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Applications Three



We're so glad you're thinking of joining us in Haven, where we are all safe.

In order to apply for a canon character, please fill out the information below and post it in a comment in this entry. For an OC, please apply using the OC information. Please do not link to applications, all applications must be posted here. Please do not delete your applications; if you do not want it to be seen, you can request for it to be screened after a decision is made.

You may apply for two characters every application round, to a total of six characters. Only two of these may be from the same canon, and they cannot be too familiar with one another. Please make sure to mark the header of your comment(s) with RESERVED or NOT RESERVED, as well as the character name and canon. App challenges are not allowed currently.

Try to remember spelling and grammar are important, and in app length quality and not quantity is what matters. All parts of the application must be your own work, plagiarism will not be tolerated, though you are welcome to reuse your own old applications.

If you are asked for revisions, please don't panic! It doesn't mean the mods don't like you, only that we probably need more information before making a decision. If you are asked for revisions, you will have one week to supply them.

Applications are open on a monthly cycle, where they will be opened on the second Friday of every month for a week, and then processed on the third Friday of the month, before being closed again.

We now have a test drive community at [community profile] haventest which is continuously open. Posts there may be used in lieu of a sample in the application. You may also link posts, logs, or threads from other games and memes in lieu of samples, though we ask that they be no more than one year old. As of November 22nd 2014, samples cannot be "where am I" intro posts. The reason for this is that we often find it hard to gauge characterization from those, as most people when immediately in a new surrounding are confused or frightened.

While we encourage players who have dropped to re-join us, we do not encourage the continual rapid dropping and re-apping of the same character in a short time period. You are welcome to request specific housing, and all attempts will be made to accommodate that request, but it may not always be possible.

To see what we are looking for:
Canon Characters:
Sample Application (Faith Lehane)
Sample Application (Iroh)

Original Characters:
Sample Application (Mors)
Sample Application (Vera de Barr)
Sample Application (Malkus Iverwelling)

Previous Game History:
Sample Application (Abel Nightroad/Mayfield RPG)
Sample Application (Bolin/Discedo)

The old application posts can be found here and here if you would like to look through past accepted applications.

Applications will be open on the following dates (from 7pm EST):
10th-17th April
8th-15th May

Applications will be processed on the following dates (at 7pm EST):
17th April
15th May

To apply for a canon character, please fill out this form:

To apply for an original character, please fill out this form:

Yuu Nishinoya | Haikyuu!! | Reserved

[personal profile] guardiandeity 2015-01-17 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Delitan
Contact Info: manly.cactus at gmail / [plurk.com profile] guardiandeity
Other Characters Played: Josuke Higashikata
Requested apartment: no preference!

[personal profile] guardiandeity 2015-01-17 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Yuu Nishinoya
Canon: Haikyuu!!
Canon Point: Before the Spring High tournament starts
Background/History: Wiki link, but it doesn't have much information so writing it up instead! Just heads up that there isn’t a whole lot to say because backstory-wise, we have nothing on him except his involvement with the volleyball club.

Some people just really like volleyball. Being a sports manga, Haikyuu!! is, of course, about these kinds of people. A former national-level team, Karasuno’s high school volleyball club has fallen from grace since then -- falling into the general “not bad enough to be called bad, but not that good either” zone of mediocrity. Although its club members have full intention of restoring their club to its former glory, they lack the basic man-power to do so.

...that is, until a new school year starts and a formidable duo joins the club: Hinata Shouyou, a total disaster at volleyball but possessing great athletic ability, and Kageyama Tobio, a genius setter whose great skills enable him to use even someone like Hinata on the court.

But Karasuno is not bad, and they have another unmistakable genius in their ranks: Nishinoya Yuu. A volleyball player since at least Junior High, Nishinoya’s natural talent combined with his hard work earned him the award of best libero back then, making his name a famous one, and later on in high school, it earned him a spot as a regular and his team’s respect -- so much so that the team’s captain even ends up addressing him as the “Guardian Deity” of Karasuno.

As said above, however, before Hinata and Kageyama’s arrival Karasuno lacked the man-power and skills necessary to fully use a player like Nishinoya, and so despite his skill and the team’s best efforts, in his first year of high school Karasuno suffered a crushing defeat during the inter-high preliminaries.

After that match, Nishinoya berates himself for his shortcomings -- and in the process ends up stepping on a landmine and trigger a nasty argument with Azumane Asahi -- one of his seniors and the ace of the team.

The reason? During the match, due to his being repeatedly blocked and so unable to score, Asahi ended up flat out giving up in the middle of it, and didn’t call for the last ball Nishinoya had been able to recover. Though Asahi blames himself, rather than apologizing for giving up he explicitly claims he “couldn’t have made it anyway” and at that, Noya pretty much loses it -- and physically attacks Asahi, yelling at him for giving up on a ball he’d recovered. Though their teammates intervene and separate them, the two part in less than amicable ways, and upon the start of the new year, Asahi skips an important meeting and doesn’t come to club activity.

Nishinoya is none-too pleased, and predictably, when he goes to confront him it ends up with more yelling and hurt feelings on both parts. This time, however, the yelling gets the vice-principal's attention, and when he tries to restrain Noya and get him to stop yelling in the halls, Noya just shoves him away and sends him straight into a vase. This incident earns him a month of ban on club activities, and one week of suspension from school. That’s why Noya doesn’t appear until later on in the series.

When his ban has finally expired and he’s able to come back, however, although he’s enthusiastic and excited about the new additions to the team, Noya loudly and angrily refuses to come back to the club upon discovering Asahi hasn’t come back yet.

While initially it sounds like a matter of pride or stubbornness due to their arguments, Nishinoya later reveals that he doesn’t want to play in matches because should they win without Asahi, it’d confirm that they can do it without him, and he doesn't want that. The story has a happy ending, however, after much prodding from Hinata and Kageyama, Asahi does end up coming back, and his argument with Nishinoya is over and forgotten the moment he calls for a toss once again. With newfound determination to keep fighting together, the two both come back as full time members of the club, with the objective of going to the nationals together with the rest of Karasuno.

While this time the team gets a bit farther, the team is once again defeated at the Inter High preliminaries -- performing exceptionally well but ultimately still losing. Rather than giving up, however, the entire team comes together and individually start building up new skills -- andthough Nishinoya is already seemingly perfect, he too begins learning new techniques with the intention of improving more and more, particularly focusing on tosses.

Previous Game History: N/A

Personality: Strong, reliable and dependable, Nishinoya lives up to the title of “Guardian Deity” not only on the court, but also in his everyday life. With his friends and teammates, Nishinoya serves as a fixed point of sorts -- keeping them firmly grounded and supporting them with words and actions both. He’s a supportive, generally positive influence who quickly sets the mood, pace and atmosphere around himself and easily inspires confidence -- in both himself and his teammates.

A generally hard-working individual when it comes to special selective areas (read: volleyball), Nishinoya isn’t the type to keep a wishy-washy attitude, and truly goes out of his way to put his 110% in everything that matters to him. As a result, he tends to have especially high standards and expectations of both himself and those who surround him, and so can be harsh and strict -- but despite that, he’s never malicious or inclined to self-pity.

Even though he’s often seen rebuking teammates, he’s just as often seen praising or encouraging them, and he never really assigns blame for any mistake. After all, if something’s done badly, it’s wrong and you gotta know it in order to improve on it! But if you make a mistake and then lose a match, that just happens, it’s every player on the court that bears responsibility for it, not a single man. By the same token, though he’s harsh to himself and prone to self-criticism a lot, he doesn’t truly let himself get overwhelmed by it, and instead takes it as the starting point to improve himself. In addition to all of this, while confident in his abilities, Nishinoya is actually humble and even prone to getting embarrassed if praised excessively (all the more so by being called something like “guardian deity”), or if in the presence of girls he doesn’t know yet.

Determined and driven, he’s the kind of person who works hard without ever really complaining -- despite the many bruises he ends up picking up during training.

Surprisingly, though somewhat clueless at times and very largely lacking in tact, Noya is highly empathetic and emotionally competent -- he’s able to pick up the mood easily, and gear things and atmosphere toward a more relaxed environment when necessary, or comfort and encourage teammates and friends in need of a little pick up. It’s all very much on an instinctual level, however, and so he generally seems to lack the ability to understand deeper unrest within people close to him.

That, combined with his bluntness and inability to just keep quiet when he doesn’t approve of something in any way makes his habit of being harsh somewhat more difficult to bear for whoever ends up being his target. Though Nishinoya is forgiving and has a good heart, he is completely unable to let things go until they’re fixed the way he wants. You quit the volleyball club in a fit of cowardice? He’ll be on your case and won’t forgive you until you’re back.

Despite this overall somewhat serious and tough picture, however, Nishinoya is anything but and anyone imagining him like that is in for quite a surprise.

Described pretty much as a swirling storm, Nishinoya is loud, extremely excitable and constantly full of energy -- to the point that he can and literally will jump on people out of excitement. He’s cheerful and carefree and naturally wild, and he’s the kind of person who inevitably ends up sweeping people up in his pace. A little childish, he enjoys “cool” and “awesome” things and is prone to pick or do things a certain way for no reason beyond its coolness factor. For example, although Nishinoya comes from a champion middle school and he’s considered an unquestionable genius when it comes to volleyball, he went to Karasuno rather than another champion school simply because he liked the girls uniform and because the boys’ uniform is a black gakuran (it being black is extremely important, apparently).

He’s got guts and attitude, but surprisingly, he actually does try to be polite with people of higher standing and authority, though he’s not always particularly successful at it, and if he’s in the middle of something important for him, he won’t really care about manners.

Although absolutely an idiot, Nishinoya has nerves of steel, and maybe due to how simple-minded he is, he’s capable of remaining calm and encouraging others even in high-stress situations that would take a high toll on anyone’s mind. He takes great pride and joy in being a senpai, to the point that just being called that makes him happy, and despite his general obnoxiousness and loud attitude he genuinely puts his all in looking after his underclassmen.

While he doesn’t have a short temper, per se, Nishinoya is passionate, hot-blooded and emotional and if given the right motivation can end up picking up fights because of it -- though “the right motivation” can range from actually genuinely important things to “you looked at our manager the wrong way”. He’s not a thug, per se, but he sure likes acting like one.

Generally, though, Nishinoya is kind-hearted and always willing to help if someone needs him -- and he’s a genuinely good guy all around, despite his tendency to be loud and obnoxious about beautiful girls.

Abilities/Powers: Okay first thing first, Nishinoya is a 100% normal human, and thus he doesn't have any crazy ability or anything of the sort. That being said! He is an athlete, so his abilities and skill revolve around that. He excels in speed, agility and endurance the most, he has quick reflexes and good jumping power, and is also “decently” strong, meaning as strong as you’d expect someone who trains regularly, but not exceptionally so (he’s given two stars on the “power” stat in the character bible). In short, he’s a sportsman, and his abilities naturally revolve around that!

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bloomnobly: personal color | pixiv id 2958 (✿ i live in a cemetery)

Yuyuko Saigyouji | Touhou Project | reserved

[personal profile] bloomnobly 2015-01-17 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Anna
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] hakurei
Other Characters Played: None
Requested apartment: no preference

Character Name: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Canon: Touhou Project
Canon Point: canon: post-Hopeless Masquerade / game: post-BS & CC
Background/History: doop
Edited 2015-01-17 00:07 (UTC)
bloomnobly: personal color | pixiv id 2958 (✿ SLEEP TIGHT TIMOTHY??)

[personal profile] bloomnobly 2015-01-17 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
Previous Game History:
Long story short, Yuyuko was in two previous games, both murder mysteries. Firstly was [community profile] blankstate, with a Mafia-styled premise based around guilt. Secondly was [community profile] cravencastle, which was more traditionally-based with conscious killers and tailored executions. 

Primarily in Blank State, the killers were possessed by evil entities that fed off their unresolved guilt and committed murders. At first, no one knew why they were there, and their "host" had them solve these murders via a storytelling proxy based on the guilt in their hearts. Fortunately, Yuyuko was never possessed nor murdered by these spirits. Unfortunately, her closest canonmate Youmu Konpaku was mistakenly executed in the second trial, believing herself to be the guilty party for "allowing" Yuyuko to endanger her own life in canon. Although Maya Fey was able to channel Youmu's spirit and reveal that the dead were still sort of around them, talking to Youmu did jack squat to alleviate her feelings of helplessness. The guilt of believing she had let Youmu die by not arguing her case better was a guilt she carried with her for the rest of the game. That, combined with her life as a human were used as character frameworks to pin her as suspects two different cases. Although she had kept it hidden for obvious reasons, her nature as a suspect forced her to reveal her living days and subsequent death to the game as a whole. Naturally, this left her distraught as get-all.

Though they managed to save a good number of the possessed by erasing their guilt, this ended up hurting them in the end, because the cat revealed that they had all been transported into his domain for a chance at saving their lives--three more people needed to die for any of them to be able to go home. Although Yuyuko aimed to stay alive for the sake of having the Saigyou Ayakashi sealed up again, her good will and desire to save Maya's life bit her in the ass, and she ended up getting killed in an overpowered three-way fight to the death with Kouha Ren (who was being channeled by Maya) and Kaoru Nagumo. 

Ultimately, though, she and Youmu achieved their somewhat-happy endings. After some bargaining with the cat, the living players banded together to rescue the dead, giving them a small chance at saving themselves once again. Yuyuko, in particular, was rescued by Kaoru from the Saigyou Ayakashi, ironic considering he was the most responsible for her earlier death. Despite having a significantly reduced chance at saving their lives, she and Youmu set out for Gensokyo again with hope in their hearts.

....which would be all fine and dandy, if she didn't get kidnapped on the way home and stuck in a televised murder mystery game. All of Yuyuko's memories of Blank State as well as a good deal of her canon ones were temporarily locked away (though she regained them after her death). On the flip side of things, she herself was the victim of the fifth week, having her powers canceled mid-flight and crashing to the ground. In a bout of the most ridiculous irony ever, it was because of her kind nature and desire to save the life of Maya yet again. 

Yuyuko has since made her peace with the going-ons at Blank State, though she is still somewhat bitter towards her killer (Phoenix Wright) for murdering her in such an underhanded manner, and outright using Mei as bait. She holds no such hostility towards Kouha and Kaoru, as it was both a combat death fought fairly and things worked out in the end regardless. Despite Maya inadvertently "killing" her in both instances, she still fairly likes her and holds no ill will towards her. Although Maya was able to capitalize off of her second death by retiring from the game, Yuyuko is merely happy that she actually did save her this time, albeit in a roundabout way. She and Austria also mutually apologized, as they came to see each other's point of view on the situation regarding Youmu. As Austria was the true culprit and let Youmu take the fall for her, Yuyuko was understandably angry with her when they met in the graveyard--as even though Yuyuko assisted in taking down her possessed body, she was still responsible for Youmu's death in a way. Nevertheless, they ended things on a peaceful note.

Notably, she was also close with Mei Misaki and (sort of) Kaoru. Mei was her closest friend in the castle, the two having stuck together after a temporary bout of hopelessness on Mei's part. Yuyuko was privy to the details of Mei's history that she otherwise kept locked away, and vice versa. Despite the clashing personalities, she enjoyed the girl's company--though this was used against her in her murder. As Mei had been non-lethally poisoned in order to draw Yuyuko away from the crowd, she directly witnessed Yuyuko's death and felt semi-responsible for it. Unable to do anything from her position in the graveyard, Yuyuko focused most of her frustration on beating up Phoenix. Hooray...? As per Kaoru, they were "closer" in Blank State than in the castle, but she still took amusement out of bothering him. That's really the core of it--he gave her the reactions she liked, and so she kept subtlety prodding him, even after he revealed himself to be a human-hating genocidal maniac. Which, directly speaking, is the type of person Yuyuko is least likely to get along with. Nevertheless, he did save her from the wrath of Murdertree, so she still rather likes him and believes she owes him some sort of favor. Ye Olden Times gotta stick together, or something like that. Surprisingly, her relationship with Youmu didn't change much in-game.

As of her previous time in Haven, she also updated to the end of her previous game.
Outwardly, Yuyuko is cheerful to a fault and always optimistic (though not to a point of stupidity). She enjoys talking to people and sticking her nose in places it doesn't belong, and welcomes everyone with open arms and an open heart. She likes humans by default, and if any in her watch find themselves in trouble, she will make sure that they end up safe and back in their rightful place. She treats her bodyguard, Youmu, more like a dear family member or treasured companion than a servant, which is indicative of her general way of forming bonds -- it doesn't take a whole to get her to like someone and latch onto them.

However, her sunny side isn't without its downfalls, that being she's a bit of an airhead. Yuyuko has an infamous love for food and anything relating to it; she won't hesitate to steer conversations into the realm of food, and is said to always have a food-related quip on hand. Her attention span is limited at best, her mind constantly wandering astray from relevant topics. She's easily distracted to a ridiculous level, following and fixating on anything that catches her fancy--such as when she tries to resurrect her own corpse because she wondered whose corpse it was in the first place, belying the whole can of worms that opened up. At worst, she once forgot what she had for breakfast that morning, and put her focus on trying to eat a sentient night sparrow character because she "looked tasty." "What does this button do?" seems to be a question she asks often, or forgets to ask in preference of pushing the mystery button first and asking questions later.

But Yuyuko is undeniably an actress -- it's subject to debate how much of her outward personality is just that, an act. It's heavily suggested that her airheadedness is all a carefully-constructed ruse for the sake of entertainment, and at the very least, she does play dumb at convenient times. In reality, she's proven herself time and time again to actually be incredibly intelligent, and perceptive to a frightening degree. Yuyuko is cunning and a very good manipulator, managing to out-gambit both her closest friend, Yukari, and a great deal of the Lunarians, as proven when she managed to interfere in a carefully-planned trip to the moon that was already being pseudo-sabotaged by two different parties. It resulted in her waltzing into the moon's capitol in broad daylight (relatively speaking), allowing her to steal things from their treasury...even though all she took in the end was a thousand-year-old bottle of sake, which brings us to: Yuyuko often does things or makes comments to rile people up or make them uncomfortable, as getting reactions is a source of amusement for her. She teases Youmu on a regular basis and is often intentionally vague when people ask her questions just to see them get irritated. In that case, Yukari expected her to make off with expensive treasures or legendary weapons, yet all she presented was a bottle of alcohol. Yukari is oft-touted as the series' master manipulator, yet even she can't always read Yuyuko or predict her movements. 

Otherwise, Yuyuko is what you'd expect from the daughter of a nobleman, and the last remaining head of the Saigyouji family. She's a bit spoiled, and as such can come off as lazy and flighty when she expects people to do things for her or pick up after her, and she can be a tad bit entitled. She's also a voracious reader, probably contributing to her intelligence. Fitting her position, she is charming, ladylike, and cultured. Although Youmu is supposed to be her swordsmanship instructor, she often forgoes lessons because she finds swordfighting 'unrefined,' and doesn't feel like wasting her time with it. Yuyuko takes her position as the head of the Netherworld (and really, all grave, serious situations) as no joking matter, dropping all presets of being an incompetent, bumbling ditz. Despite her overall eccentricity, she was given her position of power for a reason. It's difficult to make her truly angry, and she finds it hard to hold grudges, even with wrongdoings against herself....though when she does get mad, it's said she's terrifying.

But such a summary is incomplete without mentioning Yuyuko's life as a human. Back then, she was an anxiety-ridden girl suffering from severe depression and lack of self-worth due to the fear of her powers. Canon doesn't make it clear whether or not her powers would go off at random, or if it was an isolated incident or two, but either way it is what instilled most of Yuyuko's morals into her. As such she values the lives of the innocent, particularly humans, to big degrees. As she became amnesiac after she died, she was something of a blank slate and her personality changed accordingly. Having forgotten the toll her powers took on her and those around her and essentially coming into the world as a supernatural being from the very start, she viewed her powers trivially, calling them 'fun' and flippantly disregarding the heroines' pleas for her to stop her insane corpse-resurrecting plot. She was more arrogant and foolhardy, and it wasn't until she regained her sorrowful human memories that she also regained a large amount of her humility and kindness.

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Axl | Megaman X | Reserved/Re-app | 1/3

[personal profile] copychip 2015-01-17 12:21 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Sky
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] tenkomi
Other Characters Played: None!
Requested apartment: With X and Zero if they app!! If not, no preference.

Character Name: Axl
Canon: Megaman X
Canon Point: Post Megaman X: Command Mission, directly after defeating Redips. When he's taken, he's re-entering the Earth's atmosphere in a large enclosed building with X and Zero.
Background/History: Axl | Series | Appearance
copychip: (❤ thinking)

Re: Axl | Megaman X | Reserved/Re-app | 2/3

[personal profile] copychip 2015-01-17 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
Axl is a friendly, energetic Reploid, befitting his human teenager appearance and age. He tends to greet everyone and everything with a grin and casual attitude, which some feel is unfitting for a Maverick Hunter. Like what you'd expect from a teenager, Axl enjoys the action and thrill that comes with being a Maverick Hunter, and his eagerness to do missions shows in his words and behaviour. He tends to act like he'd be first to leap into the fray, almost without regard to caution and his safety. He's also quite mischievous and cheeky, and loves to fire quips at his enemies or taunt them if he has the chance. At first glance, it seems as if Axl acts with the belief that he's invincible and the world can't do a thing to him.

But that's not to say there isn't actual skill to back his confidence. The rank of S Class Hunter is only bestowed to a few Maverick Hunters, and that Axl managed to achieve this rank in the short time he's been a Hunter speaks a lot for his capabilities as a fighter. Just being a good fighter isn't enough for the rank, though. Despite his cocky attitude, he's experienced in strategy and analyzing the situation, and knows when not to underestimate his opponents. And, like all other S Class Hunters, he's more than capable of leading a squad of Hunters when duty calls for it, acting much more seriously when he does so. He possesses a level of maturity that doesn't match his typical behaviour, sometimes surprising newer Hunters who've only seen him around the base or have only seen him off duty.

