay with him. He needs time to mentally prepare himself for the conversation that might very well end in "Dude, I think I'm dying."

He's honestly never regretted doing that experiment more in his life—and that's something he never thought he'd say ever. That experiment was the best thing that happened to him when he was thirteen and thought he was invincible. Now he feels the exact opposite of invincible and he hates it. He hates feeling this vulnerable, but there isn't much he can do about it. A shortage is still a shortage and his accelerated metabolism isn't going to change that.

Maybe there's something for the pain, at least, something that can make him forget about the hunger for a while. Just a little while. He'll be fine if he can just hold out a little longer, right?