Axl's sense of justice is extremely strong. To him, doing right is the most important thing in the world, which is why he has always aspired to become a Maverick Hunter. It was their job to subdue Mavericks, the people who were wrong, and he wanted to do that too. With Red Alert, he could do the right thing and take down Mavericks, which was why, at first, he hadn't bothered trying to become an official Maverick Hunter. But once it became apparent to him that Red Alert had changed and were becoming Mavericks (plus it seemed they were just using him for his ability and didn't really care for him), he abandoned them to join the Hunters, even though he had a familial bond with Red, the leader. Within the Hunters, he especially looks up to X and Zero, who have been long time Hunters and exceptionally skilled ones at that. Due to his idolism of the two, he tries his best to impress them, especially X, who was disapproving of him joining in the beginning. But eventually he does prove himself to be a valuable ally and talented Maverick Hunter.

It's not to say that he doesn't value his relationships with other people, or that his ability to bond with others is especially weak though. In a world plagued by the threat of the Maverick Virus, which can severely warp a Reploid into a violent and malignant monster at any moment, almost no one is invulnerable to its effects. One day, you could be laughing about silly things with a friend, and the next day, they could be a destructive Maverick that needs to be put down. Having been raised in the battlefield, Axl quickly learned that he could not strongly attach himself to others, because one never knew when they would die or become the next enemy. The only two he truly trusts is X and Zero, both of whom are immune to the Virus, and are extremely skilled Hunters who are unlikely to die. Both are also likely to continue adhering to the same brand of justice he has himself, so he never has to worry about coming into serious conflict with them.

Axl is also one of the few Reploids in existence who are immune to the Maverick Virus, supposedly. As the prototype of the new generation, he shares the new gen's immunity to the Virus. However, it is revealed that all new gen Reploids (possibly sans the prototype, Axl) have Sigma's DNA in their copy chip, which includes the Virus, allowing them to go Maverick at will. When he inquires with Lumine as to whether or not he also has the Sigma Virus within him, Lumine doesn't give him a straight answer, so it's hard to say if Axl actually has an immunity. This fact is further confuddled after the events of X8, in which Lumine implants a shard of himself into Axl's helmet crystal lens. This shard presumably powered up his copy chip abilities and granted him his White Armor, but it may have also removed his immunity. Canon isn't clear on the shard's effects on him, but for the purposes of Haven the shard has Lumine's influence within, giving him a greater chance of going Maverick if he uses the White Armor set.

Axl is young; likely around three to five decades old (canon does not tell us how much time passes between X7, X8 and Command Mission, but given that X and Zero trust Axl much more in X8, and CM does not even mention the Maverick Virus as a contributing factor to the Rebellion's actions, it can be assumed a fair amount of time has passed between the three games), much younger than the century-old X and Zero who have dealt with numerous uprisings and ethical dilemmas, so he tends to view the world in black or white. Either you're a good guy or you're a bad guy. There's no time for doubts and what-ifs on the battlefield, and damn if he'll allow some Maverick to mess with his mind. Once he decides that you're an enemy that needs to be eliminated, he stops listening to any reason or explanation that comes from them to prevent himself from developing doubts or being swayed into doing the wrong thing. His age prevents him from fully grasping the rationale behind the radical ideals of the Mavericks he meets, so usually X or Zero handle it on that front. However, he's not afraid to step in when he sees his comrades hesitating, as he did when they fought against Lumine.

Axl is always optimistic and forward looking. He's not the type to dwell on the past or think about what he could have done in a past situation to make it better. What's done is done, and what'll happen in the future will be okay, so long as he, X and Zero are around! To some, it might make him seem a bit callous, since he doesn't seem to fret much or feel very guilty over his mistakes. But that's more because he's never made a serious mistake (thanks to being so awesome that he can prevent these mistakes from happening at the get-go) with even bigger consequences that couldn't be rectified easily, so he has yet to see the horrors that could result from an erroneous decision. Sure, he knows what would happen if he screwed up badly, but he doesn't really comprehend how bad it would be, on his conscience and for everyone around him.

Axl may have a level of maturity that, paired with his combat abilities, allows him to be a S Class Hunter, but in many other ways, he is inexperienced and immature, and has yet to fully experience the horrors of the world that X and Zero have dealt with several times over.

Abilities/Powers: As a Reploid, Axl has all the perks you’d expect from a robot. Superhuman strength, stamina, endurance, quick reflexes, superior processing, etc. Pretty much the standard stuff with all combat type Reploids. But there are a few abilities he has that separates him from standard Reploids.

Hover: Axl has booster jets installed in his leg armor which allow him to hover in air for a short amount of time, around 5 seconds or so. Very useful for crossing endless pits and spike traps.

Stealth Mode: Axl can transform to become invisible and impervious to all attacks with his stealth mode. However, this transformation can only last several minutes at most, after which he must cool down and return to his regular form and appearance.

White Axl: An armor set with no official name, it was most likely gained from Lumine, a Maverick who managed to land one last attack on Axl after his death and embed a shard of himself inside Axl's helmet crystal lens. This armor grants Axl the ability to indefinitely hover and transform, plus he has a longer ground dash. However, the armor warps Axl's sense of thinking and makes it easier for him to turn Maverick, so he avoids using it when he can. To state in more solid terms, the armor will cause him to think and act more violently, plus he'd be more inclined to agree with Lumine's radical views about new generation Reploids being the next step of evolution for Reploids. The ability to use the White armor and Stealth Mode are mutually exclusive so he can't be in the White armor and then use Stealth Mode.

A-Trans: Undoubtedly the most unique aspect of Axl is his ability to transform into other Reploids. This is only possible because he is the prototype of a new generation of Reploids, all of whom are installed with something called a “copy chip.” The copy chip allows new generation Reploids to copy a Mechaniloid or Reploid’s DNA core and transform their appearance to match that Mechaniloid or Reploid, though he doesn't copy their personality. So essentially, Axl’s a shapeshifter. For Axl to copy a Reploid’s DNA core, he fires a “copy shot” from his gun, which takes the DNA core data from the target. Axl can also obtain a Reploid's DNA core by destroying them, much like how X can obtain weapons from his enemies with his Variable Weapons System. It should be noted that the transformation only lasts for a few minutes.

As of Command Mission, Axl’s ability to transform has increased such that he’s able to copy almost any Reploid, regardless of size or ability. Note that this ability is only capable of working on Reploids, or any android with a DNA core. Since he’ll be pulled directly after Redips’ defeat in Command Mission, he has not had the time to purge the data of the Reploids he’s copied during his forage to Giga City, so he’ll have the ability to transform into the eight Reploids listed below for a short period of time. Their appearance is linked to their name.

Wild Jango: As Wild Jango, his claws are electrified and he can absorb thunder element attacks. He's also extremely quick, which is aided by the booster on his back. Finally, Axl can use his Rolling Assault move, a thunder elemental attack that deals heavy damage.

Mad Nautilus: As Mad Nautilus, he is heavily fortified and can counter attacks when shielded. He's also capable of doling out a huge variety of status effects, from poison to berserk to confusion. He's also capable of penetrating shields and armor with his Penetration move, and he only drops his shield when using his strongest move, Mad Ecstasy.

Incentas: As Incentas, he can switch between three elemental modes: Fire, Thunder and Ice/Water. Each mode grants him the ability to use and absorb attacks of those elements. Incentas also has Asura Knuckles, which is a non-elemental attack.

Rafflesian: As Rafflesian, he heals and powers up constantly and can cause enemies to go berserk. He's also able to use Thunder and Ice/Water moves, pierce armor without effort, and has a devastatingly strong multi-hit AOE move.

Ninetails: Easily the strongest reploid of the eight Axl has access to. Ninetails can deal a lot of damage with his Nine Fragments and Annihilator Hadouken moves, and he has the ability to revive allies from unconsciousness. He's also capable of using elemental attacks.

Depth Dragoon: Like Wild Jango, as Depth Dragoon he absorbs Thunder based attacks and uses Thunder based moves. Unlike Jango though, he is weaker to Fire type moves, and has an array of status boosting moves to power up himself. Depth Dragoon also utilizes an anti-grav system that allows him to float in the air indefinitely.

Mach Jentra: Mach Jentra grants Axl the ability to fly, as well as absorption and usage of Fire type moves. He's also capable of reducing the enemy's speed and increasing allies' defense, and can also stun enemies momentarily.

Silver Horn: With Silver Horn comes absorption and usage of Water/Ice type moves, though as a result he's weak to Thunder type moves. He's capable of freezing enemies in place and coating himself in a liquid metal that boosts defenses.

Virus Immunity: Axl is the prototype of New Generation Reploids. This line of Reploids are all gifted with a copy chip and, most importantly, full immunity to any and all viruses, including the Sigma Virus. What grants them their immunity is unknown, but it can be assumed that New Gens have a unique physical constitution as well as unique programming, which prevents the Virus from being able to fully take hold of the New Gen Reploid before it's booted out.
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leia rolando | tales of xillia | reserved (1/2)

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Name: Kaye
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] ghostory
Other Characters Played: n/a
Requested apartment: n/a

Character Name: Leia Rolando
Canon: Tales of Xillia
Canon Point: post-game
Background/History: Leia @ the Tales of wiki
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leia rolando | tales of xillia | reserved (2/2)

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Personality: Viewers are introduced to Leia by watching her accidentally launch herself into the ocean from charging in on a wheelchair. To say that she has crazy amounts of energy is no understatement.

In many ways, Leia is pretty much what you'd expect out of a fifteen-year-old girl. She's bright, sunny, and always ready to greet a stranger with a friendly smile. Being infatuated and in love aren't foreign concepts to her, but when it comes to her own personal feelings on the matters, it embarrasses her more often than not. Despite her own embarrassment, when it comes to the boy she's in love with, she can get a bit jealous and prickly. Still, she doesn't hold petty grudges and easily lets feelings like that go and chooses friendship instead, even if she can be a bit rude sometimes. It's hard to match her levels of energy, and she's energetic no matter what she does, always putting 100% of her effort into whatever she chooses to do. Working hard could be something of a life motto for her in all honesty. She tries to believe that trying your best is always worth it.

Part of this stems from an accident that occurred when she was much younger that left her extremely ill and weak. She had to go through extensive physical therapy and such to recover from it, and that period in her life left her with a deep impression of having to work hard. Having had to rely on so many people for so long, Leia is tired of being a burden and holding other people back. It's why she works so hard to do anything and everything she can to help others out. However, at the same time, Leia is very aware that she's not particularly talented or skilled at anything. In her own words, doing her best is her "only real strength". It makes something of an inferiority complex as she doesn't want to hold people back, but she also feels that she can do nothing but hold people back due to her lack of talents and abilities. Part of the reason why she's so energetic and cheerful is because she knows it's all she can do cheer others up. What she doesn't realize is how much her smile, and her strength in being able to continue to smile, really does help her friends.

That's not to say it's all an act though. While Leia is very aware of her own role and how she can best use it, she's a very active girl in general, likely due to how weak she was when she was younger. She enjoys competition and a good spar, and she can be a tad on the aggressive side if her "surprise spars" (or maybe bullying is a better word) on Jude are any indication. Surprisingly, she's also interested in risky hobbies like gambling, and she actually has to be talked out of trying it out. All that energy can get the best of her at times though as she often lets her guard down when very excited, whether from being happy or mad. In line with her attitude of things turning out alright as long as you work hard enough, Leia can be pretty stubborn. If there's something she wants to do, then you can bet that she's going to do it, even if it means running away from home and stowing away on a ship. Despite her friendly attitude, she can also be downright rude; how else could you describe calling someone both taller and older you "Little Buddy"?

Even with these factors and her energetic, sometimes ditzy attitude, Leia is actually very mature for her age, wise even. When Jude all but falls into despair after Milla's death, it's Leia who tells him that to give up his will to live so easily would be the biggest insult to Milla, that they have to live, and that anything else would be a disgrace to Milla's mission and everything she did for them. However, she's also very aware that this is all she can do for Jude—even though she loves him so much, in the end, it's his love for Milla that will motivate him to stand back up on his two feet once again, not her. She's acutely aware of the fact that Jude is in love with Milla, and despite her feelings, she comes to accept that they'll always be one-sided. As much as she loves him, he just can't love her back in the same way, and that's alright. Even if that's the case, Jude is still her dear childhood friend; she'll always care for him and do everything she can to help.

As much as Leia lives by the idea of hard work being enough in the end, she knows that that's not always the case, as much as she wishes it was. No matter what she does, Jude will never return her love. No matter how hard she tries to understand Agria, she can't save her. Her relationship with Agria challenges her philosophy directly as the other girl constantly mocks, derides, and puts down Leia's attitude and beliefs. She's a nasty piece of work and an enemy to boot, but even so, Leia wants to help her. When Agria herself chooses to let go of Leia's hand and plunge to her death, it really hits Leia then: the truth is that hard work and effort can't always come on top. If someone else chooses not to accept that effort, that's all there is to it, that's all that can be done. Even so, despite the fact that Leia knows her hard work may not always pay off, she still chooses to follow that kind of path. Doing her best might not always work out, but at the very least, she'll know that she did everything she could to do it.

By the end of the game, Leia is much more content with herself. Meeting Milla and helping her with her mission changed her life and helped her grow up a little. She decides to quit pursuing nursing, realizing she was doing so in order to one day be closer to Jude, and helps out at her parents' inn. She's unsure of what it is that she really wants to do, but that's alright; she knows that she'll figure it out soon enough, and that for the time being doing what she can is fine. No matter what she chooses to do in the end, she'll always do her best.

Abilities/Powers: Like all people born in Rieze Maxia, Leia has a "mana lobe", that being a part of her brain that allows her to use spirts and their abilities in exchange for her generating mana. These abilities are called "spirit artes" and while Leia is not particularly adept at them, her artes tend to focus on healing and boosting stats like physical attack, defense, and whatnot. She has no elemental types of spirit artes herself, but she has a spirit arte that can temporarily assign an elemental attribute to physical attacks.

That's actually where most of Leia's abilities come in. She fights using a bo staff, and she's pretty darn good at it. Her agility is second only to Jude's, and while she's not a powerhouse in terms of strength, she's very good at physical fighting as she can quickly string attacks together for combos. Her airborn combat abilities are nothing to sneeze at either as she's surprisingly good at launching an enemy into the air and keeping them there before sending them back straight into the ground with a well-placed strike. She also has a special ability where after successfully back-stepping away from an enemy attack, her staff will temporarily extend and become longer. This enables her to have a wider range of attack. Interestingly enough, Leia is also rather skilled at stealing items from enemies, whether they be monster or human.

A full list of her artes can be found here.
Items/Weapons: bo staff, lilium orb, and a few apple and orange gels which heal health and TP

Sample Entry: Sample from a previous game here.
Sample Entry Two: Sample from a previous game here.
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Lacie Baskerville | Pandora Hearts | Reserved

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Name: Litha
Contact Info: plurk--sister_midnight
Other Characters Played: N/A
Requested apartment: 10.2

Character Name: Lacie Baskerville
Canon: Pandora Hearts
Canon Point: Chapter 69 (coming to the game post-death)


Spoilers forever, ahead.

Lacie's life is a circle of sorts.

She is the sister of Glen (Oswald) Baskerville. Her red eyes mark her as a Child of Misfortune. In the society she lives in, people believe this means she carries a curse. Children of Misfortune have been known to be beaten on sight, abandoned by their parents, bought and sold, displayed in freak shows, and killed, simply because of of their red eyes and the superstitions that surround them. It is explained by Glen (Levi) Baskerville that Misfortunate Children are distortions caused by the Abyss' influence on this world, and due to that connection (and the fact that it gives them powers that only the head of the Baskervilles is supposed to have--namely the ability to travel into the Abyss at will and make contact with its Core, thereby being able to petition it to re-write reality), they must be sacrificed in a ritual where they are consumed utterly, obliterated from the centennial cycle of death and rebirth which most other people of their world are a part of.

(The truth of the matter is later revealed: the real reason the erroneously-named Children of Misfortune are killed is because of their potential for saving the world, as they are beyond the control of unearthly beings known as Jurors, who amuse themselves by watching the world and determining the most interesting end for it. Glen Baskerville, as it turns out, serves as their unwitting pawn, put on the earth to eventually bring about its end.)

As small children, Lacie and her older brother Oswald roamed from place to place, (possible runaways, possibly orphans) without a home. One day, while Lacie was waiting for her brother to return from finding a place to sleep for the night, she was approached by a young man, a sword raised in his hand. To her eyes, able to see through time, he would have appeared to be a man-within-a-man, the older of the two looking like an adult version of her brother. Unafraid, she'd smiled at him, and he'd dropped the sword, falling to his knees. A moment later, her brother returned, scolding her for running off and leading her away. She spared the strange man a parting wave, then disappeared into the woods.

Some time later, the siblings were taken in by the Baskerville family. (Though it is the most powerful noble family in Sablier, it is a family in name only, for the most part. Its members are bound together by their duty to protect the balance between the world and the Abyss, not by blood.) The very same day, she discovers that, because of her status as a Child of Misfortune, she will one day be killed. She was very young. (Though the exact age isn't given, she looks to be around 5 or 6.) Her brother, on the other hand, was meant to be the heir to the estate. He would also become the next vessel for the souls of each person who had been the heir, leading back to the first. (This is why each heir takes the name Glen Baskerville, upon inheriting the estate.) She would later figure out that, not only would she be sacrificed, but her own brother was the one who would kill her.

Though she was forbidden from doing so, Lacie would frequently play in the Abyss, as a child, even going so far as to leave a plush rabbit (one of a matched pair) for the strange, silent consciousness she encountered at its core, to keep it company. Her Chain (Chains being demon-like creatures born in the Abyss, most of which are modeled after characters in Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland, in some way, i.e. The Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat) is shaped after the rabbit toy... provided rabbits are large, hulking, humanoid things with glowing red eyes, gnashy pointy teeth, razor sharp claws, a scythe, and bladed chains that can zip out and cut a person to bits.

(While it hasn't been stated definitively, and some speculate that her Chain might be The White Rabbit, I tend to headcanon her Chain being either an earlier version of B-Rabbit--from before it gained it's real consciousness--or possibly a twin to it. Things between Lacie and the Abyss seem to come in twos. The two plush rabbits, the twin daughters she carried into it. It makes sense for her chain to be a mirror-image as well. For the sake of having something to call it, I tend to call it The Black Rabbit, to differentiate between it and B-Rabbit. As a Baskerville, Lacie's Contract is a partnership of equals, and has no time limit.)

While she was still a child, Lacie was approached by Glen (Levi), who proposed that she partake in an "experiment" with him. He believed that, if she carried an unborn child into the Abyss when she was sacrificed, the baby would not be devoured with the rest of her, but cradled at the Abyss' core. He proposed this experiment because he hoped it would provide the Core with a body to inhabit, thus making it easier to communicate with and control. Lacie, who believed the entity at the Core to be lonely, agreed because she hoped the child and the Core might be friends and keep one another company.

As a teen (roughly seventeen,) Lacie ran away from home (which she did many times, we later learn) and befriended the bastard son of a nobleman, who was living on the streets. His name was Jack. She stole food to feed him, offered him a new outlook on life, and killed to protect him, all quite cheerfully. In this way, she won his undying devotion and fanatical loyalty before the Baskervilles found her and returned her to her semi-imprisonment on the Baskerville estate. She gave him one of her earrings as a memento before being taken away.

In the eight years that followed, Jack searched for her with single-minded determination, climbing up the social ladder by whatever means necessary until he was accepted into his illegitimate father's family, thereby gaining access to the same echelons of society the Baskervilles belonged to. By ingratiating himself with another of the more powerful families, he was able to disguise himself as a musician and sneak onto the Baskerville estate to reunite with Lacie...

... only to find that she had forgotten him. However, the earring (which he wore) jogged her memory, and after retreating to her tower and retrieving the matching one, she returned to pull him out of the room where he was being questioned by the other Baskervilles. In doing so, she may have saved his life. They spoke together for some time, and she gave him what comfort she could. As Jack turned to leave, Glen (Levi) popped up, inviting Jack to visit the estate whenever he liked. (He had been intrigued and amused by him.)

In the four months that passed, after that, Jack visited nearly every day. He, Lacie, and Oswald, became something of a inseparable trio, often wandering the grounds of the estate together and listening to Lacie sing. Though she denied Jack's importance to her when speaking to Glen (Levi) (who had, by then, impregnated her as per their agreement), Lacie came to care for Jack, possibly even love him in her way. A few days before the ritual at which she would be sacrificed, Lacie lied to Jack (who had been kept in the dark about her impending fate), persuading him to stay away from the estate until days after her death. Though her brother suggested that Jack might take her away from the estate and try to save her, Lacie had accepted her path and was already carrying Glen (Levi)'s child (though Oswald knew nothing of the pregnancy). There was no going back.

At the ritual, though her brother hesitated, Lacie coaxed him through the final words, smiling as the chains rose from the Abyss to drag her down to her death. As she was pulled down, she witnessed the young man with a sword she'd seen as a small girl, recognizing Oswald's spirit within him. Understanding that he was traveling into the past to try to kill her, and that he would fail, she called out an apology to him, before the Abyss finally swallowed her.

Personality: The weight of knowing that her life would be short led to a tendency for impatience and capriciousness, in Lacie. "I don't have time for this" was probably something of a mantra in her head, when it came to things that bored her or stood in her way. There's canon art depicting Levi's frustration with her untidiness (who has time to clean? It'll just be messy again, tomorrow), she is blunt and straightforward in her opinions. (Life's too short to pussyfoot around a subject!) When she goes in to claim Jack from the room where he's being questioned, she doesn't spare anyone else in the room so much as a word of explanation, simply walking in, grabbing his arm and pulling him out.

Forming deep attachments in general, I think, freaked her out a bit, since the knowledge that she would die young would've constantly been looming in her thoughts. (And she'd probably started on the tendency for emotional distance, even before her death was certain. Simply being a Child of Misfortune in that era would have perpetually put her on the outside looking in.) Aside from Jack, she probably never really let anyone close but Oswald, preferring to waltz into a person's life, make things interesting, and then waltz back out again. Levi informs Jack of pretty much just this, saying she often adopted a random person for a day, on her escapes. Before Jack, her friendships had been about as long-lived as mayflies.

She tends to maintain a somewhat tough exterior. (She shrugged off her impending death as if it meant nothing more than once, though she never stopped having nightmares of the day she learned she would die, and when Jack said he had no will to live despite being free and having a full life ahead of him, she experienced such a flash of anger that she cut his ear with a pair of scissors). She is cynical, amoral and pragmatic. (She tells Jack, the day they meet: "If you're broke, steal. If you're hungry, eat. You have a lovely face, Jack, so you could always sell your body, too, if you like.") She is proud and has a temper that's quick to flair and just as quick to ebb away. (She literally flipped a table and ran away from home, one day, just because her brother let her win at chess, which she saw as patronizing. However, the moment an apology was delivered she returned home cheerfully.)

She's also a little bit of a troll. (The day Jack met her, she was wearing a summer dress in winter, in the hope of catching a cold to make her brother feel guilty about making her angry enough to run away. It doesn't get much better, in later years: she would often do things like give Oswald food she knew he hated, knowing that he would agonize over it and eat it anyway because he couldn't stand to let it go to waste. When Jack is pained or embarrassed she comments on how wonderful the look on his face is.)

Despite all of the above, she also views the world as being full of great beauty, and can, when she wants, be gentle, protective and loving. Though she picks on her brother, they have a bond that stayed strong until the day she died, to the point that she comforted him in her last days, right up until the Abyss swallowed her. Having been mistreated all her life by superstitious townspeople, she does not like to see the weak picked on. (She accepts being roughed up by two men with experienced stoicism, but when they turn on Jack, she kills them and dances in their blood.) She is also an adamant free-thinker who believes a person should come to their own conclusions about things, rather than simply believing whatever they're told. Despite all of the things in her life that could have easily turned her into a victim, she is very much not one. She sees the full spectrum of life, and finds it miraculous.

When one is chosen to be a member of the Baskerville family, the power of the Abyss infuses them until they're nearly as much Chain as they are human. This gives them remarkable regenerative abilities, to the point that one can be shot in the head and sit right back up, a short time later. Short of getting chucked into the Abyss again or running into a Chain powerful enough to kill other Chains (like the Mad Hatter), she's probably going to be pretty hard to kill.

Lacie also has a Contract with the Black Rabbit, which she will be bringing with her. A Chain is a creature born of the Abyss, and by forming a bond with it (aka a Contract), a person is able to summon it to do battle on their behalf or borrow the Chain's power to use, themselves. The Rabbit itself will be about 10 feet tall, pretty physically strong, and armed with the same bladed chains and scythe. Lacie is able to bring out the bladed chains to use herself. They seem to more or less be guided by thought, and can coil and strike like snakes.

Beyond that, she has a broad, sharp mind, even if she generally relies more on impulse and intuition than strategy. I also headcanon that she's a decent thief and pickpocket, and knows her way around a knife reasonably well, though she prefers to use her Chain, when it comes to serious fighting.

Though in her canon Lacie was able to walk into the Abyss and re-write reality to her liking, I will not be bringing that ability with her. (And honestly, even if she could, she wouldn't. She had 25 years to try that and didn't. I think she loved the world too much to want to risk messing it up with even the smallest change.)

Items/Weapons: The gown on her back, her Chain, and a knife strapped to her thigh.

Sample Entry: Test Drive meme thread

Sample Entry Two: Somehow, she'd been brought to a cruel world.

… So what else was new?

Its cruelty didn't interest her. It certainly didn't intimidate her. The world she'd come from had been prettier. It had been richer, more full of color and variety. It had had fine estates and green grass, instead of the brown and gray of barren soil and rubble. But kinder?


Not to her kind.

For that alone, she found some strange gentleness in this place. Nobody cared about her eyes. There were no thrown words or stones. They were all too busy surviving. She remembered what that was like. She and her brother had had their time as scavengers, before the Old Duke had taken them in. For the first time in her life, she was treated just like anyone else.

"In Haven," the billboard said, "we are all safe... together."

It was an alien sentiment.

She'd never really been an “we”, before. (Well, not until Jack found her, again. Then, for four precious months, the two of them and her brother had been an “we” of sorts, for all the silence and secrets between the three of them.) Nor had she really ever been a “them”. (For all the Baskervilles had been her family, she'd felt no more a part of it than a sacrificial lamb could feel like part of its killer's household. And there was only ever one Child of Misfortune in a generation, so she'd never met another person like herself.) She'd only ever been a her. (And perhaps, when she had spoken of the Core of the Abyss' loneliness, that day, she'd also been speaking of her own.)

It was strange, walking down the broken streets of this place. It was new. And it was beautiful. Her life was supposed to be over. Now, it looked like she had simply dropped through the darkness and into a new one, instead.

She was ready to take it with both hands. This one, she would not let go of so easily.
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Alvin | Tales of Xillia | Reserved | Re-app

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Name: Pris
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] paako
Other Characters Played: Jotaro Kujo ([personal profile] starbratinum)
Requested apartment: N/A

Character Name: Alfred Vint Svent, but he chooses to go by Alvin, a portmanteau of Alfred and Vint
Canon: Tales of Xillia
Canon Point: Chapter 4, after a particular scene with Jude
Background/History: General information
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[personal profile] expendablepride 2015-01-17 08:51 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: It's easy to peg Alvin as kind, friendly, a tad playful for a man his age, and something of a brotherly figure to those younger than himself, because that's exactly the sort of behaviour he outwardly exhibits. He advertises himself as a wandering mercenary, and is reputedly extremely competent with whatever is asked of him. With his self proclaimed motto being "a kind-hearted mercenary", Alvin is a man who appears extremely tolerant, someone to lean on, and someone to convey your worries to, and though it would seem that he is sympathising with you, it is highly likely that his concerns lie elsewhere, making him a man of business first and foremost. Though all smiles and overly friendly banter outwardly, he keeps a distance emotionally, and makes it a point to try not form genuine attachments with people. Not only because it isn't his job as a mercenary to do so, but also because his training from youth makes it difficult for him to connect with others.

Regardless of social standing, Alvin acts very casual with everybody he meets, and can swiftly establish a rather warm, albeit fake relationship, from which he draws any information he needs. His easy-going ways make him a very approachable figure, and nothing short of an ambush would make him lose his cool. When speaking to those he's rather familiar with, he's likely to give out nicknames pertaining to the respective individual. While it can be seen as a ploy to create a sense of familiarity with any given person, it could also be something he simply enjoys doing. And though he's certainly at no age to do so, he is very playful, bordering on childish at times with little respect for one's personal boundaries, offering head and shoulder pats where praise is due, and a lighthearted slap to the back of the head where it isn't.

While Alvin is a very laid back person in general, taking light insults and the like in stride, he can be prone to mild bursts of irritation when played for the fool he pretends to be. They are always handled in a rather comedic, almost endearing fashion however. This is purely intentional. When genuinely upset by something, he tends to remain quiet and incredibly controlled. He has a very tight lid on his emotions, and when others try to get under his skin, unless they take it on a very personal level, they almost always fail, and are instead laughed off or talked out of.

On a slightly more vain note, Alvin has a rather cocky sort of confidence about him, particularly in his physical appearance.The man knows he looks good and can get a job done, and he's fine with flaunting it. Talk the talk, walk the walk, as they say. He states that he needs to have a nice appearance in order to make a good first impression, especially around potential clients, but he has formed a rather superficial attachment to his coat and scarf, and even worries that his hairstyle may get messed up during battle. When asked about it, he says that men who worry about their appearance are 'popular'. Whether he means with the ladies or with clients however, can be debated.

While on one hand, there is very little stopping him from prying into your past, Alvin never initiates conversation about his own, and prefers to keep personal affairs on the down low, skilfully guarding himself against any questions pertaining to such with a well rounded twist on the truth. He never speaks more about his life than he needs to, and never lets on or suggests more than he should, making Alvin a very capable and well equipped liar. Physical abilities aside, evasion and wit are perhaps Alvin's most prominent skills, and because he is so emotionally detached from others, he doesn't need to think twice when it comes to deceiving people. In fact, he does it without even batting an eye; the entire process is very natural for him. He is a fine example of a manipulative smooth talker.

This is not to say he is entirely cold-hearted however; he is a man who consistently returned to his mother's side, after all. As a child, Alvin was a timid crybaby who adored his mother more than anything else. He rarely played with other children, spending the most time with his mother and cousin Balan. This is likely the reason he was deemed lonely as a child. Though now 26, it is not as though he has grown out of all those traits. Due to his deceptive nature, and inability to bond with people, he remains lonely, though if it bothers him, he hides it extremely well and carries on like an adult ought to. Though it may appear to be a rather mature outlook, Alvin simply casts it to the back of his mind with a 'cross that bridge when you get to it' notion. Though by the end of the game, he genuinely wishes to form bonds with the people who have forgiven him time and time again, he admits he doesn't know how to go about it, that it requires the kind of effort he simply doesn't have. But even so, he states that making the attempt at all is far better than dealing with it on his own. He seeks validation and acceptance from those he feels he is close enough to, but it always seems to be just beyond his reach-- making friends is something he's long since forgotten how to do. This behaviour however, will generally only be seen by those he trusts. Which leads to my next point.

There are very, very few people that Alvin would trust with personal information and the only way to really earn that trust is to first see through his facade. In canon, the person he revealed the most of his inner workings to was the person who suspected him the most (the previously mentioned Milla Maxwell). It could be said that he'd talk if he was well and truly backed into a corner, but he's got to respect somebody who can see through the lies he so effectively tailors. Once all the cards are on the table-- the truth, essentially-- Alvin may begin to open up. Until then, he has a difficult time expressing himself, be it his past or his fears, and simply prefers not to.

Driven is perhaps not a word you would use to describe him. Though certainly efficient in his work, Alvin does not actively seek it without a prior motive, whether it be for monetary purposes or simply gaining knowledge. He enjoys his leisures just as much as any other person, and isn't afraid to indulge when the opportunity arises. When push comes to shove however, he believes in sacrifices for the greater good. The "greater good" being a very flexible term, and very dependent on his own goals. Calculating and cunning are likely far more appropriate definitions.

There is much more than meets the eye with this man, and though but a small handful may experience it first hand, perhaps you'd be happier simply with the smiling, seemingly carefree 26 year old that is Alvin. He certainly seems to feel that way. But considering this is a re-app, I'm just going to quickly run through some of the changes he's undergone since his last stay.

Alvin's development mainly boils down to learning how to open up to other people and coming to rely on them as they do, him. When he first arrived in Haven, he was content remain there forever, torture and all, as he lacked the courage to face the consequences his own actions wrought, and also because… well, he had nothing to return to. But over time, as he bonded with others - legitimately bonded with others - he learned how to embrace his flaws, and no longer feels much of a need to hide behind lies. On top of this, Alvin eventually heard what became of his home world, about how, in the end, it was given an actual chance at survival, and it's this, more than anything that ignited a determination, for the first time since he woke up in Haven, to return home.

These days, he fights against Yao not simply to put up an act in an attempt to go with the flow of things, not to selfishly save the things that give him some meagre form of comfort, but to send himself, and everybody else home. In this way, he's quite similar to the Alvin from the end of Tales of Xillia. He maintains the playful cheer, but is certainly more driven, more open, and more sure of his motives.

Abilities/Powers: It would be safe to assume that as a mercenary, and in addition to having received training to work as a spy from youth, Alvin has a rather large repertoire of skills at his disposal. Though originally left handed, over time, and likely thanks to effort, he was able to use both, thus becoming ambidextrous and so is capable of effective dual-wielding. In canon, his preferred weapons are a customized broadsword and pistol. Considering the pinpoint accuracy required to use a firearm, he uses the pistol with his dominant left hand, and the sword in his right.

He has a basic understanding of hand-to-hand combat - enough to get him by should he ever find himself unarmed, but he is by no means a master. Alvin would much prefer one or both of his weapons.

Smooth talking has definitely become something of a talent for Alvin. He's able to quickly and efficiently draw information he needs, and conversely, he's also able to divert attention if the occasion should call for it without arousing too much suspicion.

Branching from the above, Alvin is adept at reconnaissance and general sneaking around. It's how he is able, in canon, to come and go as he pleases, often leaving the party in favour of his personal issues.

Working in tandem with his ability to lie is his ability to observe. He is far sharper than he lets on and is able to read people and the general atmosphere quite well. His observation skills, coupled with his quick-thinking mind are what allow him to be so adept at lying.

In addition to these abilities, Alvin is also able to conjure various elements, with fire being his trademark. It is not a supernatural ability for him however. It is never explicitly stated anywhere in canon just how, but despite being biologically unable to use any form of magic whatsoever, Alvin remains capable of doing so. However, rather than standing at a distance and hurling fireballs and the like, Alvin focuses on melee to short-ranged attacks, preferring to simply imbue various swings of his sword (and bullets from his pistol even) with magic. Nearly all of his artes (the term for attacks in the 'Tales of' franchise) are powered in this fashion. Though generally known for his impressive offensive capabilities - particularly that of heavily guarded enemies - Alvin does possess one minor healing spell. While it's considered obsolete in comparison to other characters in terms of gameplay, it can at the very least patch up less severe wounds in a "real" setting. This spell works as an area of effect, albeit a tiny one, and is virtually limited to the space directly around Alvin the moment of casting. A complete arte list can be found here.

His final ability is to combine his two weapons into one, forming a gunblade of sorts. During battle in game, Alvin does not actually shoot bullets when the two are fitted together; the purpose of joining the two is to raise the attack power of his artes and to slightly alter the way some of them are performed by providing a wider hit radius or adding extra hits altogether. This particular ability is given the fitting name of "Charge" and initially has a limit of one use (one arte) before his weapon must be disassembled. By unlocking particular skills throughout gameplay, it is possible to stack multiple Charges, therefore allowing the use of several consecutive artes. In Haven, Alvin will be given a maximum of three stacks.

Items/Weapons: Alvin will be bringing the full three items into Haven. His sword/pistol combo, which counts as two, and a golden revolver which serves as a memento/heirloom of his father. Gilland took it for his own after Alvin's father's death, and after he fell, Alvin reclaimed what was rightfully his. It does not see use, and he never openly speaks of it.
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Shin-Ah | Akatsuki no Yona | Reserved

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Name: Erin
Contact Info: email – nekoandkitsune@gmail.com; plurk and AIM - neko142001
Other Characters Played: N/A
Requested apartment: N/A

Character Name: Shin-Ah aka Seiryuu the Blue Dragon
Canon: Akatsuki no Yona
Canon Point: Chapter 93 – After the group leaves Lili
Background/History: Wiki and Wikia

Shin-Ah was born to a village fearful of the Dragon Eyes. They believed that looking into the eyes of the Seiryuu, the Blue Dragon, would turn them into stone. On the day that he was born, his mother was so shattered to have given birth to the next Blue Dragon that she killed herself, leaving him to the village for care. They saw no reason to do this themselves and followed tradition instead, giving him to the previous Blue Dragon who was still alive. After all, when a new Dragon was born, it would draw powers away from the previous one until fully awakened and then the previous one would die. The nameless boy's first memories were of darkness as a mask was placed over his eyes.

Life with the previous Dragon, Ao, was not easy. He was not a man good with children and he knew that he would have to die at some point. He and the boy were supposed to stay inside, only venturing out when they were to protect the village from invaders. During this time he always wore his mask and could see further and further away each day that Ao grew blinder and blinder. Still, he had a bond with Ao who cared about him on some level and he worried about him, listened to everything that he said until one day when the boy was still a child he learned that Ao could no longer see. Only a short time later he was left alone when the man died.

In his pain, he saw a group of soldiers approaching. He was still small and couldn't use a sword the way that Ao had been able to but decided he would use his eyes despite the fact that Ao had always told him not to. Running out, he ran to the soldiers and pulled his mask off, unleashing his powers on them in an attack that left him standing in the middle of a pile of bodies when the villagers found him only to collapse as his power backlashed on him for what he'd done.

From then on, he refused to remove his mask around others. The villagers moved to hide in the caves of the mountains nearby and he taught himself to use a sword so he would never have to use his powers again. For the most part though, he was alone, only the company of a squirrel to keep him from drowning in utter loneliness and a lack of love. It wasn't until Yona came with her party that someone actually tried to reach out to him. At first he'd just seen a girl in trouble and had gone to save her. However, the moment he touched her, the Dragon inside him awoke to tell him he had to follow this girl. Since no one had ever told him what it meant to be a Dragon, he brought her to safety and then ran to hide in his room, surprised when she came to find him again. In his fear and confusion, he turned her away.

When a cave in happened, he came out of hiding, startling the villagers so that one hit him and accidentally knocked his mask off. Closing his eyes until he could put it back on, he tried to let them know that he meant them no harm and grabbed an ax. Without a word, he went to a wall to start smashing, only explaining afterward that it would lead them out to safety. Immediately people got to work, Yona included until she ended up collapsing. He was requested to take her somewhere to rest so he brought her to his room where she explained why she wanted him and made it clear that she didn't fear him. He wasn't sure if he should accept her offer but finally went with her back to keep breaking free where they rejoined Hak and the other villagers.

Outside, Yona offered to take her with him, to save him from the loneliness. She told him that she didn't think he was a monster and he realized that he could find a light and a purpose with her. Taking her hand, he agreed to go with her, bowing to the villagers in polite gratitude despite their fear of him as he headed after them.

From then on he traveled with Yona, learning more about the other Dragons from Kija and becoming the eyes of the group. He was always ready to help them to hide or to locate sources of water or food when he could and would defend them with his sword in a heartbeat. It wasn't long before he had himself a family and even a name finally, one that Yona gave to him after what he reminded her of. Shin-Ah...moonlight. He was even willing to hurt himself with his own powers to save her by showing his eyes to those attacking and found out that she was the only person who could look into his eyes without being harmed by them.

One by one, they gathered the other Dragons and formulated plans to gather power. As they did, they helped torn villages, feeding them and treating the sick. They decided to become The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch, a group of bandits that actually took care of people instead of harming them. He was happy in this role and did all he could to help out with it, making sure to be on the lookout for approaching Fire Soldiers and fighting them when he could.

Which was what he was doing when he was pulled away...
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Personality: Upon meeting Shin-Ah, many might find his silent nature to be a little intimidating. He rarely ever speaks and is sure to quietly watch from the shadows without approaching. It also doesn't help that his eyes are rarely scene and he doesn't tend to emote things well. In fact, one could easily misunderstand his actions since he isn't likely to explain them until after someone has asked about them. For some he might even seem threatening as he approaches, like he might attack at any moment.

In reality, Shin-Ah is very gentle and kind. Growing up he was treated with fear and caution yet he still chose to protect the village he was part of. He knows that he is dangerous and that he might hurt someone so he goes out of his way to avoid doing that. This is very important to him, even if it doesn't mean that he will get anything out of it. He's not in this for himself, choosing to put others before him and sacrificing his own joys and desires for them. No matter what, he's sure to put others before his own person. This might cost him his health but he doesn't mind this at all. He worries about those around him, especially about Yona and those they travel with.

More than anything, it is important to note that he communicates strongly through actions. When he wants to help someone feel better, he will search out food then just run away to go get it for them, even if it involves jumping into a freezing cold lake to get it. When he wants to protect someone, he will put himself in front of them and be ready to attack. When he finds himself confused then he'll tilt his head. The actions go on but the fact remains that this is how he communicates with others since his words rarely come out. This doesn't mean he's incapable of talking but that he's just not as used to it. When he does speak though, he can be sure that the words are important and necessary even if they're not many or particularly scholarly or anything like that. Of course, he can get flustered easily and will sometimes flee instead of talking or doing some other action so he can hide away for a bit. One could liken him to a wild animal. He's rather timid and will come out but if he's overwhelmed then he'll back off until he's ready to face things again.

For most of his life, he's been on his own, having to rely largely on himself. Because his village feared his eyes so much, they kept him hidden away and communicated with him as little as possible. The only real affection he knew at all was from that of his caretaker when he was a child. Even then that affection was often rough, involving sudden grabs or yelling. Ao was not a good man to care for a child but had no choice in the matter. Still, Shin-Ah is grateful to all of these people for being willing to do anything for him at all and even cares very deeply for Ao long after the man's death. He blames no one for how he was treated growing up, knowing how terrifying the power of his eyes really is. In fact, he even goes so far as to protect them despite the treatment he's lived through, even offering a silent thanks to them as he leaves them to join Yona and her group.

This knowledge has him fearing his own power, doing all he can to keep others from looking at his eyes. He will keep his mask on no matter how many times people try to remove it and will quickly cover his face to ensure that people don't lock their gaze with his own. In his mind, he's a monster, cursed with this power that he has no control over. The other Dragons have been able to find a way to control their powers to do things with them but he's never had this chance, unable to learn how to not hurt anyone with his eyes without them being hurt in the process. It's only in times of great strife that he will remove his mask to lock eyes with others and in this moment he is aware that he's no longer himself. Honestly, it's as if the dragon itself takes over his body, wanting to kill and destroy. It cannot be brought under control again until the enemy is gone and this terrifies him, especially when he's left paralyzed afterward just hoping no one will look at him, not wanting anyone to see the horror that is him.

His first friends in life are Yona, Hak, Yoon, the Dragons, and his pet squirrel. They're the first ones to care about him and he'll do anything in the world for them to see that they're happy. This includes sacrificing himself for them. He seems to consider them all family and goes out of his way to protect them, feeling terrible when something happens that makes him bedridden for several days. He'd much rather be out there protecting them instead and becomes greatly distressed if any of them are in danger. And he is deadly when he can do so, a fierce fighter who is able to perceive how a person is going to attack in order to counter them and deliver his own blow in return.

His closest connection is to Yona though. He is bound to her and is pained if he denies himself following her. She is his world now despite the fact that he seems one of the few in the group that isn't romantically attracted to her in some way. Yet, one could say he does love her in his own way. Yona is the one who reached out to him multiple times to bring him out of the shadows and into the light. She is the one who didn't hesitate to look into his eyes. She is the one who gave him his name, something he'd never had before because in his village his mother killed herself before she ever gave him one. He is fond of her and cares deeply about her well-being, hating it when she accidentally cuts himself on his sword. Shin-Ah especially goes out of his way to make sure that she's okay and well cared for, sometimes pondering giving up his own food in order to see to it that she has enough to eat. His desire to protect her is so strong that he has been willing to unleash the power of his eyes despite the fact that he so strongly fears this power.

For someone who was locked away for so many years, he's very kind and very gentle. His communication skills are rusty but he's very much like the moonlight that he's named after. Even in the darkness, he will be there to guide a person back to safety. As Yona points out, there's no way he could be as dangerous as he claims to be because his pet squirrel trusts him. Obviously there is more to him than he realizes and he wants to believe in that no matter how he fears himself.

Abilities/Powers: As the Blue Dragon, Shin-Ah's powers revolve around his eyes. He can see great distances in detail, even able to view someone miles away. For the most it seems that he can focus on those around him so that he isn't look in on everyone around him, not wanting to invade their privacy. However, he is able to look through the dark and solid objects when he is looking and canon evidence seems to show us that the mask he wears is included in this. One, he has been seen able to move around find wearing a blindfold. Two, he has been shown to see a great distance away through the walls of a tent. Three, if his eye holes in his mask were real then people would face what will be pointed out next.

This power is that when someone looks into his eyes they fall under a powerful hallucination that will cause them to see a dragon ripping them apart until they are paralyzed or die from fear. It is even more frightening because it is almost as if a dark creature takes over Shin-Ah's body, making him want to destroy those that he's looking upon until all enemies are gone. This power is a double edged sword though because once the enemy is defeated, his power slams back on him and paralyzes him completely for several days depending on how long he used the power. He has no control over this power other than just hiding his eyes from the world or refusing to meet someone's gaze when unmasked. Because of the ugly nature of this power, he is terrified of his own power and will do all he can to hide it from the world so no one else gets hurt. If there is more that his power can do then he is currently unaware of it and is too frightened of his own power to learn to control it since the only way to do that is to harm others in the process. Though, it should be noted that he can only use this power if he's in good health. Illness will zap his strength and make it so he cannot use the strength of this ability.

So far the only person who has been able to look into his eyes and break him out of hurting someone without getting hurt themselves is Yona. The reasons for this are currently not clear.

He can also sense if another dragon (Green, Yellow, White) is near him though he was never taught how to use this power to its completion. Along with this, he is naturally drawn to Yona and has a deep connection with her that he doesn't have with others. This causes him to feel a devotion and a desire to protect her and keep her safe above all else. There is no one who can break that loyalty that binds him to her.

Another downside of being a human with the Dragon within is that if another Blue Dragon is born then he will start to lose his powers, slowly going blind as his powers are drained away from his body until the child fully awakens. At that time he will die. Most Dragons do not live very long as a result of this and most have been known to die soon after the child is born because their powers and life force pass onto them. While this isn't likely to happen in this game, it is still important to note.

Because of this, he has mastered swordsmanship. His technique is a brutal and strong quick slash that rips through enemies quickly to leave them dead or mortally wounded. He is fast and strong, able to move rapidly through a fight to go from one enemy to the next rather than lingering on one individual. Shin-Ah's senses are also very good even when he isn't using his eyes though he does use them often when he's making sure that those he care about are safe.

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gino weinberg ( code geass ), reserved

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Name: Luci
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] eclectica
Other Characters Played: N/A
Requested apartment: N/A

Character Name: Gino Weinberg
Canon: Code Geass
Canon Point: Post-series
explores: (pic#6710291)

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Background/History: Overview of canon here.
Gino was raised on the grand, enormous Weinberg estate, located northeast of Britannia's capital of Pendragon. The estate was composed of three larger villas and one smaller building for servants; the building Gino stayed in was separate from even his own parents. Most of the time, the only people he was ever in contact with were his servants, instructors and caretakers. Day in and day out, he was schooled, drilled and taught—academics, music, fencing, speech, etiquette—with very little time for play. He was not permitted to leave the estate at any time, and romping was discouraged, so his free time was often spent looking out his third story bedroom window and drawing the things he saw out in the garden. Lacking friends and much purpose in life outside his parents' wish for him to marry into royalty, he was a vague and detached child, viewing his world as dull. "A bird in a cage."

At nine years old, a new servant was brought to his household: a young, Japanese woman that became a personal caretaker of his as well as a household maid. At fourteen, Gino fell in love with his maid. The two of them made plans to leave the Weinberg estate and be together elsewhere, safe from the scrutiny of nobility as well as the wages of war between Britannia and Japan. Gino's parents, however, were quick to discover the affair and had it prevented. His father beat the maid and threw her out into the streets, and both parents admonished Gino, telling him to act in a way befitting his noble status. For the next two years, Gino did nothing more than study. He completed his academics at fifteen and a half and spent the time between then and age sixteen researching Knightmare Frames, military conduct, the war.

And at sixteen he up and left his home, headed straight to the Britannian military, and signed right up. He was a grunt for six months and was so prodigious in his training that he was promoted to the third chair in the Knights of the Round. This was, of course, just as planned, as his intent was to have a hand in changing Britannia for the better. In making it a place where there was a semblance of freedom for everyone (unfortunately he ended up being completely counter-productive to this goal until later, but Gino's not the best at planning ahead).

He was later the one assigned by the Emperor to duel Suzaku Kururugi when he was under consideration for becoming a Knight of the Round as well, and despite his (somewhat forced) smug attitude toward him, he was beaten soundly. This somehow instilled him in a distinct attraction Suzaku, and from that day forward he, Suzaku and Anya, the Knight of Six, became BFFS4LYF. At least, they did in Gino's mind, anyway.

One year later, Zero, the leader of the terrorist resistance group, The Order of the Black Knights, returned from presumably being dead. Gino and the other Knights of the Round were deployed to engage the Black Knights, which never really seemed to go very well, though Gino did eventually get to meet Kallen Kozuki, the Ace of the Black Knights. He commented upon her exemplary skills when she was able to outmaneuver both him and Anya in her improved Guren, saying that she was on par with the Knights of the Round and looked forward to a rematch (he also remarked that she was his kinda lady, and probably went on to think of them as BFFS4LYF as well, as he is wont to do). Unfortunately Kallen was captured by Li Xingke later on and much angst was had on Gino's part until he realized he could go visit her in her cell and yammer on at her about anything he felt like at his leisure. Score!

Both Gino and Anya enrolled into Ashford Academy, a school for Britannian students living in Area 11, in order to see what living like commoners would be like. And also to pig out on pastries or whatever the hell those things are. Gino learned to speak more casually from Rivalz Cardemonde, took an immediate liking to Lelouch, one year his senior (which is funny because Lelouch is actually Zero, his enemy, OOPS), as well as the other members of the Ashford Student Council—which he and Anya soon became a part of.

This fun and exciting endeavor loses its thrill fast, however, as Suzaku later brings up the idea of a coup d'etat against the Britannian government to Prince Schneizel—and right in the middle of a pool game, too. Gino objects to the conspiracy and is taken prisoner to keep him from interfering. Next thing he knows, Zero has "died" AGAIN, Lelouch has become Emperor of Britannia, and Suzaku has turned traitor and become the "Knight of Zero," Lelouch's right-hand man. The Knights of the Round launch an assault on Lelouch to remove him from power, and out of the four deployed, Gino is the only one Suzaku spares, leaving him to question where his loyalties lay and what it is he is fighting for.

Gino then realizes he's been Doing It Wrong the entire time and joins the Black Knights, which are at that time under Schneizel's command, telling Kallen that even though joining her goes against his home country, he can understand her feelings a little. Later, during a battle with Lelouch and Suzaku on the flying fortress Damocles, Gino states that he could not join them because he has to "protect what's in his heart." Though Suzaku defeats him soundly yet again, Gino is able to use the last of Tristan's energy to unleash an attack that destroys the Damocles' barrier and opens Suzaku up to Kallen, who was lurking nearby. He's also able to carry her to safety after she "definitely kills Suzaku for sure, yes, he is absolutely dead, end of story."

Lelouch unfortunately overtakes Schneizel and the Damocles Fortress and takes control of literally the entire world, which pisses off literally everyone, and Gino is taken prisoner along with the entire remaining cast of the show to be executed. But then Zero comes back to life for the millionth time, stabs Lelouch in the stomach, and everyone is set free. Peace reigns with the demon defeated, the war ends, reconstruction happens, and everyone goes on their merry way. Gino resumes attending Ashford Academy and also joins in the rebuilding effort as well as some of the political functions between the recently allied Britannia and Rest-of-the-World. He continues to hold his position as the Knight of Three.

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Glitch | Original | Re App

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Name: Chris
Contact Info: christhehost@plurk
Other Characters Played: no
Requested apartment:N/A.
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Character Name: Glitch

World History
In the year 2020 on Earth, humans realized they were starting to evolve. Not all at once or in a rapid pace, but slowly like most creatures do. They weren’t losing a toe or developing better vision or anything. No. Select people were showing signs of superhuman abilities. These abilities came to light in the Pyro bomb incident in Toronto, Canada. What was supposedly an ordinary day in downtown Toronto turned bloody when an explosion happened. Only one individual survived and they were at the center of the explosion. The odd thing? They seemed to be completely unharmed and what was stranger was that the explosion emanated from them.

First people were dismissive about, saying it was some kind of freak accident. However,, similar incidents began popping up. A person nearly drowning in the Hudson river would be miraculously saved by a large piece of ice in the middle of summer. Someone being hit with lightning only to redirect it into a nearby tree and remain completely unharmed. Similar situations like these continued to pop up world wide with no logical conclusion.

Eventually scientists had the answered when they began testing some of these remarkable people. The answer was found when they noticed that these select few had a different sequence of code in their DNA. An extra bit that no normal person would have. This code gave these people superhuman abilities. At first, the government tried to hush it all up, but, too many cases were seen by the public that it couldn’t be hidden.

People began to become frightened of these new beings.After all, what normal person would be safe if someone could telekinetically throw a car at you if they got angry? Or set you on fire if they didn’t like the look of you? People would dub these people “Irregulars”, for their irregular DNA structure. People began calling for their governments to do something about the problem, because by now, the Irregular problem was something that was being experienced worldwide.

Most first world Governments knew that they couldn’t outright execute or sterilize the Irregulars, for even while some Norms in society wanted these Irregulars to be put away, others did not share the same view point. To commit such an atrocity would lead to further questioning of the government.

More underdeveloped countries were more extreme in their methods, often exterminating anyone who exhibited Irregular abilities.

Eventually, the first world governments gathered and came to a decision:

Domes would be built to house the Irregulars, so no harm would come to Norm society or to the Irregulars. (The Irregular community protested, crying discrimination and unfair segregation for not having done anything wrong. Some Irregulars showed otherwise having used their powers to commit crimes, proving that they couldn’t be trusted and giving the governments the perfect scapegoats. It wasn’t long at all before the Domes were built and the Irregulars were permanently placed there. The governments managed to persuade the Irregulars to go into the Domes was giving them tax breaks and incentives, to threats of death, blackmail and murder.
For the first few years the solution seemed to work. While the Irregulars weren’t happy with the decision they begrudgingly went along with it because none of their major freedoms were infringed upon. They were still able to vote, have families, work, connect with the outside world via print and social media, leave and visit friends or family (provided they returned in two weeks) and earn money. They were just required to live in Domes. If anyone tried to permanently leave they would be brought back in by Norm Security.

Eventually they became fed up with it, finding that the longer they remained in these Domes the quality of living went down. Their pay was being cut, leaving to visit others was no longer allowed, and the Domes themselves were becoming too crowded. That’s when the Dome Rebellions started.

The biggest Dome community - established in Edmonton, Alberta - had been first to rebel. The Irregulars started a riot against security, using their powers to overwhelm them. Eventually the Canadian Military was brought in to help contain the problem. At that point it was too late. News had spread to the other Domes through the media and they all began to rebel too. Although the Irregulars had superhuman abilities, they lacked the numbers and resources the Norms had. What the Irregulars had hoped would be only a few weeks of fighting turned into a six month war.

The Norms cut off the Irregulars’ water and power supplies, as well as all means of communication with the outside. The Norms also had superior firepower, but the Irregulars continued to fight back. Eventually the Norms got tired of the fight and decided to make a bold move to end the war. They returned power to the Domes on the day of February 14th 2038, solely to show the Irregulars what they were really up against. Most Domes had already gotten the idea to check the news to see what was going on with the Rebellions, only to see that the Norms would make an example of those who would rebel against them. Showing it live on tv, they bombed the first Dome that fought back against them.

In the end, all the Domes surrendered to the power of the Norms.
The Norms couldn’t allow another uprising to ever happen. The Irregulars had proven that if they escaped the Domes they would potentially destroy Norm society with their superhuman abilities. That’s when a plan was enacted. The adult Irregulars had incited this uprising and would no doubt teach their children about it. Given time the children would fight back against them and start the cycle all over again.

In secret the first world governments separated the Irregular infants, children, teenagers and adults from one another, making even more Domes to house each age group. This time the Irregulars couldn’t do anything about it or tell anyone as the Government had cut off all their communications to the outside and kept them securely locked up.

This would be known as the Irregular Intervention Program. This was to make sure the older generation of Irregulars had no influence over the younger generation. This way the governments could be sure there would be no further outlashes from the Irregular community. To fund this project, they allowed corporations in on the operation to use the Domes as they saw fit, provided the Irregulars were kept docile and did not leave the Domes. The corporations supplied the Domes with robots, so that the Domes’ younger inhabitants could still be taken care of just enough so that they wouldn't die.

Whenever a child was born in the adult Dome, they were instantly moved to an infant Dome in some other region. Dome-to-Dome transportation was facilitated by a system of underground tunnels. Outside the Domes, on the other hand, it became mandatory for all newborns to be tested for the Irregular gene. If the child had the gene, the parents were told that there were complications with the child. The doctors then took them to see their “stillborn child”, which in actuality was just a recycled stillborn to act as a dummy. Infants in the Dome were cared for by robots and raised to walk, talk, and feed themselves. The infant Dome held children until they were five, at which point they were moved to the children’s Dome.

The children’s Dome was heavily school-oriented. The children were placed in dorms and herded around by the robotic workers. They were taught how to read and write, received history lessons, and were prepared for the one career they would be expected to do when they turned 12. Their history lessons, however, were a falsified version of why they were in the Domes. They were taught that a nuclear apocalypse had obliterated the world, and that the Domes were the only safe place to live in. Irregulars were made to believe that the robots were there for the tasks humans could no longer do or what the humans did not have time for: repair and maintenance, security, teaching, medical work, and so on. Irregulars were told that the careers they were assigned to were to help maintain the Domes; in actuality, they were cheap labour for Norm society. In time, very few Irregulars questioned the state of the world.

In the system, Irregulars were taught that the nuclear fallout was the cause of Dome inhabitants’ powers and that a healthy, just and pure society would not have these powers. They were led to believe that if they didn't use their powers, humanity would be able to recover. At first the Irregulars did not really understand this lesson and used their powers despite being told not to. However, when they were caught the robots would inflict harsh punishments on them. Eventually, the Irregulars fell in line and did not use their powers - either because they feared being punished by the robots or because they believed that not using them would reclaim humanity's former glory. There were still those who chose to hone their abilities in secret, but they were the exception. On the whole, however, most children abided by the rules, for to remain docile was to be well taken care of in the Children’s Dome.

It was not until the Teenage Dome that things began to look bleak. When a child turned twelve they were expected to start working right away on the career they were put into - either assembly line work or sewing clothes. Their shifts were long - typically 12-16 hours with no rest. Food was also another problem as workers were required to use food tickets from their jobs to keep themselves fed, but the meals were often very meager. If anyone attempted to steal anything, they would receive a harsh beating from the robot security. This left the individual incapable of working for a week, and thus unable to acquire food tickets.

Teenagers were provided with a small residence that was usually unkempt or in utter ruins from the previous tenants. However, they were free to live with whomever they wished.

Upon reaching the age of 18, individuals were moved to the Adult Dome. Conditions there were much the same as they had been in the Teen Dome. Given that, the governments did assume that some Irregulars would try and leave the Domes despite the “nuclear apocalypse”. Irregulars were told that leaving the Domes was an option, but that the horrors of the outside would change them. Knowing that words were not always enough, the governments had measures in place for the occasional Irregular that took the option to leave. The person leaving would be jumped and drugged; subsequently, their brains would be altered to make them more compliant and passive. Once the procedure was complete, they would be sent right back into the Dome. The Dome inhabitants came to call this “Tweaking”, and believed that the horrors of the outside affected someone to such an extent that they became a mute, ineffective drone. Tweakers, while still physically capable of doing their jobs, had severely diminished mental faculties. This often led to them having their hands crushed in assembly presses or starving to death.

The Irregulars continued to believe this falsified way of life up until the year of 2442 as the Norm governments continued to exploit the Irregulars for cheap labour and out of fear of what would happen if they ever figured out their plan. By then the Irregulars were reduced to having numbers as their names.

By this time in Norm Society, the public was only told half-truths about the Domes. No one knew about the segregation of children from parents or the fact that Dome inhabitants were being told about the world being an apocalyptic wasteland. Norm society was just told the Irregulars were inside the Domes because they were much happier in the Domes and that it was for the protection of both the Norm and Irregular society. Often they would pretty up the entire affair with propaganda by showing commercials of how great Dome life was for Irregulars and how it benefited both societies. Even going as throwing up false ads how the Irregulars liked not being in contact with the outside. Only the highest people in government and the higher ups in some big corporations knew what the Domes were really meant for.

Some lower politicians unaware of what the Domes were really used for did try to dissolve the Domes, believing Norms and Irregulars did not not need to be segregated anymore. When these individuals popped up to incite change, they were often threatened, blackmailed or bribed into leave the issue alone. If they did not stop, “unfortunate” accidents were arranged for them. Regular members of Norm society who went digging into the truth about the Domes were similarly bribed or blackmailed. If these methods were ineffective, they were jailed under false charges and left to rot.


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Alayne Stone | A Song of Ice and Fire | Not Reserved | 1

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Name: Riddle
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] tiger_eyes
Other Characters Played: Padmé, but I'm planning on dropping her and putting Alayne in her place.
Requested apartment: N/A

Character Name: Alayne Stone (currently, though her real name is Sansa Stark).
Canon: A Song of Ice and Fire: A Feast for Crows
Canon Point: After she learns of Petyr's plan to reclaim Winterfell for her and Harrold Hardyng, the second heir to the Eyrie after Robert Arryn.
Background/History: Life is not a song.
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Alayne Stone | A Song of Ice and Fire | Not Reserved | 2

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Personality: Alayne Stone is a young woman who knows her place in the world. She is the bastard daughter of Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish and she is beginning her training in courtly etiquette under his tutelage. On the outside, she is polite, courteous and ready to follow the guidance of her "father". Her "mother" is out of the picture - she doesn't wish to speak of her - so it follows that she must rely on her adoring "father" for everything she needs or wants. It is her hope - or so Littlefinger has told her - to make a promising match between herself and a well-to-do young man. As a bastard, that is all she can hope for, surely.

Underneath her act as Alayne Stone, however, Sansa Stark is unhappy. She hasn't healed from the horrors she has witnessed/endured - including watching her Aunt Lysa pushed through the Moon Door. At first, it was easy to let Littlefinger take control and mold a new, safe life for her as a bastard daughter. However, after losing her Aunt, she is beginning to realize that he is using her as a means to an end.

She is, frankly, tired of being used. The least she can do is keep her eyes and ears open to a path which will lead her back to Winterfell. She misses her home more and more every day. If she can, somehow, make her way back to that beloved castle and restore it to its former glory, her sacrifices will have been worthwhile. So, yes, for the time being she will be a bastard daughter of Littlefinger and dye her hair dark. Others have asked far more of her without giving her anything close to Winterfell in return.

The hopelessness that she felt in King's Landing while under the thumb of the Lannisters has, more or less, abated. There are times she is sad and the longing for Winterfell is growing rather than lessening, yet she is focusing her energy into being the best daughter for Littlefinger. Her determination for a better future - something she hasn't had since learning King Joffrey's true nature - is like a fire burning in her heart.

"With my wits and Cat's beauty, the world will be yours, sweetling." - Littlefinger

She won't let the fire die down - even if Littlefinger is tricking her too. The thought has occurred to her - how could it not after dealing with Lannister lions? - but she is prepared to follow this path. The pale, broken prisoner of King's Landing is blossoming into a true wolf - and lady - of Winterfell.

But there is still a certain fragility about her. She will forever be someone who feels their heart keenly. The best she can do is teach herself to look strong even when she isn't feeling strong. The world is far harsher than she ever imagined as a child and she knows, thus far, she has been easy prey for the courtly predators. She fears her weakness will continue - especially when she is in uncomfortable territory. But she is finally in a place where she feels like she can make a stand. Maybe not in the manner she desires, but beggars can't be choosers.

Alayne, despite her strong exterior, is also prone to anxiety and depression - though she hides it well. How can she not be scarred from her past as Sansa Stark? As much as she likes to pretend she is smarter - stronger - she knows, deep down, that it's a convenient act until she can secure herself behind the familiar walls of Winterfell.

Her fragility will be especially apparent upon arriving in Haven. The fact that her path has been altered again (and that she is in a different world) will hit her hard. The hopelessness of her past will return until she realizes that she can be a strong, supportive role model to others. The shackles that bound her in King's Landing and the Eyrie will vanish and her life will be her own for the first time in her life - and that is even including her childhood.

Slowly, Alayne Stone will transform back into Sansa Stark again.

Psychological Transition from Sansa to Alayne: Before arriving to the Eyrie, Sansa had been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Joffrey's death would inevitably be blamed on her - especially since she fled during the feast - and her life was hanging on a thread. She took a chance by following Ser Dontos - revealing her desperation - and, consequently, she put herself right in Littlefinger's hands.

At first, the idea of being Alayne Stone was strange. She knew she didn't have a choice - particularly after witnessing the instability of her Aunt Lysa - so she shouldered the mask without complaint. However, after the death of her Aunt - and even in quiet moments before that, she found it easy to push her life as Sansa Stark to the back of her mind. Alayne Stone's life was easier - safer. It resembled the life she had as a child in some ways and, over time, she let the mask of Alayne Stone become her main self. Sansa Stark was like a ghost; like a girl she used to know, but not her.

In fact, Littlefinger's revelation that she would strip away the mask and reclaim Winterfell was met with conflicting feelings. Winterfell had become a place of dreams for her - of course she longed for it - but she didn't feel like the proud daughter of Stark that she had once been. Did she belong in Winterfell? Was she meant to reclaim the title? Her past life as Sansa Stark and her current life as Alayne Stone collided painfully over those inquiries and she could only take one day at a time; one step at a time.

However it should be noted that very little of her conflict has to do with Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. He has urged her to create a new world for herself - one where she can forget the horrors of her life as Sansa Stark - but he has also warned her that, one day, that world will be stripped away. He is a potentially dangerous ally and she doesn't give him her full trust even though she does give him her kisses and adapt herself to being his bastard daughter.

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Teddy Altman | Marvel Comics Verse | Reserved

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Name: Jon
Contact Info: fallenappleinc @ Purk
Other Characters Played: N/A
Requested apartment: 28.3 (I have spoken to Bucky's mun about this)

Character Name: Theodore "Teddy" Altman, also known as Hulkling, sometimes referred to as Prince Dorrek VIII

Background/History: Teddy just wanted to be a normal teenager. What teen doesn't? He wanted to just get on with school, graduate with good grades and go to college. He wanted to look after his mom. Coming out as gay during high-school didn't much help with some of those goals, not until his growth-spurt suddenly hit and he was a good head or so taller than most of the other seniors, and broader, stronger too for that matter. And that was when the bullies started leaving him alone, picking on smaller kids. Teddy wasn't about to let that happen. Not only had he been through that himself, but none of his super-hero role models would have allowed that to happen when they could prevent it.

For most kids, that would have been enough, that would have been normal. But whatever Teddy did, he was never going to be normal. Being the out, tall, geeky nerd who liked comic-books and pokémon was going to make his life difficult enough, but being the out, geeky nerd with super-powers was just going to make his life impossible. He might have admired Spiderman and Wolverine and the Beast but that didn't mean he wanted to be like them. But considering the powers he possessed, he knew he just couldn't pretend to be normal. He hid it as best as he could though. At least from his mother.

He couldn't hide it from his friends. Or rather, the people who would become his friends, his very best friends. The kids that came together because they shared these unwanted gifts, and they wanted to help. They wanted to be like the others, not super heroes, but good people, doing what they could do to help. They became, through trial and error, the Young Avengers, and everything good that had ever happened in his life.

And by extension, everything bad.

They'd not been... supering for long. They hadn't at all before the world seemed to go to hell. The Avengers and the other super heroes who Teddy had spent his whole life looking up to were determined to strop them, to tell their parents. Why, Teddy has no idea. But soon they aren't only fighting crime, they're fighting the Avengers and to some degree, their parents.

Of course, Teddy's only got his mom. The woman who has always supported him, no matter what bombshells he dropped on her.

She is killed in front of him, in a moment that will stay with him always. A Super-Skrull, tasked with finding the young prince of their Empire, seeks them out. And while trying to reveal Teddy's true nature, unmasks the fact his mother is actually not his mother at all. She's not even human, or even his mother. He is the son of the Skrull Princess Anelle, and of Captain Mar-Vell.

But he gets no chance to process all of this, no chance to adjust before the Super-Skrull demands to take Teddy back to the Skrull Empire to take his place as Prince. That's when a Skrull army descend on New York and they have no choice but to fight alongside the Avengers to save the city.

At that point, dreams of being normal went out the window.

Personality: Teddy is a nice kid. There are people that might scoff at that, but he is. He grew up reading comics about Captain America and the Avengers- a very real presence in his world- and he always tried to be just like them. He wanted to help people, and do his best. As a kid, he helped elderly neighbours carry their shopping home and did his chores at home with very little complaining.

Unfortunately, geeky kids who are friendly and quiet don't always make friends easily, and that was very true of Teddy. He was bullied a lot, and that only got worse when other kids worked out he was gay.

And like a lot of kids, Teddy found himself doing things that he might not otherwise have done to try and make people like him. The first time his powers really manifested themselves, he was in High School, and he fell in with someone who was decidedly a bad influence. Greg Norris was a popular kid- the captain of the Basketball team as well as class president but he took advantage of Teddy's powers, getting him to impersonate people like Tony Stark so they could get into exclusive parties. If that wasn't bad enough, Greg was soon coercing Teddy to break into abandoned buildings around the city, including the Avengers Mansion.

That was when Teddy grew a backbone. The Avengers had always been his heroes, and stealing from their old Head Quarters was not something he was going to do, or let Greg get away with. There are things that are more important than being popular, and Teddy realised that then. Being nice didn't have to mean being a push-over, and it didn't mean he had to sacrifice what he believed in.

That was why he started heroing. When he was approached by Iron Lad, Patriot and Asguardian to help them fight crime and keep the people of New York safe, he jumps at the chance. Not only because Asguardian- also known as Billy Kaplan- was cute. When Kate Bishop joins them, they become a close group of friends, and after the loss of his foster-mother, Teddy begins to rely on them. He and Billy start a serious relationship, one that Teddy throws his all into. They go through so much together, that Teddy can't imagine life without them, and will do anything to keep them together. His loyalty to them is unbelievably strong in one so young, but Teddy is a boy made of ideals.

Even knowing his childhood heros, the Avengers, aren't at all as he imagined doesn't hold him back for long. If they aren't the heroes he imagined them as, then he will be. He'll be everything that a hero should be. He will look after his friends, and he will do what he believes in his heart to be the right thing.

Abilities/Powers: Due to his nature as half Kree and half Skrull, Teddy has a range of abilities, some of which manifest as stronger than others. As an alien, he's also immune to some things that would effect humans, such as pheromones. He's never had a cold in his life.
  • Teddy possesses strength far beyond that of humans. In fact he is also stronger than most Kree heroes due to his Skrull heritage. He can lift several thousand times his own weight. 
  • He is able to change shape. This is a Skrull ability, and despite appearing human most of the time, in order to really use this power, he changes, becoming much taller and broader and taking on the tell-tale Green Skrull colouring.  Some of his shape-shifting is instinctual and is done without thinking (such as his internal organs shifting to avoid damage from impacts and blades), and some of it is simply a natural ability- such as his thicker, armour-like skin.  He also often grows wings which are large and strong enough to give him the ability to fly. 
  • He has the ability to heal much faster than humans, the accelerated rate mending tissue and other damage in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks for a human. He may also be more highly resistant to poisons. 

Items/Weapons: Teddy will arrive with his messenger bag. It's got a comic in it, and his wallet, and that's it. He doesn't have anything else with him apart from his clothes.

Sample Entry: Teddy at the Haven Test Drive

Sample Entry Two: Maybe this was a silly idea. He'd had a surprising number of bad ideas recently- but it was too late to turn back now. He'd crossed town to do this, and having come so far just to turn back seemed pathetic. He hadn't promised anyone of course, he'd just taken it upon himself to go and look for this stuff. But it would be a nice surprise for Bucky to have stuff from home, and Teddy is sure that it might help him relax a little. Of course, there's no guarantee that the rumours are true- there may not be an old record player and some records in one of the tumble-down buildings out here, but Teddy isn't the sort to write the idea off.

He can just imagine Bucky's face when he sets the record player up in the apartment. He can listen to records from back home, and maybe he'll feel better for it.

There's no real proof that backs up any of these thoughts, but that isn't stopping him. He scrambles up over the pile of tumble-down building debris and tries to get his bearings. The directions he was given weren't great, but he's sure that after living in New York all his life he can find his way just about anywhere. Even here.

He finds what he's looking for just over an hour later. Or at least, part of what was a record-player, once. Maybe it can be salvaged. He's not sure. But the smashed and broken records are beyond help. It's disappointing, but he takes it with him. Maybe it will be useful. Maybe they can even find someone who knows how to fix it.
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Robin (m) | Fire Emblem: Awakening | Expired Reserve

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robin (m) | fire emblem: awakening
Name: Eski
Contact Info: eski @ plurk, machiaveski @ aim
Other Characters Played: ---
Requested apartment: ---

Character Name: Robin
Canon: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Canon Point: Before Endgame: Grima
Background/History: Link
An amnesiac at the beginning of the game, Robin is essentially a blank slate when Chrom and his party find him. Unable to remember his name or past, the only thing he's vaguely able to recall is Chrom and that he has a knack for battle strategy. Eventually, he does remember his name and is able to at least introduce himself.

Without a past, all Robin has is the present and the future. The relationships he builds with his allies are incredibly important to him and he can easily befriend anyone. Through these relationships, a personality begins to develop.

He is a compassionate guy and does whatever he can to help. He isn't afraid to run into battle and team up with strangers to help others and he certainly isn't afraid to fight alongside his friends for their happiness and safety. Of course, as a strategist, he isn't the type to just run into battles carelessly either. Even in times when emotions are high, Robin is able to keep a level head and come up with some sort of a plan to minimize any sacrifices they might have to make. In his support with Virion, it's noted that even though he's an army strategist, he values the life of every soldier, and is willing to step up to any challenge that may present. However, it should be noted that he is willing to make difficult decisions, especially if it means sacrificing one life for the sake of many. This can become evident very early in the game if the players opts to sacrifice Emmeryn but it becomes even more clear when he is presented with two chances to sacrifice himself to prevent disaster.

Speaking of disaster, Robin is a Plegian, descended from Validar, and destined to become the vessel for a Dark Dragon that will send the world towards a doomed future. In the "original" timeline, Robin becomes Chrom's most trusted friend, fighting alongside him all the way until the final battle, and even taking an attack for him. At the end of the battle Robin is fully possessed by Grima and he kills Chrom, bringing on an age of darkness. However, it is suggested in another timeline that though Robin is possessed, his heart and mind is still strong enough to resist for his friends, though, not very effectively.

Knowing all of this, Robin is actually very distraught. Valuing his friends lives' and well being too much, he is willing to sacrifice himself and die for their sakes. Chrom convinces him not to but Robin never makes any promise that he still won't consider it…

Despite all seriousness, Robin is a very easy going guy. He isn't bothered by the fact that he has amnesia and doesn't remember anything except waking up in the middle of a field. In fact, he laughs it off and later notes that his daughter, Morgan, inherited his "blithe outlook." And though he tries to take his role in the army seriously, he often willingly (and at times, unwittingly) goes along with the more sillier and over the top shenanigans in the army. Some examples include engaging in prank wars involving amphibians because he was tired of being pranked himself and matchmaking wyverns just because he was asked.

That said, while he is an incredibly friendly and easy going guy, he is known to get frustrated and even exhausted juggling his social life with his army duties. He's been shown to put his foot down and ask some his allies to start taking things seriously more often. He doesn't really think about his own well being as much as he should, often not realizing when he's feeling ill until others mention it and some times even disregarding himself to the point he needs serious medical attention. He never complains but its a recurring enough theme in his conversations with his friends, he probably never learns.

Lastly, he is the father of Morgan (F) in the game. Since they both have amnesia, again, there isn't much to learn there besides the fact that they love each other very much and Robin most likely encouraged her in all of her past endeavors the same way he does for all of his other potential children. He can also marry any woman in the army and his love for her above all else will become the only thing historians ever agree on. I don't have a personal preference for his wife but I'm willing to match up with the Morgan (F) in Haven if Cal's cool with it.

I'll be taking Robin right before end game, before he is able to sacrifice himself.

Robin's signature classes are Tactician and Grandmaster. Able to wield magic and swords, both classes are well balanced and allow him to take offensive or supportive roles in a fight easily. Each class comes with two skills:

Veteran: When the user is in a Paired Up, any EXP gained is multiplied by 1.5.
Solidarity: increases the critical rates and critical evade by 10 to adjacent allies
Ignis: Adds half Mag or Str stat to the other value when attacking
Rally spectrum: All stats +4 to all allies within a 3 tile radius for one Turn when the Rally command is used

Robin is also able to reclass to most classes in the game, allowing him to pick up more skills. The most he can utilize at once is 5. In Haven, his fifth skill will be,
Swordfaire: Strength +5 when equipped with a sword (Magic +5 when equipped with the Levin Sword)

In Haven terms, all of this will basically translate to: Robin fights best with other people and can help others fight better. He's quick to learn new skills, some of his attacks will be stronger than usual, and he's pretty skilled with a sword.

Levin Sword: A magic sword that can be used as a normal sword or to cast thunder magic from afar.
Thoron: A high level magic tome that casts thunder magic. The pages will be wiped of text but it looks like past FE cast members have established that they’ll still work.
Steel sword: A sword made of steel.

Sample Entry: One, two
Sample Entry Two:
Robin carries a list in one hand, labeling all of the miscellaneous requests from some of the Shepherds back at camp who were unable to make it into town for one reason or another. Some of the requests were small, like more thread for Cherche and some healing supplies for Maribelle and Lissa’s healing tent. These were easy enough items to shop for and he figured he wouldn’t need help carrying these things back.

For now, he would ignore the ominous request for “claws of a drowned cat.” He also decided it was probably best to not wonder which of the two could have possibly requested and why. Robin was a man that was always pursuing knowledge but some times less was more (and ignorance really can be bliss when it comes to these sorts of things).

After picking up some of the things on the list, a store catches his eye. It’s a bookstore and the gears in his mind begin to turn, weighing his wants and needs to decide whether or not he could afford to take a quick look. It wasn’t as if he was short on funds but maybe the funds could be better spent going to something else like new weapons or supplies later on. He had plenty books on military strategy, on economics, and history… Countless scrolls drawn with detailed maps labeling important landmarks and topography…

He didn’t necessarily need anything but a quick look wouldn’t hurt.

What if he found something that could be useful for him? Or someone else? Or even better: for everyone?

The store is dimly lit and smells of bound leather and old pages. It isn’t a particularly large store and he wonders if he really will find anything here. Robin exchanges a nod with the store’s keeper and begins to peruse the shelves. Almanacs for farmers, books of religion, some children fairytales… There are certainly titles and genres that bring certain people to mind. There’s a small section on military history and strategy and while there are some books that he doesn’t own, this still isn’t what he’s looking for.

It isn’t until he turns around and spies the section on the shelf for home and families that something catches his eye.

Frederick had started teaching him the basics but he still wasn’t very good. The best he could say is that he’d gone from poisoning himself twice to only poisoning himself once. The last time he’d cooked hadn’t been a complete disaster but it was thanks in part to his partner on cooking duty that day. A lot of food had gone to waste that day and when you had an army as large as the Shepherds, food costs made up a bulk of the budget. If he could get better, he wouldn’t waste so much food in the preparation stage and the others wouldn’t waste food on principle of it just not being good.

He’d come in looking for a book on strategy or for a friend to enjoy but instead, Robin leaves with a cookbook. Let’s see, maybe when he was on cooking duty today? Maybe he could convince Stahl and Cordelia to let him join them in the kitchen today…
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enrico pucci | jojo's bizarre adventure | reserved

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Name: ida
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] misatos
Other Characters Played: n/a
Requested apartment: apartment 31.1

Character Name: Enrico Pucci
Canon: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean
Canon Point: Volume 80: "What a Wonderful World"; end-point
Background/History: airborne frogs and sinister ministers
"You're the kind of evil that doesn't know it's evil... that's the worst kind there is."

Absence of threat, Pucci is the perfect image of The Affable Priest, strict without seeming authoritarian, strong-willed without seeming obtrusive. He retains some lasting vestiges of classic religiosity: Dio describes him as a man without need for political power, fame, wealth, or sexual desire. His motives for taking over the prison are not so that he can delight in the control that authority provides - on the contrary, he is more than content to follow the rules of his superiors as long as his goals aren't compromised. He sees through his plans by politely requesting of others, rather than doling out brash orders. He prays. He has the Bible learned by heart. He listens to religious worship in his spare time. Ideals notwithstanding, Pucci is an eccentric when compared to your average priest. His breadth of knowledge is near limitless; contrary to what one might think, he exhibits a fascination with arithmetic, biology, and psychology. Whether it's animal physiology or subliminal messaging or cryptozoology, he's ready and willing to discuss it in great detail, no matter how trivial the facts. And like Dio, he's excellent in exuding a sense of compassion and charisma about him person. It's the intensity of his devotion that draws the following and admiration of so many people - the prison guards, Dio's sons - Pucci really does believe he's doing the right thing. Not simply for his own sake, or for Dio's, but in noble pursuance of a better future for humanity, all in accordance to God's wishes.

Depending on who you ask, some would say there are few who can rival him in terms of generosity, especially against the backdrop of grim prison wardens eager to dispense violence at any sign of disorder. There's no better study in contrasts. One moment Pucci's cowering in a private corner managing his anxiety, another moment he's unleashing brief but ruthless displays of rage (slamming a prisoner's head into the corner of a desk for stealing his cross pendant, for one), and another moment yet he's singing jubilant praises and challenging prisoners to see if they can eat a cherry with the seeds intact. It's in his best interests for people to hold him in their good graces as a Father of state prison. When the opportunity presents himself, he'd much rather delegate aggression to those deemed irredeemable sinners than handle the brow-beating himself, half in part for appearances' sake, half in part to reaffirm his own sense of virtuousness. As far as Pucci is concerned, either a person lives a life of sin, or they be utilized for a purpose bigger than themselves. He doesn't believe in personal reform to an extent - which either justifies or counters his official job description, depending on one's own assessment - once you're born cursed, you die cursed. It's simply a matter of fate. Pucci is fated, Weather is cursed. Pucci is fated, the Joestars are cursed... and so is everyone else who opposes him.

Fundamentally, Pucci is a man wholly incapable of examining himself in terms of right or wrong, because there is simply no "wrong" when he is concerned. Regret and shame have no place in his rationale. If they did, they would serve as unbearable reminders of the mistakes of his past - or even worse, the question over personal responsibility with regards to Weather and Pearla. Since the moment he could hold a crayon, the motto "bad things do not happen to God-fearing people" was vigorously indoctrinated into his psyche. To cope with his life's many contradictions, "bad things" are only obstacles, not consequences, which removes personal liability by extension, and "good things" are divine signs that he is destined. Of course, Pucci has no problem flexing his selective attention muscles everywhere he goes, thereby fueling his sense of superiority to extreme heights under the most generous of estimates. His highbrow ideals, his devotion, his loyalty, all this is more than enough to justify his means, however sinister or corrupt they seem.

Pucci's brand of violence is underhanded, not barbaric, wholly Machiavellian in its execution: only dished out under necessity, brutal enough to justify respect. Passive engagements are his most preferred tools of trade. He's inclined to fight in the presence of another present danger, and often times deliberately engineers his confrontations so that his opponents are faced with internal dilemmas of importance. Will it be me, or someone you love? For Jolyne, it was either killing Pucci or saving her father's memory disk. For Foo Fighters, it was either killing him or diverting her attentions to another threat likely to destroy her. Ten times out of ten, this conditional is so pressing that his opponents pick the latter rather than the former. Pucci didn't succeed by turning a blind eye to his own weaknesses. He is sharp enough to know that he can be overpowered in a simple game of brute strength, and always plans accordingly. And Pucci is nothing if not an expert planner, thanks to enduring patience and a strong divine map.

Even the slightest hint of uncertainty — hand in hand with the sense of losing control — is enough to give him restless bouts of nervous anxiety. Combined with a rigorous display of hand-wringing, counting prime numbers is his go-to coping mechanism in times of stress, because they cannot be divided by any number other than itself and one: "God's number", a symbol of invincibility. In his own words? It gives him strength. God is always in control, and since Pucci esteems himself as God's most devoted ambassador, he must also always be in control. Even his idea of "Heaven" is one where all humans would be born knowing what lies past the horizon of their future, so that they may be resign to their fate with dignity. Ultimately, Pucci subscribes to a radical form of religious fatalism, expounded by a childhood where the unknown had condemned him to a life of turmoil.
Explaining Pucci's powers first requires a brief rundown of the nature of Stands in general. Stands are physical manifestations of an individual's energy that can be summoned or dismissed at the User's will. Varying powers non-withstanding, they act as an extension of the User's bodily senses: whatever the Stand sees, the User sees, whatever the Stand hears, the User hears. If a Stand's leg gets chopped off, the User can say goodbye to that leg in return. Distance from the User/Stand and strength are negatively correlated, with some notable exceptions. Perhaps the most relevant feature of Stands are that they are only visible to other Stand Users. Non-Stand Users affected by Pucci's Stand, for example, can only witness the changing phenomena around them, not the avatar hanging off his shoulder.

Generally speaking, an individual can only have one Stand. However, Pucci is an anomaly in that he "acquires" more Stands through a sequence of increasingly bizarre events, in true JJBA fashion.

( ᴡʜɪᴛᴇsɴᴀᴋᴇ )

Pucci's primary Stand, obtained upon being stabbed by Dio's Arrow. Whitesnake gives Pucci the ability to rob someone of their "soul" by materializing their memories and/or powers in the form of a CD disk. Upon being hit by Whitesnake, a disk will 'pop' out out the skull in a manner not unlike a CD drive popping out of a labtop. Despite the wince-inducing imagery it evokes, the whole process is fairly painless by and large, unless Pucci helps himself to both an individual's memories and their powers, in which case the individual falls into a deep, coma-like state. Whitesnake's disks have the faces of the individuals imprinted on them for easy identification, and cannot be destroyed unless they are inserted into a dying person's body. If a power disk is inserted into a person, the abilities on that disk will be available to them; much the same is true with regards to memory disks. This power is not without its mundane utility: at one point, Pucci used an injured man's body like a glorified iPod to blast a personal CD-copy of Handel's Messiah outside a prison courtyard.

In conjunction with its disk-nabbing powers, Whitesnake can also produce a digestive mist causing graphic, atmospheric hallucinations for a limited amount of time.

Halfway through the story, Pucci absorbs The Green Baby, which is the perfect segue-way into...

( ᴄ-ᴍᴏᴏɴ )

Pucci's second stand. Pucci enjoys all the trappings of Whitesnake's original abilities, with the bonus capacity for gravity manipulation within a fixed range of 3 kilometers. Pucci can exploit the gravitational force between objects to suit his favor, which allows him to accomplish feats like orbiting around threats or inverting surfaces with a mere touch. He can even do this to himself (warning: not so much graphic as it is unsettling) as a measure in self-defense. Likewise, any moving object within a 3km distance from him will fall away from him due to transposed gravity.

In Haven, the range of this ability will be curbed to a manageable 30 feet (~9 meter) radius.

Naturally, Pucci won't be bringing Made In Heaven to Haven. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Items/Weapons: Weather's memory disk.
Sample Entry: merry christmas... asshole.
Sample Entry Two:
People, he realized forever ago, were easy to understand. Easy to label, easy to talk to, easy to identify, easy to control. Some of them, spineless conformists, shifting with the times, appearing just where he needed stability, when he needed to float, gifts from above. Some of them trigger reactions controlled by passion and emotion, easy to mold beneath his fingertips, to strip anything useful from their damned souls. He always seems to find himself with several people who displayed the worst aspects of both.

No problem.

He knows how the others view her. Socially, the label is clear. Jolyne Kujo, rebel, trouble-maker, professional shit-stirrer. She'll definitely be the one to break out first. No one ever confuses her name. Not that he minds. He's found it easier, much easier, to dig dirt on her whereabouts, to dart in and scavenge at necessities and spring out, if he's nothing but a backdrop against all the commotion she's caused. He's learned that much about humanity: even the most perceptive only see what they want to see. No one ever has the time or attention for someone small and insignificant and unassuming as himself. Another blessing.

"Um... did you catch that, Father?"

Pucci stirs his coffee around. As usual, some cook hadn't listened to his preferences and as usual he's considering dumping in the entire canister of sugar in retaliation. The inmate was talking, but he couldn't listen. The drink was much too sour, and in the long stretch between this meeting and the next, he'll have to take Ms. Renee off coffee duty.

"Say it again."
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jion haru | original

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Name: Miru.
Contact Info: miruvix[@]gmail.com | [plurk.com profile] databomb
Other Characters Played: Noriaki Kakyoin ([personal profile] splashdamage)
Requested apartment: No preference!

Character Name: Jion Haru
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» Jion is from a vaguely ruined alternate-Earth, where World War III has already come and gone. Most of the world is still picking itself up after the damage wrought by WWIII, and has transitioned into the final stages of recovery. The United States is still caught up in some minor skirmishes in Eastern Europe, specifically in the South Caucasus states, but is otherwise focused on rebuilding the economy and transitioning from a more militant war-time government to something with more peaceful priorities. Technology has advanced, but with focuses mostly on wartime technology and bio-engineering.

» Sixteen years ago. Jion is brought into existence. He's the product of a military-funded experiment that was started before the outbreak of WWIII and picked up its pace near the end of the war.

» Created from genetic material derived from anonymous military-associated donors, Jion is conceived in a test tube in some laboratory out in the barren wasteland of the American mid-West. Not just him, though. Jion and several hundred other genetically-engineered humans are created at the same time as part of the military's ambitious Project Planaria -- an attempt to push regenerative medicine to its limits. The human embryos are modified to share key genetic sequences with planaria in order to facilitate super-rapid cell regeneration in case of injury. Extensive testing using rats and guinea pigs have been successful in creating specimens capable of recovering from massive amounts of damage, and this stage of the project aims to create humans with that same capability. Hopefully, Project Planaria will yield several hundred super-soldiers capable of recovering from virtually any injury. These soldiers would be huge assets in cleaning up the last few conflicts persisting in Eastern Europe.

» Unfortunately, the promising compatibility between flatworms and rodents doesn't equate to compatibility between flatworms and humans. The first batch of embryos fails almost in its entirety, yielding only twenty-something successful specimens. The second batch of embryos created in an attempt to salvage the project doesn't fare any better. Furthermore, the thirty-something children who transition safely from test-tube baby to infancy don't display any signs of rapid regeneration. Any additional funding to the project is immediately put on hold, especially given the strains on the national economy due to post-war recovery. The resulting children from the experiment are tentatively raised in a laboratory environment -- the plan goes that they will be closely observed until they hit the age of 18, then will be enlisted into the military as normal persons.

» For nine, ten years, the children of Project Planaria seem to be perfectly average humans. However, when the children enter their early teens, they suddenly start showing symptoms of rapid regeneration. The boys first, and then the girls.

» Jion -- one of the children from the second batch of specimens, average among his peers in every way -- is one of the first children to show signs of regeneration. At age eleven, he wakes up one day plagued with absolutely crippling pains in his abdomen and chest. Though the lab technicians first dismiss his symptoms as the beginnings of your garden variety stomach flu, a physical examination reveals that his chest and abdominal cavities are packed to bursting with extraneous scraps of flash, teratomas, two extra kidneys and an extra lung. He's rushed into surgery and "fixed," after which the scientists begin questioning and prodding at him to figure out exactly what is going on.

» It turns out that the children show similarities to planaria only after they hit puberty. Furthermore, their regeneration turns out to be terrible flawed. Their bodies produce far too many stem cells that uncontrollably differentiate into varying other types of cells, causing their bodies to produce mass amounts of extra internal organs, bones, muscle tissue and teratomas. In fact, their bodies produce extra components rapidly enough that, if they go too long without surgical intervention, the resulting pressure in their bodies can cause tremendous harm to themselves, or even death. Not to mention, the constant rapid regeneration also causes the children to age extremely quickly, roughly four times that of a normal person.

» There's a mad scramble as the scientists leading the project try to decide what to do. Obviously, these specimens are not fit for military duty given their flawed regeneration and need for constant surgery. But even worse, with the long gestation period and high cost of production, any specimen that dies as a combatant would equate to huge financial losses. So, after much debate, Project Planaria personnel decide to relegate these specimens as combat medics, instead.

» So Jion, at twelve years of age and rapidly coming to realize that he's not exactly a normal human being, is placed in a crash course in military medicine.

» Taken out of the military-lab compound where he's spent most of his childhood, Jion spends the next year and a half being put through an intense training regimen, learning the ins and outs of working as a combat medic. Though not an especially bright individual, Jion's accelerated physical and mental growth allow him to absorb information like a sponge, and he passes all tests with flying colors.

» Immediately afterwards, he's shipped out to action overseas. Jion is technically thirteen years old. Physically, he's about eighteen. Mentally ... it's hard to tell.

» Products of Project Planaria are often given drastically unconventional tasks due to their capabilities: providing emergency care under fire in highest-risk situations given their ability to work even while taking heavy damage; helping evacuate individuals from hazardous locations; serving as blood donors on the spot due to their ability to rapidly produce large quantities of blood every day; and -- in the most drastic cases -- serving as emergency organ farms for gravely injured soldiers. It's a tough job.

» Though Jion quickly earns a reputation for being efficient and easy to work with, agreeable and always willing to lend a hand when needed, he's never really integrated into any battalion, either. Though technically ranked a specialist, he only knows to follows orders and save people's lives, no matter what it takes; ranks are irrelevant to him. His squadmates often don't know how to treat him due to his status as "one of those weird blood-tanks," and he's too often shipped to other locations before he can really come to know anyone.

» His lifestyle isn't particularly cruel or demeaning. He gets a healthy paycheck to his name that he can spend however he likes. Nobody dares disrespect him due to his special status. He's treated nicely between skirmishes, and a lot of people appreciate what he does. He's saved lots of lives. But -- it's undeniably a somewhat lonely way of living.

» Jion spends two and a half years being shuttled from battlefield to battlefield in Eastern Europe, given only brief breaks in between deployments, when he's made to return to his old laboratory-compound home for medical checkups and observation.

» And it's during one of those breaks that he ends up meeting with one of the other children he grew up with back at the military-lab compound -- a specimen from a different project, a girl named Melody. Unlike him, Melody is a soldier proper, created with abnormally good reflexes and dense muscle mass, usually deployed for infiltration purposes due to her small size. Though Jion's always known that he and his fellow experiment specimen were created as tools of war in the first place, it somehow disturbs him greatly to see Melody actually serving as a soldier.

» Though he's never really questioned his life before, seeing his friend's situation makes him start to hesitate. Life serving as a glorified lab rat's all he's ever known, and he's thought that he'd be okay with it. But ... then again, maybe not. He wants his friend, at least, to have a nicer life. And if she does, he wants to as well.

» He's soon deployed once more (Armenia, this time), and he performs his duties well, of course. He's still a combat medic, and he'll do his best to help as many people as he possibly can. But at the same time, he starts thinking, considering, planning. Maybe, the next time he's returned to the lab compound, he can find an escape route. Maybe, if he can meet up with Melody there, they can run away together. Technically, they're both military property, and life as civilians would be impossible while the war is still going on; something that's incredibly unlikely to happen in their projected (very short) lifespans. But maybe ... they can run away and try living a normal life. He'd like to try that. It sounds kinda nice, escaping to a quiet city somewhere and living like a normal person. The thought of 'a normal life' becomes something that he looks forward to and hopes for. Something that keeps him going whenever circumstances are tough.

» Jion Haru, age 16 (physical age roughly 28), falls asleep in his tent one night like he always does after a long day of hard work -- and wakes up in a strange place called Haven.

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Rin Okumura | Ao no Exorcist | Not Reserved

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Name: Jenn
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] gilboat
Other Characters Played: Kaworu Nagisa
Requested apartment: N/A

Character Name: Rin Okumura
Canon: Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist
Canon Point: Chapter 50.
Background/History: Here!
twinning: vaan @ lj (Default)

Re: Rin Okumura | Ao no Exorcist | Not Reserved

[personal profile] twinning 2015-01-21 05:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality: Being a kid was never easy for Rin. He was constantly fighting and bumping heads with not only his peers, but everyone around him. Adults often talked about how he was demonic/a demonic child which bruised his feelings, but he never quite grew out of that fiery mindset. After all, he had a younger brother to protect. His adoptive father, Fujimoto, always encouraged him to be more adult-like and try harder to become motivated at school or with work and try as he may, adulthood is hard for the eldest Okumura, as upsetting being looked down on is. It was much more natural to play the support role — which he did with honesty. Even before class begins, Rin's excited to see that his brother Yukio has made it to student rep. Looking like a punk came just as naturally and from his hair down to his untucked uniform, it's something he can't help.

However, things change after Rin's attacked by a demon called Astaroth. His true being and calling is revealed all at once, by Fujimoto who shows up to save him. He learns he's a demon himself, but not just any demon. He's the son of Satan and this must be kept secret from namely everyone. He and his father rush to church due to an abnormal surge of demons in the area, and on arrival he's given his sword. His father is never able to leave the church, as he becomes possessed by Satan himself who tries to drag Rin to hell as if he needed further proof of his roots. Fujimoto dies here, which (unfortunately) spurs some proper motivation. He now aims to become an exorcist and with the help of a family friend, Mephisto, he's able to enroll in True Cross Academy, vowing to kick Satan's ass. Originally, this is all to be kept a secret from Yukio but low and behold, Yukio is revealed to be his teacher and so Rin vows to become strong and surpass his younger brother, even as the role of protector shifts on it's head. Here, he's actually able to make a few friends though he has to keep his identity a secret from them. He didn't like doing it — he hates lying, actually, and it prevented him from properly bonding with his friends, but if they were to so much as catch a little glimpse of so much as his tail, they would surely turn on him. Though he feels close to Shiemi and Bon, both classmates, and both due to their individual heartbreaks and thirst to achieve their very different, but personal goals.

Being enrolled and having aspirations still doesn't completely overwrite the difficulty he has with learning as a whole. It isn't as if he's stupid, though Yukio got most of the brains here, he simply struggles to pay attention and has difficulty caring about his studies for extended periods. Hands on is the way to go! Still, he doesn't have to go out of his way to look completely idiotic. He has difficulty pronouncing words and is ignorant about some rather basic things. For example, he believes a squid’s fins are it’s ears and misunderstands a lot of common phrases.

However, give him something he has a healthy interest in and he'll exceed expectations! A good example of this is cooking. He surprisingly excels a it, along with sleeping and spacing out. Whenever he is able to complete a task, Rin can be extremely cheeky about it and makes sure everyone is aware of his accomplishment in a very "look ma', no hands!" kinda way. This is likely done because of all his previous shortcomings, but his immaturity is no surprise to anyone. All in hall, he's still a teenage boy trying to find a path for himself in life. He may have Satan's blood within him, but he still cries when he reads manga, throws caution to the wind in favor of helping someone out, and has a soft spot for animals. We see him coming to the defense of pigeons early on, when a certain bully is killing them at the park (which costs him his job, indirectly) and when we meet his familiar, a large Cait Sith named Kuro who once belonged to his father. Surrounding exorcists want to kill it, but Rin headbutts it back to reality and manages to calm it down. Underneath that wild attitude of his, he's a sensitive and compassionate young man. He'll even put his desires and goals on the backburner to uphold the desires of his friends, not because his resolve wavers but because he'd much rather be a good, supportive friend no matter what. Even if they don't jive as well as they could. Taking Bon for example. He's equally as hot-headed and shares the same ideals as Rin. They clash often, but Rin doesn't deem that as an excuse to hate him. Moreover, he wants to earn the guy's respect — not that he'll admit it outright. He actually develops a list of cool people, listing himself as fourth and Bon as second.

Anyway, he's really the type to butt into any hostile situation, disregarding himself and what may become of him should his efforts go amiss.

That being said, his stubborn determination and inclination to do what's right often has him ignoring advice and turning a blind eye to those wiser and more experienced than himself. He's blatantly self-willed, noisy, and tends to lose himself in his anger. Once, he called his mentor an ugly bitch ('don't get in my way, ugly bitch') because she was restraining him from attacking a peer, even though putting his demonic powers on display will earn Rin a ticket to the execution room. It's easy to understand why he's so feared, but he usually owns up to his blunders and apologizes even if the memory stings or is fresh in everyone's mind. In turn, he's always happy to hand out second chances and see the good in others, in spite of his sometimes-harsh words.
In short, Rin's just doing his best to be accepted by his peers and seen as a source of protection. He rebukes his bloodline and lives on for his father, wanting to attain true self-worth and the ability to save everyone — everyone in the world, should Satan manifest. Lately he's managed to calm down some, but he's rash as ever and rarely uses his brains before assessing a situation.

Abilities/Powers: Rin's been getting into fights ever since he was young, and he's always been several times stronger than other kids his age, likely because of his demonic heritage. He's capable of carrying huge loads, lifting cars with little effort and bending metal, just to name a few examples. Heck, when he was just a boy, he punched his adoptive father and broke six of his ribs with that single blow.

Rin's also capable of communicating with and hearing the thoughts of other demons, something normal people can't do. He becomes a tamer, taming Cait Sith (affectionately named 'Kuro') who becomes his familiar, which he uses as both a weapon and a means of transportation.

Because of his demonic properties, he can heal remarkably fast. There's a point where he's stabbed through the stomach with a sword and moments later, he's healed. In a separate incident, his leg is almost completely severed, but that wound also healed within seconds. He is also immune to the effects of miasma and any other other harmful energy-draining substances created by demons.

He's also adept at wielding his katana, having undergone extensive training on how to handle it, but he prefers using his superhuman strength in battle. He's extremely athletic, able to run great distances and leap tall bounds without wearing himself out. But, when his sword is unsheathed, he's able to use more of his demonic abilities which alters his appearance just a bit -- lengthening his ears, sharpening his teeth, and covering certain points of his body in blue flames. Like this, he can manipulate the blue flames of Satan and use them to his advantage. His sword can also act as a projector of sorts in terms of shaping and managing those flames. The more he taps into that energy, however, the less control he has over himself which creates the potential to hurt anyone who gets in his way, friend or foe. Totally going berserk at any point is highly unlikely, though. It's a hurdle he passed some time ago.

Back to his sword, his heart was sealed into the Kurikara at birth, and it acts as a a medium as well as a seal for his demonic powers. When sealed -- sheathed, demonic blue flames are kept out of sight, but it isn't a surefire (no pun intended) way to keep those flames at bay. His flames and when they emerged are based heavily on his emotions -- it's even implied that the flames are sentient themselves. As it were Rin's able to completely control his flames and choose what to burn and not what to. Furthermore, he can decide the nature of his flames. They can be used as a method of purification over destruction. If his sword, his 'heart' is destroyed, it will die as well. "For a Demon to release its full power it must reveal its heart, which in turn makes them extremely vulnerable."
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Presa | Tales of Xillia | Expired Resver & Re-app.

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Name: Kira.
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] lymlemuris | PM
Other Characters Played: None.
Requested Apartment: None.

Character Name: Presa (Formerly known as Jill Lewin and Mink)
Canon: Tales of Xillia
Canon Point: Post Chapter 3
Background/History: wiki
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There are many sides of Presa making it hard to pinpoint her true colours. At first she comes off as a flirtatious woman who has a lot of pride in her body. She tends to come off as someone who doesn’t care about what people think of her, especially with the choice of clothing she wears. It is easy for someone to believe she dresses in such a manner to lure men towards her and just toy with them, caring for no one but herself. Many people view her as a greedy person who stays with them to get what she wants before leaving.

For the most part that is true. Presa is proud of her body, she does enjoying flirting with men and she doesn’t care about how a person views her. Her style of clothing helps her with her. She needs to be able to gain attention from men to get information from them. When it comes to her work, Presa is willing to get down and dirty. It's something she has gotten used to over the years. Presa knows she has a good body and she will use it to seduce people, an act she has come accustomed to after being in the Garage Corps.

Over the years, Presa has become quite the actress. It is easy for her to turn from someone that is proud and stubborn to a girl who is scared and nervous. Most of the time she remains casual around people, rarely hostile unless she has been provoked. Her body language will often show that she is relaxed and content, but that might not always be her true emotions.

If she becomes upset, Presa is able to hide it. Unfortunately certain people can easily bring out such emotions and she will let it show. When it comes down to it, she taunts and teases her enemies, something she enjoys from time to time. Blunt and honest, Presa can easily become a cruel person who won't hold back. Due to past the betrayals Presa has had to go through, she keeps a guard up and won't take new ones kindly.

It's a hard task to get close to her, but when she is comfortable around young people, Presa can be seen as the elder sister type. She remains loyal to those that have been able to earn her trust and gain that loyalty. She is most loyal to her beloved King and would do anything for him, even give up her life. Since the horrible fate of her friends, she is no longer scared of dying.

While she may come off as a strong-willed woman with no fears, she is scared of having nowhere to belong. She has been left behind and tossed aside for most of her life, so Presa does have a fear of getting close to someone in case she’ll be abandoned again. This is why she enjoys being a member of the Chimeriad because she was able to make a family there. When it comes down to it, she is a very caring woman.

During her precious time in Haven, Presa has learned to be more open, lower her guard and trust those around here. She is aware that living in this town and acting like a lone wolf will result in death and teamwork is important. There are times she can be a little skittish due to past betrayals and how some supposed friends and allies have been involved with Yao,

Presa is a magic user that relies on mana that flows through the world to cast her spells. She has what is called a gate, which allows her to use the mana, chant a spell, and release an attack. These attacks are generally known as 'Artes' in her world.

She has been able to learn defensive and offensive type of Artes, from healing to water spells, which she specializes in. All of her spells are in the tome she carries, including her most powerful Arte.

The tail she possess is not an actual tail, but created by magic. It is a weapon of sorts that she can fight with. Normally she is seen wearing it, but she does have the ability to 'turn it off'.

Items/Weapons: A large, thick tome.

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henry cooldown | no more heroes

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Other Characters Played: Nope
Requested apartment: 1.1 or 1.3, if possible. If not, then no prefrence.

Character Name: Henry Cooldown
Canon: No More Heroes
Canon Point: Post NMH2
Background/History: Linkage

Previous Game History: He wasn't in Haven for long, but he made a few acquaintances plus got around to talking to his brother some more. Not much really happened, aside from participating in a few events. He was a part of the even where one group lost their memories and were living in a perfect community watched over by Yao. He believed himself to be a businessman and had a job as an assassination for the Yao Corp, killing people that Yao believed were dangerous to society (rebels). Was dropped right after this event.

Personality: At first glance, Henry is a mild-mannered professional assassin: down-to-earth, polite, relatively intelligent, with a hint of sass. He has an air of haughtiness about him, something he's acquired from studying abroad in the UK and France for long periods of his life although he was raised in Ireland. Family back home call him a Shoneen, an Irishman who imitated English ways since his mannerisms mirrored them more than his Irish counterparts. It's more than likely he was physically born in the United States, but there's no canon proof of where Travis and Henry were born. Strict parents (most likely foster parents) taught him the ways of becoming an assassin- but he learned most of his mannerisms and own style of professionalism when he studied/went to college in the UK , though it's not far-fetched to say that his up-bringing helped shape and mold his principles to this day. While his parents were very strict and demanded a certain kind of presentation from him, they weren't completely put-off by his slightly condescending attitude. It was his way of rebelling against his parents, and he holds pride in his successful attempts to develop his own identity.

It was speculated that Henry was in on the killing game with Sylvia in their early years together; A honey-moon stage for them, as morbid and twisted as it may sound to others. He wasn't and still isn't blind to her behaviour, but back then to a 17 year old, it probably seemed like a good way to get quick cash in huge amounts and also grant him some recognition in the assassin biz. He knew her tendency to spend money like it's nothing would require some unsavory methods, but it wasn't so difficult to accept in the beginning. He realized as time went on that he actually did have a conscience, and while still married to Sylvia, he technically went rogue, giving up his #1 spot in the game and leaving it for whoever happened to be next. This shows that despite his grey-area morals, he still has a limit to how much bad he can do, unlike his ex-wife.

While he realizes murdering people is "bad", he actually enjoys his job and is not at all squeamish. He has great enjoyment for his work, and some could even say he's a bit of a sociopath. Sometimes he turns cold when he's in the middle of a job, or loses himself in the ecstasy of it all- but he's very subtle about it. The only reason he hates the gig in Santa Destroy is more due to the fact that assassinations are turned into a spectator's sport where assassins were just killing each other instead of doing their actual jobs. Taking out another assassin isn't wrong per se when the time calls for it, but when it was just assassins against other assassins in a gladiator style death-match over and over again, what's the point in calling one's self an assassin? One could even say the job works on a "Need-To-Kill" basis, not a wanton parade of thrills and kills. There's a bit of nuance that Henry takes pride in, and he hates what the UAA (United Assassins Association) has turned the profession into.

He keeps his cool most of the time, but like the Irishman he is, has a bit of a temper if provoked enough. Being thrown into an unknown situation against his will (ie. his subconscious, fighting against Mimmy), realizing his wife cheated on him with his twin brother Travis Touchdown, and generally having to deal with wacky shit that he feels is a waste of his time (ie. the boss battle against Jasper Batt Jr). It's funny that he thinks this way since he's kind of a strange character himself. It's probably because he doesn't believe he's as ridiculous as some of the characters that are encountered that he sees himself as better or above them. This shows in his actions, as he does whatever the hell he wants, whether it's blatantly fourth-walling or interfering with Travis's fights or breaking out of the assassin game that he and his ex had set up in the first place, only to enter back in as a secret boss when it's convenient for him. The fact that he's even able to (or allowed, from the game creator's perspective) do any of these things gives him a greater - if false - sense of power, making him come off a bit cocky. He's completely aware of his lack of actual control or power over his life though, which he's come to terms with, and powers through it all with dry humor and violence.

Being reminded of any weaknesses or troubles in his past are very unwelcome, however, something he responds to with bitter resentment or anger. Emotional or physical weakness was something his family looked down upon. If you had a weakness, you either kept it hidden or you overcame it, and this way of thinking is one of the few things that were ingrained into him since childhood. Any reminders of his own weaknesses are rarely elaborated upon, but it's easy to assume that he hates it. Anything involving his relationship with Sylvia and his daughter are touchy subjects (head-canon information about his direct family:), for he doesn't get to see his daughter much. After the divorce between the first and second game, it's likely that Sylvia won custody of their young daughter Jeane. During a cut scene in Henry's subconscious, he's confronted by a rainy scene in front of a house, and while there's absolutely no information regarding this scene whatsoever, it can be one of couple things: the house he grew up in or the house that he, Sylvia, and Jeane lived in, and it dredges up some unpleasant or melancholy emotions in either situation.

He misses his daughter and probably has a hint of regret of doing what he does for a living, possibly because he just wants to settle down and live a normal life as a father, but it's not as if he can just sulk and cling to the past so he covers his weaknesses and deals with it. Mimmy says an interesting thing during their encounter in Henry's subconscious, claiming that he "did not wish to go back [to the conscious world]" and that he called out to her. Mimmy seems to be a parasite in his mind, an embodiment of his childish desires (she looks like a young anime child with gigantic robot arms) and wants to keep him in his comatose state because he secretly wishes to stay in the scenery of his old house, but the strength of his willpower to shut down any weaknesses allows him to ignore her tempting offer and eradicates her existence completely.

Travis, being his only living blood, holds a special (if slightly confusing) spot in his heart. They start off as rivals, then as awkward strangers trying to deal with each other, then sorta rival-brothers again. Henry sees himself as the responsible one, who has to steer Travis onto the right path and open his eyes to the ridiculous world around him, and takes it upon himself to exert the older brother role as often as he can. It doesn't help that they're twins. He likes to tease Travis constantly, finding him an easy target for it, but there is still something genuine about the things he does and says. He was even willing to kill Travis to teach him his lessons- and seeing as he had little to no real emotional connection with him in the beginning, it wasn't too hard. If Travis died in a fight against him, he probably wasn't worth being either 1st Rank or his brother to begin with. However in the second game, Henry is rescued from dying in carbonite (think Star Wars) by Travis, which forces him to stick around for the remainder of the game to pay him back. He doesn't like owing people anything, so his way of payback is to kill the next three targets that Travis had to kill. Such a nice big brother, eh?

In conclusion: While Henry is a strong individual with good manners, a solid foundation of principles and occasional homicidal tendencies, he does had a slightly unhealthy method of keeping up his clean-cut image.

Abilities/Powers: Inhuman speed and strength, like any video game assassin. He's not particularly strong or fast in comparison to most fictional super-powered characters, but stronger than almost any real human being in the real world. That was a dumb way of explaining it, sorry. He is capable of performing Meteor Moves, crashing through the window of an office at 30-stories, dashing at incredible speed, etc.

Items/Weapons: His cross saber, wallet, and a pack of cigarettes.

Sample Entry: Thread @ Monad
If this sample doesn't suffice, I can definitely supply a different one.

Sample Entry Two: Log @ Monad
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The White Rabbit | Are you Alice? | Not reserved

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Character Name: The White Rabbit
Canon: Are you Alice?
Canon Point: The end of chapter 65


AYA? is a bit of a convoluted (and sometimes inconsistent) canon, so I'll be as brief as possible and only discuss what's most relevant to the White Rabbit.

Lewis Carroll was a novelist, but, due to a slowly-progressing (fictitious) mental disorder that would cause him to eventually confuse reality and fiction, he was not the most mentally stable. He would often spend time with the young Alice Liddell, who served as inspiration for his story, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and which he was in the process of revising. In passing, Alice mentioned that her mother had died while pregnant, and Alice's sympathy for her younger sibling (whom she fantasized a boy) compelled Lewis Carroll to write a tale where Alice and her (live) younger brother - also named Alice - lived happily together, sharing one name.

Unfortunately, Alice was growing sick from the same illness that claimed her mother's life. This strained Carroll's sanity, and, to cope with Alice's impending death, he combined the story of Alice's younger brother and the story of Wonderland: he conflated the two Alices, Alice in Wonderland and Alice Liddell, and decided it was Alice's younger brother who killed Alice to steal her name. In a fit of illness, Carroll killed the real Alice Liddell in the same manner Alice's fictional brother had in Carroll's story.

Up until Carroll's breakdown, within the fictional Wonderland the story was repeating endlessly: Alice would chase the White Rabbit, go through the events of the book, wake up from her dream, and then do it all over again, and as these were all fictional characters, no one had a mind of their own or thought outside the confines of the story. But when Carroll crashed together both the story of Wonderland and Alice's murderous brother and killed Alice, within the world of the story there was a fatal deviation.

The White Rabbit was running late as usual, but for the first time he gained consciousness and noticed Alice wasn't following him; not long after, Alice came over a hill and collapsed wearily, injured, and cried to the White Rabbit that she didn't want a younger brother, and that he (the White Rabbit) ought to stop "Sensei" (which is how Alice Liddell would refer to Carroll; unfortunately, the official localization has offered no English alternative to the word) before the entire world around the White Rabbit was torn up and turned black.

At that point the White Rabbit gained a humanoid form, and in the darkness he was confronted by cat eyes and grin, whom he mistook for the Cheshire Cat. The creature accepted the name, and gains its own humanoid form. The now Cheshire Cat informed the White Rabbit that Wonderland has been thrown away and that he, the White Rabbit, was the only survivor (the Cheshire Cat was an outsider who had slipped into the darkness). The Cheshire Cat then took advantage of the White Rabbit's distress and pressed him to rebuild Wonderland from scratch using only the torn-up drafts of the story Carroll wrote, and corners the White Rabbit into dedicating himself to Alice. The White Rabbit, with the image of Alice crying for his help still fresh in his mind, took up his task and new loyalty to Alice very seriously and went to work.

Gradually, the White Rabbit rebuilt a world that didn't resemble Wonderland at all, and instead appeared more like a Victorian city surrounded by forest. Yes, there were Wonderland-ish motifs about the new world, but it wasn't the Wonderland he recalled, and he felt ill at ease.

At some point, the White Rabbit pieced together bloodied scraps of paper, which revived an Alice - whom he identified immediately as Alice Liddell, not Alice in Wonderland - as, when she was killed, her blood splattered on the drafts of the story. He sheltered her, and grew affectionate for her. As Alice was so traumatized by murder and betrayal at the hands of the Sensei whom she trusted, she grew distressed by the notion of being Alice, as she felt that meant she could not escape her own murder. To console her, the White Rabbit named her Mary Ann instead, because while "Alice" might be destined to die, if she isn't Alice, she would have nothing to worry about.

They lived together happily in the empty Wonderland for a time, and the White Rabbit added landmarks and features to the world based on Mary Ann's recollection of the original story drafts. Though the White Rabbit knew he should make Wonderland somehow less empty and continue dedicating himself to Alice in Wonderland's sake, he began to grow distant from his dedication to Alice in Wonderland, preferring instead to talk to Mary Ann. Unfortunately, Mary Ann was no longer the most mentally stable, and she would have more frequent breakdowns so long as Wonderland remained empty, and she could not escape the memories of her murder or Sensei. The White Rabbit grew guilty, but he had no idea how to populate Wonderland, or how to even begin helping either Alice or Mary Ann.

After a series of catalysts, the White Rabbit concluded that he had to progress the story somehow, and bring it to its conclusion; this would bring both Alice and Mary Ann peace, surely. He had no idea the best way to go about it, and without any support - the Cheshire Cat would only push him to keep working harder and subtly manipulated the White Rabbit to adding certain features that were convenient to the Cheshire Cat's ulterior plan, and Mary Ann grew less responsive and more depressed by the day - he concluded a number of things he was uneasy about. But, as he had no better ideas, he ultimately went with them:

- He would bring humans from the "real" world and grant them the names of Wonderland characters. These humans would not necessarily bear much resemblance to the original fictional characters, much like how the current Wonderland location only barely resembled the original Wonderland.
- In this vein, he would bring in any number of girls and name them "Alice," who would act as substitutes for both Alice in Wonderland and Mary Ann, and hopefully move the story forward as the protagonist. If any died, he would replace them with a new girl.
- The goal of each Alice would be to kill him, the White Rabbit, and then the story would end.

This began "The game to kill the White Rabbit," and every inhabitant he brought in from the real world was given a role and abilities related to this game. (The only people he can guide from the real world to Wonderland are people whom the world has discarded, and who want to throw the world away; ie, in the series we know of social pariahs and near-suicide victims who were brought to Wonderland.)

The White Rabbit, however, was actually terrified of dying, and remained hesitant. At times he resented Alice and Mary Ann, and longed for his own happiness. He wanted to live in this world of his creation peacefully without having to strain both his body and mind (as bringing in new residents of Wonderland, as well as keeping together an entire story when he was only a character within it, put tremendous strain on him and he would often collapse in pain or have hallucinatory episodes). However, whenever he would stray too far either Mary Ann (now nearly entirely comatose and ignorant to the White Rabbit's pleas, and would only cry or beg for help while only semi-conscious) or the Cheshire Cat would guilt him back into his duty. The White Rabbit, unable to handle the conflict of wanting happiness but also having to serve Alice selflessly, decided he had to throw away his own feelings and his own self; that he would be entirely second to Alice; that he would forbid himself anything that wasn't for Alice. While not perfectly successful, his absolute dedication to his decision forced a mental break, and he forced himself to believe that he wanted to die, that he wanted nothing for himself, and so on.

He continued in this manner for years, but after a large number of subsequent catalysts (namely, roughly eight or nine volumes of the entire series, so I'll spare you from that summary), the White Rabbit gradually grew more in tune with his own desires. He was supported heavily by his friend, Mitsuki, whom he had brought to Wonderland and had refused to give him a rule associated with the game - the game he was holding for Alice's sake - because he had selfishly wanted to keep Mitsuki for himself, as his friend. Fortunately, the sentiment was mutual, and Mitsuki stood by him throughout despite the White Rabbit's deterioration in sanity. The White Rabbit's allies - the Queen of Hearts and the Caterpillar - also supported him at the tail end of the series, which proved significant in allowing him to eventually recover his sense of self-worth and identity as an individual, not only as a tool for Alice (both Alice in Wonderland, and Alice Liddell).

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Bran Stark ❅ A Song of Ice and Fire ❅ not reserved

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Character Name: Brandon “Bran” Stark
Canon: A Song of Ice and Fire
Canon Point: Post A Dance with Dragons
Background/History: here

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“He is a sweet boy, quick to laugh, easy to love. Let him grow up with the young princes, let him become their friend as Robert became mine.”
— Eddard Stark to Catelyn Tully

Before his fall, Bran is very much like every other boy. He’s playful and full of life, being raised to become a knight of Winterfell, which is what he’s wanted more than anything else in the world.

When he is first introduced, he bears witness to the execution of a deserter of the Night’s Watch. It is something that he has to see, since it will be something he will have to deal with in the future. Though he is not in line to rule Winterfell, he will have to deal with a lot of death as a knight, and may have to kill out of justice, just as Eddard does with the deserter. He wants his son to be used to death, but at the same time be fair. It is a lesson Bran is taught, but not one he puts into practice right away.

Despite the fact the young boy dreams of a day when he will be a knight, as a child, he still has a kind soul. His heart has yet to harden. He shows this kindness — which is a kindness that only someone as young and innocent as himself can have — when they come across a dying direwolf and her pups. The plan is to just let the pups die, but Bran protests. He is leaning about death and when it is justified and when it’s not, and in the case of the direwolves, Bran deems it unjustified. Through this act, and the fact that Jon steps in, all of the Stark children get a direwolves as a pet, very appropriate since their sigil is a direwolf.

Bran could "climb before he could walk."
—Catelyn Tully

Another sign of his innocence is his love for climbing. It brings out his playful and adventurous side. This is just another example of how innocent he is. Climbing brings him a sense of freedom and excitement, and being so strong-footed means he can do it whenever he wishes, though his mother did not approve of it.

Through his climbing, he is able to spot the knights from King’s Landing coming, which brings him so much joy. It is easy to see how important becoming a knight is to him. He admires them so much, and even gets excited over the sight of them. He dreams to join them one day, and this sight only gives him the drive to reach his dream.

Sadly, while his reach is long the dream becomes unreachable, since Bran stumbles upon something he shouldn’t have: while climbing, the young boy spots Queen Cersei and her brother, Jamie, having sex, and before he can get away, Jamie pushes him out the window, causing him to fall to what should be his death. The Gods have other plans for him, so instead of dying, Bran is put into a coma, and his legs are deemed useless.

“I prayed for it. He was my special boy. I went to the sept and prayed seven times to the seven faces of the god that Ned would change his mind and leave him here with me”
—Catelyn Tully

It takes some time for Bran to wake up, but when he does, he’s a completely different kid. The innocent boy he once was is gone now. His dreams are now crushed, and with that, so is his spirit. The adventurous child is gone. Now, Bran grows bitter and depressed. With useless legs and no future, he can’t help it. He becomes rude and unruly toward the people who take care of him, angry at others for leaving.

This can be seen when he’s speaking to his brother, Robb. There are many moments when Bran openly confesses that he wishes he’d died from that fall. The fact he can’t use his legs and the fact that he won’t be able to become a knight has crushed him to the point where he becomes so depressed that he wishes for death upon himself. This depression adds to his bitterness, which makes him distant from others. He comes off as cold and emotionless, which comes out when he’s interacting with others.

For example, when being taught about the houses. Maester Luwin goes over the houses and when they reach his mother’s house, Bran keeps repeating himself. His mother, who left while Bran was still in a coma to find out who hired an assassin to kill him, comes from House Tully, and their words are “Family, Duty, Honor.” Family being first; family being the thing she left behind, and it’s something he feels with all of his family members, whom he loves and feels betrayed by. They all left him, and it hurts. To make it worse, much later Robb leaves him as well, making Bran the oldest Stark in Winterfell, which basically means he’s in charge: the last thing he wants.

Some hope does come his way though, and it brings back that innocent child Bran once was. This just shows that the child isn’t really gone, merely hidden away. The thing that brings out his child again is a saddle that Tyrion Lannister gives the schematics for. Being able to ride a horse again, something he never thought he would be able to do, brings Bran so much joy, and more than that, it gives him hope, hope that he can become a knight, live a normal life, and not be completely useless.

“I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.“
—Tyrion Lannister

The joy doesn’t last though. With Robb leaving, Bran returns to that dark place. Luckily though, he isn’t alone. Though his younger brother stays away in the crypt, Bran finds himself befriending a prisoner. Osha, who once tried to kill him, becomes his friend whom he turns to for guidance. The wildling gives him advice and helps him understands his dreams, which he once thought were merely dreams. She explains that they were more than that, there were visions.

These visions actually help Bran and the depression he is going through. Through them, he can be Summer and run and be free. It is only for a limited time, but it’s something, and he enjoys it. The visions also give him hints of the future, and they have a three-eyed crow talking to him, teaching him to fly. This also gives him hope, makes him feel needed, giving him a purpose in life.

“Every flight begins with a fall.”
—Three-eyed Crow

The visions are further explained by Jojen and Meera, family friends, and soon to be Bran’s best friends. As mentioned, they give him a new purpose in life, and give him more than just his position. With his father dies and his brother becomes the King of the North, Bran becomes a prince, which isn’t part of his plan either. This role is one trusted upon him, and his somewhat bitter towards it; however, he is very good at it.

Bran may not want to be a Lord or a prince, but that does not change the fact that it is something he is good at. He sits there, during all the meetings and discussions and actually has something good to say, though at times he doesn’t. Due to his bitterness towards the role, Bran tends to keep things to himself. Not only that, but his elders tend not to listen to him because he is so young.

Luckily, or unluckily, his peaceful life as a prince does not last. As soon as the role is thrust upon him, it is taken away. Theon Greyjoy, the Starks’ once friend, comes back to Winterfell and captures it. This leads Bran and Rickon into hiding in the crypts, where the brothers and their new friends, Meera and Jojen, head north to find the three-eyed crow.

Though it isn’t much, this quest is something that gives Bran hope and gives him the will to keep going. He isn’t so much depressed, just broken, and this quest can help fix him. He has never been one to give up, but rather, he has just been lost, and now he has found his path in life. It isn’t the original path he wanted, but it’s an important one, and he knows that.

As the three-eyed crow said, Bran is a winged wolf in chains. This journey is going to be the thing that unchains him. However, he is still broken, still piecing himself together. This is only the start of his healing and acceptance of his new path. He has a lot to learn, but he’s ready and willing to do just that.

“The strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth. Darkness will be your cloak, your shield, your mother's milk. Darkness will make you strong.”
—Three-eyed Crow

From the start, Bran is just a normal boy. He has normal emotions: happiness, sadness, annoyance with his siblings, and everything else that makes up any other person. After the fall, however, he changes. He becomes depressed, bitter, and angry at everyone. He is no longer the boy with a dream, he becomes broken and ready to give up. This is a state that no child should ever be in. He has his whole life ahead of him, and yet, he is so ready to give up. No dream means no future, and no future means no reason to keep going.

And yet, he does. Bran somehow manages to keep going, and he manages to find a reason to keep moving forward in this dark time of his life. It isn’t something he’s able to do on his own. He does need help getting out of this dark place, but he is managing. So even though he is depressed and he is angry and bitter, he is working towards happiness. It’s a transitional stage, but he knows he has to pull through. Not only for himself, but for his family, who will always be the more important to him.

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Jadzia Dax | Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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Name: Sam
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Character Name: Jadzia Dax
Canon: Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Canon Point: Season 5
Background/History: Setting | History 

Personality: An extremely important aspect of Dax's character and personality is her nature as a Trill Symbiont. Jadzia, a Trill* became joined with the Symbiont** known as Dax in her mid twenties - an experience that is much coveted amoungst her people and requires extensive preparation and training. As joined beings, Jadzia Dax exhibit a personality that is a neither solely that of their original personalities (in addition to many traits and memories carried over from the Dax Symbiont's seven prior Trill hosts). These personalities are inextricably linked, and can best be thought of as a blend of traits rather than multiple separate personalities in one body. The Trill Symbiont can never be separated, as it would mean death for them both - they are together permanently. Joining is not something that is taken lightly on the planet Trill - it is a lifelong commitment.

(From here forth I'll refer to the character as Dax, since that's typically what she goes by, and this will refer to the whole character - the separation above was merely for explanation. Dax is, for all intents and purposes, one person, with a consistent and distinct personality - it just happens to have been formed using the memories and traits of many individuals.)

Dax is a vibrant individual with a broad array of abilities and interests. Her many skills and years of experience lend her an easy confidence that can sometimes border on arrogance. This is of course, a trait that comes in handy as a high-ranking science officer on a federation space station, but certainly doesn't hurt even in entirely new situations. Which isn't of course, to say that Dax doesn't have doubts about herself, as she certainly does...but she tends to keep them to herself. Many of her doubts and reservations are internalized ones about living up the legacy of the many accomplished hosts her Symbiont has had. The fact that she retains all of their memories (their successes and their failures) doesn't help the occasional feelings of inadequacy.

Despite her doubts, Dax is a strong, confident person, able to set aside her difficulties in order to do what needs doing. As a more-than-one-time officer of Star Fleet, Dax has all the training, experience and discipline that comes of a militarized organization. This instills her with a very strong sense of duty, and loyalty. Even in her personal life, these are traits Dax holds dear. She is immensely dedicated to her friends (she even has friendships that have lasted more than one host's life time) and proves herself more than willing to help them, in even the most dire of situations, making her someone that others know they can count on.

Dax is adventurous and curious, rarely one to 'wait and see' or sit idly by when there is an action that could be taken. She doesn't shy aware from dangerous missions, even when the odds are stacked unfavorably (a philosophy she carries into her pastime of gambling card games). Even so, her experience is broad enough that she generally does know when to wait...if it is absolutely necessary. On a related note, Dax genuinely loves fighting - she spends a good portion of her free time learning Klingon combat techniques, and often jumps at the opportunity for a friendly sparring match with someone she feels might be a good challenge.

Despite how earnestly she takes her job, and her duties, Dax sometimes seems like she doesn't. In fact, it sometimes seems like she doesn't take much seriously at all! Something of a wise-cracking smartass at times, Dax has a healthy sense of humor about things, and more than a small penchant for teasing and even pulling good-natured pranks on her friends (and co-workers). She is generally able to keep a positive outlook and see the humour in any given situation...no matter how dire. This is a trait that sometimes puts her at odds with others who might wish she would treat certain situations with the gravitas they deserve. While Dax is able to understand and sometimes curb this, her joking seems to be a useful coping mechanism, and even (or even especially) when things are at their worst she can't seem to resist cracking a joke.

* Trill are humanoid aliens that hail from a planet of the same name. They appear otherwise completely human, except for a pattern of spots along the sides of their face that travel down the length of their body. Some Trill serve as host bodies for the Symbionts.

** Symbionts are another sentient species from the planet Trill. They are decidedly not humanoid, but small (about the size of say, a loaf od bread) and look slug-like in appearance. They are rarely seen however, as they are typically, upon adulthood implanted into the body of a Trill host. This is a willing procedure that is done with utmost care. The Symbiont can live many lifetimes within different hosts, and retains and shares all of their memories over time.

Abilities/Powers: Although not human, Dax otherwise looks and has the same physical abilities as a human might. Her only notably inhuman trait is her very immense experience, as she retains the memories of eight Trill individuals who have served as host for the Symbiont. That said, she isn't always able to utilize their knowledge...one of her hosts was a gymnast, for instance. While Dax can remember everything she knew, her current host body doesn't having the training or conditioning to physically do what that host was capable of.

That said, she does have a variety of her own skill sets that she has access to. She is an accomplished science officer in Star fleet - this give her both basic military training (including at least basic field survival and first aid) but also knowledge of astrophysics, xenobiology and other advanced scientific fields that may ultimately not be particularly useful in Haven (who knows!)

Dax is a skilled fighter, having plenty of traditional combat training with star fleet, but also, as a personal hobby, being a quite advanced student of Klingon combat techniques, which are known for being difficult but quite effective once mastered. She is more than capable of defending herself, even empty handed.

One of her greatest strengths however, isn't physical at all, and lies instead in her adaptability. She is able to think on her feet and make quick to decisions to ensure survival. Even when she finds herself in entirely foreign situations, within moments Dax is able to make a plan of action, weave a convincing tale to get herself out of trouble, or spot an opportunity to exploit.

Items/Weapons: A standard tricorder (diagnostic tool only), a bat'leth, and a combadge that of course, doesn't work but holds sentimental value

Sample Entry:
[Dax's face appears on the screen, a little too close, a little bit blurry because of it.  She looks a bit confused, her brow furrowed.]

I hope this is working...these communication devices are a little different than what I am used to...
[She settles back a little further from the screen.]
Oh.  There we go, that seems a little better!  Right!  Assuming I've got the right idea, this is going to be seen by a bunch of different people...which is just what I want.  I'm looking for...I guess, an <i>instructor</i>.  I have this - alright now, don't worry, I'm not going to use this before I learn <i>how</i> - 
[She holds up a small hand gun, awkwardly, clearly having no idea how to hold it.]
I <i>know</i> all about these, and that they're dangerous...I've just never <i>used</i> one.  A phaser is...well, it's a LITTLE different. 
[She carefully tucks the gun out of sight again, giving a slight shrug as she looks back at the camera.]
Normally I wouldn't ever even bother, but, given the <i>situation</i>, learning how to use one of these seems prudent.  It's not exactly something I'd like to figure out on my own though, sooo...if you happen to be an aficionado in this particular department, you should...what is it?  Give me ring? [She grins broadly.]  I like that.  You should give me a ring!

[A pause.]
About the gun.
...if you know how to use guns.
[The call ends, going to black screen.]

Sample Entry Two: The nearby throngs of people and distant laughter and chatter tell her she seems to have crashed some kind of party - hopefully it's a good one. It's hard to tell the race and culture of the people without getting a little closer, and their lavish costumes don't tell her much either. When a much more simply dressed young man approaches her, Dax doesn't miss a beat, responding to him with ease.

"This?," She glances down at herself. He doesn't seem to recognise her uniform as anything specific, or at least doesn't say anything about it, which tells her she's probably not in Federation space. "I'm not much for getting fancy. I'm not really even one for parties, to be honest. I'm here as a favor to a friend...she loves them. The more lavish the better!"

She pauses, trying to gauge his reaction. He's definitely a human, as far as she can tell, but she doesn't recognise his style of dress. It doesn't look like any culture or trend she's familiar with. This is pointing more and more toward time travel. Great.

"But no," she says with a smile. "I don't work here. Just trying to survive the festivities, if you know what I mean."
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Blue | Wolf's Rain | Not Reserved

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Name: Anna
Contact Info: impossumblerp@gmail.com (email), awkwardpossum (plurk), thesnarkypossum (AIM).
Other Characters Played: N/A
Requested apartment: N/A

Character Name: Blue
Canon: Wolf’s Rain
Canon Point: After the pack is separated during the showdown at Darcia’s Keep.

Being a dog, Blue is first and foremost, you guessed it, loyal. She is incredibly loyal to Quent Yaiden in particular, who was her ‘owner’ throughout the entirety of her life prior to meeting Cheza and discovering her wolf half. The bond they have seems to be unbreakable. Through most of the beginning of the series, you almost never see Quent without Blue at his side. If he goes somewhere that dogs aren’t allowed, she waits patiently outside, keeping watch for any danger. She is essentially his partner in wolf hunting, a faithful companion and a useful tool, with her unusual knack for tracking down and seeing through the human guises of wolves. For years after the destruction of their home town of Kyrios, and the loss of the rest of their family (Quent’s wife and young son), the two of them have carried on out in the wastelands together, seeking out and putting an end to the creatures that Quent believes to be responsible for the death of their loved ones. His fellow humans (and the wolves that they pursue) may have seen Quent as obsessed and dangerous, but Blue never saw him that way, even going so far as to defend him from the verbal barbs of her new pack members when he was brought up in conversation.

Among the wolves of Wolf’s Rain, humans as a whole are a divisive presence. Most pure wolves (with the exception of Toboe) are shown to not trust humans, or see them as dangerous or inferior. Blue, of course, having grown up with them, is partial to their company and respects the struggles and challenges they face in living in the harsh environment that all living things share. Even after discovering her wolf half, she is never overtly or unnecessarily cruel to humans, even occasionally choosing to appear as her true self to humans to safely approach them and show that she and her pack are not a threat. This makes her the target of some ire from other wolves who disdainfully refer to her as a domesticated pet, but when confronted with these insults she does not actively argue for or against them.

She of course, has many traits other than loyalty. For one thing she is incredibly level headed under pressure and rarely balks from danger. Many times throughout the series we see her in the line of direct physical harm, but she never flinches in the face of it. She is threatened by large groups of men who wish to harm her, beaten by a solider with his gun, and otherwise assaulted by various other enemies, but she shrugs this all off with a surprising ease. That’s not to say that she doesn’t feel sadness or pain, but she is just generally very good at hiding it. The only times we really see her become distressed are when those who she cares about are threatened in some way or another, or if they are threatening to cut ties with her. For example, when Hige starts acting strangely and separates from her to head into what is likely certain danger where she cannot follow, or when Quent is mortally wounded.

She also does harbor a certain amount of self-doubt, though she does not often show it, and does not bring it up unless asked. Since the wolf in her awoke, she has been uncertain of her place in the world. A natural way to feel, considering that the discovery basically involved her finding out that she was half descended from the supposed monsters which she has been hunting all her life. She still feels loyalty to Quent, who is her only family, but does not know if she can trust him with the truth until she understands for herself what she is, or knows what it means to be a wolf. For this reason she runs away to find the other wolves and Cheza, in search of answers about herself. She cares enough about Quent that she would prefer to avoid conflict by removing herself from his presence than to selfishly stay at his side and risk an actual fallout.

All the serious internal dilemmas and whatnot aside, Blue is also fairly easy going. She doesn’t seem to get angry very easily, and is occasionally seen cracking jokes with Hige or reacting excitedly to things like an eager pup (which is a significant rarity in an anime that seems to pride itself on being dark and gritty almost 100% of the time).

Blue is a canine, so she has all of the basic abilities you might associate with that. Decent night vision and hearing, speed, an excellent sense of smell. However, being half wolf, she has a handful of significant additional abilities, because the wolves in Wolf’s Rain are some kind of absurd mythological super wolves. She can take a pretty hefty amount of physical punishment (she’s frequently shot and receives head trauma throughout the series and walks it off like it’s nothing). She possesses the wolf’s ability to leap vertically to great heights, speed and reaction time beyond what one would expect of a regular old canis lupus, and the ability to accelerate healing and extend the amount of time she can go without food by basking in the moonlight. Most importantly she has the capability to cast a sort of illusion upon humans, causing them to perceive her as one of them.
This is not an actual transformation; she is still very much a wolf 100% of the time. She can also communicate in human speech regardless of whether she has this illusion activated or not. Note:
The series itself is pretty unclear about how interacting with various objects that would require hands with thumbs to operate works, so I’m just opting to interpret the ability in the game as literally as I described. Having the illusion of human appearance active does not grant her the ability to do people things like type or handle a gun.

Items/Weapons: Absolutely nothing!
Sample Entry:
I don’t understand how it took me so long to realize it... I should have known from the beginning that I was always something more than just a dog. A kind of... I don’t know, a primal energy that was always deep inside me. I think Pops always knew it; I could tell from the way he looked at me sometimes. Or maybe he only knows it deep down but didn’t want to admit it to himself. Will he realize now...? He must hate me for leaving... or maybe he expected this all along. Maybe he’s been waiting for me to go wild and finally leave his side.

I don’t want to leave him, but I can’t stay either. I can’t stay at his side knowing that half of me is something that he hates more than anything in the world... not without understanding what it means for me first. I need to find Cheza. She saw me for what I really am and woke me up. maybe she can help me.

Sample Entry Two:

This so called “haven” isn’t actually too different from the world Blue originally hailed from, so adapting to living here is surprisingly easy. She’s pretty accustomed to creepy and desolate surroundings, to the suffocating omnipresent silence. What she isn’t really used to is hunting for herself and being on her own.

She thinks back to home, that planet that by all accounts is a miserable plane of existence made worth while by the ones she loves. For a while she thought that perhaps she may have been beginning to sort things out. The rest of Hige’s pack, save for Toboe, hadn’t really seemed thrilled about welcoming her into the group, but she’d been confident that she would be able to win them over eventually. Even if she couldn’t, she would have moved on. This problem, this internal dilemma and crisis of identity was entirely her own. She didn’t need this particular pack to accept her to feel whole again. Still, it might have been nice...

It doesn’t matter now, she supposes. Somehow she’s wound up in a completely different world, from what she can gather, and it certainly isn’t the Paradise that they had all been searching for. There’s an unsettling lack of prey here, even more so than out in the wastes at home. It doesn’t take long before she gives up on trying to pick up a scent and turns in for the night. If she wants to eat, she may have to use her wits to look elsewhere...
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lalli hotakainen | stand still stay silent | not reserved

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Name: exxie
Contact Info: plurk | manxome
Other Characters Played: n/a
Requested apartment: Apartment 28.2
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Character Name: Lalli Hotakainen
Canon: Stand Still Stay Silent
Canon Point: Page 251-- in the Silent World building right before separating with Emil.
Background/History: Lalli & the plot outline.
Personality: The first thing that most people think when they meet Lalli is that he's a lot like a cat, and this is true for a couple of reasons. First of all, his reactions to things tend to be a little feline in nature-- he startles and hisses at things that surprise him, he's suspicious of new and strange people and things, and he slinks and climbs and sleeps. Of course, these are just surface traits. Lalli's a.. unique individual.

As a mage and a night scout, Lalli is separated from normal people by several layers for most of his time. He spends most of his time entirely out on his own in the forest.. at night.. when he might be attacked by a beast of some sort at any time. During the day, he sleeps, and may only get an hour or two of social interaction on good days. Because of that, Lalli's a quiet, self-contained individual. He doesn't talk much--the language barrier doesn't help--and largely seems content to observe others (or sleep). He doesn't have much in common even with his cousin. His education was spotty at the best, and seems content to follow along and do what he's told. He has no enthusiasm for the trek that Tuuri signed them up on, and in fact seemed to think it was a joke right up until they left.

With that said, he does seem close to his cousins, and clearly cares about both of them. He comforts Tuuri at one point, and tries in a dream to contact Onni to let him know that they were well. They're apparently the only family he has left, and he appears to be protective in his own way-- looking out for Tuuri, who isn't immune to the disease.

Though Lalli treats risking his life as relatively routine, he's clearly a very brave, bold person when the situation calls for it. On the train, after receiving the vision of the giant that was about to attack, he risked himself to warn the conductor and attendants. He also clearly cares about people, given that he first attempted to get Emil to strap himself into his bunk to keep him from getting hurt. The two of them have a rather surprising bond, given that neither of them speak the other's language. During the attack and ensuing fight, they were clinging to one another, trying to get out of the way. They also communicate surprisingly well through body language and gestures, though Lalli was wary and dismissive of Emil at first.

That's another thing. While Lalli isn't what would one call proud of his ignorance, he's nowhere near as curious as Tuuri is, and he doesn't really care about things outside the realm of his work. His focus is scouting and fulfilling his duties as a mage, and that takes up most of his time as it is. Who cares about books or other languages or lost technology, then. While he doesn't resent Tuuri for her interest, he also doesn't exactly understand it. The world is the way it is as far as he's concerned, and there's no real changing that.

There's some signs that his work takes more of a toll on him than he generally lets on. For one thing, he's seen at one point sleeping under a table, perhaps because it was 'safer' and out of the open, an enclosed space. His vision of the giant was clearly very distressing for him, showing him curled in a ball with his hands against his eyes. The overcast moon troubled him so much that he spelled the clouds to pass-- and only then was willing to board the train (sunlight and moonlight bother beasts).

Still, when he finds something (or someone) he likes, he really likes it. Being introduced to cookies by Mikkel found Lalli slinking around to try to snitch more from the big man's bag, and as mentioned before, he seems to have grown fond of Emil, often sticking by his side when Tuuri isn't around.

Abilities/Powers: Lalli is a Finnish mage (Noita), which bottom line means that he can see/sense spirits and control the elements (supposedly through invoking a god/spirit/element). The primary task of a Finnish mage is to guide the souls of trolls and giants into the afterlife, though we haven't seen this in practice in canon. We do know through Lalli that Finnish mages can communicate with one another in dreams, and can also receive possibly prophetic visions. Finnish mages can also sense when beasts, trolls, and giants are nearby, and can hear and feel them in some way beyond what non-mages can. Going by Lalli's reaction to them, it seems as if Finnish mages are also physically sensitive to such things.
Unrelated to his magery, Lalli also has an amazing memory, as he can scout an area accurately without the use of a map. He also carries and is proficient in the use of a rifle.
Items/Weapons: His rifle, a short hunting-knife, and a change of clothes.
Sample Entry: On the test drive comm, and in case that's too 'where am i'-ish, there's also this.
Sample Entry Two: It wasn't that Lalli liked being alone. Not exactly, anyway. It was just.. well, considering everything else he'd put up with recently, being allowed to do his job in peace had been kind of nice. True, he was in a strange place he'd never seen before, but he was a scout. Scouting was what he'd done for years, now. And more than that, he was a mage. Between those two things, strange terrain is nothing. In a way, being out there was kind of comforting-- the act of scouting was familiar, anyway. Opening up his senses to their widest extent, darting through the darkness surrounded by the wild and the spirits found in it--

He'd paused near a tall tree, scaling it quickly and seating himself on a branch, leaning back against the trunk. A break would be good-- he'd been jogging for hours, and he'd been starting to get hungry. Reaching into his coat, he pulled out one of the granola-bars he preferred to keep with him, biting into it as he glanced out over the other tree-tops. Thus far, it had been pretty easy going. No signs of beasts, no terribly complicated or convoluted trails to take to avoid obstacles..

Honestly, it was almost suspicious. Somehow, he'd expected such a weird country with weird people to make more trouble for him. There was probably a proverb somewhere about accepting good things when they come to you, though, so he was trying not to expect a disaster.
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Kiba | Wolf's Rain | Not Reserved

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Name: Haley
Contact Info: WreckersCombine @ Plurk & EquinoxHeir@gmail.com
Other Characters Played: None
Requested apartment: N/A

Character Name: Kiba
Canon: Wolf’s Rain
Canon Point: Beginning of Episode 23
Background/History: Character Background

If there’s anything Kiba’s guilty of, it’s his pride as a wolf. When he first entered a city towards the beginning of the series, he was adamant in refusing to disguise himself as a human, even if it meant drawing unwanted attention to himself and getting injured or captured in the process. In fact, he felt acted disgusted with the other wolves who’d adopted a lifestyle that allowed them to blend in with humans – believing that they’d abandoned their own pride as wolves. Eventually, he would begrudgingly accept that he had to adorn a disguise in order to survive, but he would still look down on any wolves who would stoop to working for humans.

Another major character trait is his tendency to default to following his instincts rather than thinking everything through. This can understandably cause him to act rather rashly or impulsively – whether it be rushing into battle or powering through a severe blizzard instead of allowing himself time to rest. He trusts and relies on his instincts more than any of the other wolves in the series, and those instincts are clearly a major driving motivation for him – stating several times that he can “hear someone calling him” to look for Paradise. While there’s been some inner monologue of Kiba questioning whether or not Paradise is real, he never voices these doubts to anyone else and it doesn’t deter him from continuing his search.

Kiba tends to keep most of his thoughts to himself, and he’s a rather quiet individual compared to most of the other characters. He doesn’t normally speak up unless necessary or unless addressed directly. More often than not, it can be hard for others to guess what he’s thinking, and it creates the sense that he’s calm and aloof. While he is clearly not opposed to cooperation with others, years spent journeying on his own has made him very independent.

The calm exterior does not necessarily mean that Kiba doesn’t have a temper either. If anyone acts up against a decision he’s made, he can become rather quick to anger. Often times, even if it goes against reason, he will still run off on his own anyway – focused only on his own goal. This is not to say he’s never willing to listen to another’s opinion, but he can be pretty adamant once he’s set his sights on something, and it can make him difficult to deal with.

Despite his faults, Kiba is a very courageous wolf who rarely seems to show an ounce of fear, even when faced with an opponent has an obvious edge over him. Not only that, but as he begins to spend more time with his pack, it becomes increasingly clear how much he grows to care for them – never even thinking twice about rushing to their aid if they’re in danger.

Abilities/Powers: The wolves in this canon are more powerful than ordinary ones – showcasing much greater strength, endurance, speed and agility. Kiba has been seen running up vertical walls, bending metal bars with his fangs, and taking out entire squads of human soldiers by himself.

In addition to greater power, the wolves of this world can also speak to humans, and have the ability to create an illusion that allows them to appear human. The disguise is not foolproof, as some humans have been able to see through the illusion while inebriated. Their interaction with objects is never entirely clear although the illusions seem to be able to hide some things if the actions are similar enough to what’s actually happening (an example would be trying to a wolf trying to bend bars with their fangs, the illusion would simply show them doing it with their hands). But it appears that if something is impossible for them to do as a wolf, the illusion won’t hide it.

Being a wolf also means that Kiba’s senses of smell and hearing are greater than that of a human’s, although these senses don’t appear to be far superior to that of an average wolf.

Items/Weapons: None!
Sample Entry: (I’m happy to do more samples, if need be!)

[The video’s image shakes as it comes online to the sight of a young man – hand outstretched just a few inches away from the lens, with a pretty perplexed look on his face. The camera’s tilted at an angle, and from the looks of things, he has…no idea what he’s doing. A few moments pass with him tilting his head to study the device, like he’s waiting for something to happen. When nothing changes, he taps the camera with his hand again.]

Hello…? [Kiba sounds a little soft spoken from the muffled audio, but his voice is still clear enough to make out. Another minute or so passes before he decides to continue on again.]

I, ah…heard this was a good way to exchange information. I’ve gotten separated from a few friends of mine - can’t find a trace of them anywhere nearby either. If anyone’s seen them, they look-

[There’s a pause and some obvious hesitation in his voice. Whenever Kiba thinks of his friends, it’s natural that their true forms come to mind – not their disguises.]

One…one of them has a big scar right here [He draws an “X” shape with one finger on the center of his chest] one has three silver bracelets on his wrist [He holds up his own wrist towards the camera] and the last one’s wearing a collar.

[Well, that should be something to go on, at least.]

Sample Entry Two:

There was something unnerving about the city they’d been resting in for the last two days, and Kiba had finally realized why. There weren’t any traces of wolves ever being here – no scents, not even old trails of packs passing through. It was true that coming across one of their own could be rare, but he’d never been to a place like this. A wolf’s scent is so distinct, so different from the chaotic smells clouding human cities, that it added a small sense of familiarity. But in this place, it felt like something vital was missing.

Kiba’s instincts had been screaming at him the entire time, insisting for him to leave. It was more than just the regular driving force that urged him along in his search for Paradise. No, this feeling was one that simply said to get out of the city. And get out fast.

But that wouldn’t - couldn’t happen. Not yet.

Hige had taken a bullet in one of his legs from the soldiers that’d been chasing them. The wound was healing, but not well enough for him to run. Aside from the lack of wolf scent and the uneasy feeling in his chest, Kiba could think of no reason to rush his injured friend along. They seemed to have lost their pursuers, at least for the time being, so there wasn’t any immediate danger. Even so, it was clear they shouldn’t stay in any one place for too long.

Kiba shifted his gaze over towards Tsume, who’d been walking quietly alongside him out on the grey, concrete streets. “The sooner we can be on our way again, the better.”
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